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Full Version: Metal Feel
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Hey Pavel, when I started playing I learned major pentatonic shapes and now when i switched into a more metal style my pentatonic blues keep coming back ( lol i got the blues! ) I want to know how to bend without making it sound bluesy. and also if the E Aeolian scale will work(I think you said something about this) anyways can't wait for the news!

What i suggest is to learn minor and harmonic minor scales. Pentatonic scale by itself sounds bluesy so you can't expect playing blues/pentatonic scale to sound metal. You of course can use pentatonic scales in metal but than you have to use pentatonic 3 notes per string boxes and shred them.

Metal is more minor oriented so you'll have to break out of pentatonic to get into metal. smile.gif
QUOTE (Pavel @ Sep 3 2007, 05:45 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Metal is more minor oriented so you'll have to break out of pentatonic to get into metal. smile.gif

I had the same question actually.
But where do you "go" huh.gif when you break out of the pentatonic boxes?
Or is there some other Scale I should practise to get more of a metal-feeling sound??
Metal has a lot to do with specific rhythms. You can't play metal riffs over a jazzy drum rhythm. If you don't know where to start - learn all of my HEAVY METAL FOR BEGINNERS lessons to get started with metal. As for metal soloing - you'll have to learn and get comfortable with other scales than just pentatonic.

Start learning scales, and AP lessons.
Yeah and also isn't it what you do with those scales? There are some metal guitar players that play with pentatonic scales but a lot go furhter. I try to add outside notes to my pentatonic scale playing and 90% of the time it sounds good so i can play 3 note per string with pentatonics
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