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Full Version: Guitar Chat 2007-08-31
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00:00:09 Slammer: rokchik right?
00:00:14 kethcup: no
00:00:18 kethcup: the other one
00:00:24 kethcup: I forget her name
00:00:52 Slammer: DEW?
00:01:11 kethcup: something like that
00:03:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: to bad the chick you digs dating requirements are you have to spell *ketchup*
00:03:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: correctly
00:03:33 kethcup: nah
00:03:40 kethcup: it's more like you have to be over 14
00:03:42 kethcup: lol
00:03:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: even a 14 year old can spell ketchup
00:04:04 Slammer: oooohhh
00:04:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :p
00:04:31 Slammer: I like Pie :)
00:04:48 Slammer: anyone?
00:05:02 Slammer: *slap*
00:05:49 kethcup: no comment
00:05:55 Slammer: :(
00:06:02 Slammer: don't you like pie too?
00:09:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and the corwd goes wild .....
00:09:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: crowd*
00:13:56 Slammer: and the chat is Dead
00:14:26 kethcup: where's shreddy?
00:14:37 Slammer: putting kiddies to bed
00:14:39 Slammer: I think
00:14:46 kethcup: cool
00:15:02 Slammer: will have to reload my son smacked my keyboard and its making crazy noises Â
00:15:06 Slammer: that's what he said
00:15:10 Slammer: before he left
00:15:16 Slammer: those exact words
00:16:05 kethcup: cool
00:31:54 Slammer: *slap*
00:31:56 Slammer: ok guys
00:32:01 Slammer: I gotta go
12:19:30 Robin: Hello
12:53:06 Slammer: Hi
12:53:12 Slammer: *slap*
12:53:13 Slammer: *slap*
12:53:14 Slammer: *slap*
12:53:18 Slammer: *whip*
12:53:22 Slammer: *meow*
12:53:24 Slammer: *meow*
12:53:26 Robin: lol I knew it
12:53:29 Slammer: :P
12:53:32 Slammer: LMAO
12:53:42 Robin: the second I heard *slap* spam, I thought "slammer"
12:53:43 Robin: :D
12:53:51 Slammer: isn't SRV great?
12:53:59 Robin: he sure is
12:54:09 Slammer: He's better than Johnny Winter :P
12:54:18 Robin: sort of depends
12:54:22 Robin: they got different styles
12:54:25 Slammer: He is man...
12:54:31 Slammer: Srv is no.1
12:55:10 Slammer: clapton beats them all
12:55:11 Slammer: :P
12:55:15 Slammer: *meow*
12:55:24 Slammer: I bet you never even heard Clapton
12:55:25 Robin: noo yngwie pwns everyone!!!111oneoneone
12:55:32 Robin: me? of course :)
12:55:41 Slammer: Layla unplugged?
12:55:45 Robin: that was a joke btw, about ynfwie. A obvious one
12:55:51 Robin: no I havent heard his unplugged CD yet
12:55:55 Slammer: :P
12:56:08 Slammer: you serious?
12:56:22 Robin: I have never been more serious in my life
12:56:28 Robin: Look
12:56:30 Slammer: Your joking
12:56:32 Slammer: I know it
12:56:32 Robin: this is how serious I am right now
12:56:41 Robin: no seriously I havent
12:56:51 Robin: does he only got 1 album unplugged?
12:57:04 Slammer: do you know what one of his Best Acoustic Solos is/
12:57:05 Slammer: ?
12:57:06 Robin: I've heard its alot of great slide guitar there
12:57:14 Robin: layla? :P
12:57:16 Slammer:
12:57:18 Slammer: nope
12:58:11 Slammer: at 3:20
12:58:15 Slammer: *slap*
12:58:23 Robin: I'll check it out
12:58:26 Slammer: watch now
12:58:30 Slammer: at 3:20
12:58:36 Slammer: on the video
12:58:47 Robin: listening to the solo now
12:58:56 Robin: pretty kewl
12:59:01 Slammer: so much feeling
12:59:08 Slammer: esp. on a Acoustic
12:59:20 Robin: yeah soloing on acoustic is awesome
12:59:26 Robin: brbbb
12:59:29 Slammer: :P
13:01:24 Robin: great solo
13:01:35 Slammer: on the piano too
13:01:36 Robin: anyway, I'm gonna go eat some pizza and watch south park.
13:01:37 Robin: :D
13:01:42 Robin: so see you in 20min
13:01:45 Slammer: Ok cya
13:01:47 Slammer: :P
13:01:49 Robin: :D
13:01:54 Slammer: I'll probably be gone
13:01:56 Slammer: *slap*
13:02:02 Robin: mkay
13:21:32 Slammer: *slap*
13:21:37 Slammer: how was southpark?
13:21:48 Slammer: *whip* ya
13:21:59 Slammer: ran over your cat *meow*
13:22:05 Robin: its so god damn awesome
13:22:08 Robin: laughing to death over here
13:22:18 Robin: have you seen the episode Christian Rock Hard?
13:22:23 Robin: when cartman starts a christian rock band
13:22:24 Robin: LOL
13:22:33 Slammer: dude, did you see the thread I just made?
13:22:53 Robin: his lyrics are like "I wanna get down on my knees and please you Jesus, I want to feel your salvation on my face" hahah :D
13:22:58 Robin: no gonna check
13:23:18 Robin: ahh south park is so funny
13:23:33 Slammer: in Norway it must be funnier
13:23:47 Slammer: :P
13:24:27 Robin: haha why? dont you love south park?
13:24:48 Slammer: I never watch it
13:24:58 Slammer: It's stupid :P
13:24:59 Robin:
13:25:01 Robin: no its not :P
13:25:21 Robin: seriously, you have to watch taht episode hahahha
13:25:21 Slammer: well, different people have different Opinions
13:25:22 Slammer: :P
13:25:35 Slammer: although I liked the One with Tom Cruise
13:25:40 Slammer: you seen it?
13:26:08 Robin: I certainly have
13:26:16 Robin: dont remember exactly
13:26:18 Robin: but I've seen them all
13:26:30 Slammer: and with Paris hilton
13:26:34 Slammer: LOL
13:26:35 Slammer: :P
13:26:36 Slammer: :P
13:26:36 Slammer: :P
13:26:37 Slammer: :P
13:26:37 Slammer: :P
13:26:38 Slammer: :P
13:26:39 Slammer: :P
13:26:39 Slammer: :P
13:26:40 Slammer: :P
13:26:44 Robin: yeah hahahha
13:26:48 Robin: its so good
13:26:54 Robin: Stupid Spoiled Whore
13:27:01 Slammer: Soda you think?
13:27:06 Robin: Yes
13:27:07 Robin: I think so
13:27:11 Slammer: LOL
13:27:14 Slammer: dude think about it
13:27:22 Slammer: all these great guitarists come from there
13:27:29 Slammer: whats the Secret
13:27:30 Slammer: ?
13:27:32 Robin: like who?
13:27:34 Robin: Kris and... ?
13:27:38 Robin: :P
13:27:45 Slammer: Marcus
13:27:47 Robin: ah yes
13:27:50 Robin: he's awesome aswell
13:27:51 Slammer: and Yngwie
13:28:05 Robin: Uhm, when did yngwie become great?
13:28:09 Robin: :D
13:28:23 Robin: I think he is a stupid doo doo head
13:28:26 Slammer: when he played Faster than 80% of other Guitarists
13:29:00 Robin: Muris is alot better than Yngwie, in every way
13:29:14 Robin: speed, techniques, music wise and he plays cleaner, or atleast as clean as yngwie
13:29:21 Slammer: Muris would Disagree I think
13:29:27 Robin: well yeah probably
13:29:36 Robin: if someone says I'm good I say that I'm not :P
13:29:40 Robin: but seriously
13:29:47 Robin: Muris is alot better than yngwie
13:29:47 Slammer: well, still he's alot better than Alot of people
13:29:49 Slammer: anyways
13:29:55 Slammer: dude I've seen this drummer
13:30:07 Slammer: who's considered one the the Best in the World
13:30:10 Slammer: from Sweden
13:30:14 Robin: kewl
13:30:18 Robin: whats his name?
13:30:27 Slammer: I don't remember
13:30:30 Slammer: on Drummer wordl
13:30:34 Slammer: World
13:30:34 Robin: ok, what style does he play?
13:31:19 Slammer: all of them I think
13:31:22 Robin: zzomgg
13:31:32 Robin: Lars Ulrich is probably better than him though
13:31:33 Robin: :D
13:32:14 Robin: :D
13:32:14 Robin: I was just joking btw.
13:32:42 Slammer: wait
13:32:57 Slammer: Switzerland is not the same as Sweden is it?
13:33:14 Robin: haha no
13:33:21 Robin: Switzerland = cheese
13:33:23 Robin: with holes in them
13:33:26 Slammer: LMAO
13:33:27 Slammer: GEN!
13:33:27 Robin: and moutnains
13:33:29 Robin: with snow on them
13:33:34 Slammer: and girls named Heidi
13:33:39 Robin: HAHA
13:33:41 Robin: we got them here too xD
13:33:41 Slammer: who never grow old
13:33:44 Robin: hahahahahha
13:33:48 Slammer: and Milk Cows
13:33:52 Robin: Indeed.
13:33:55 Robin: we got them here aswell :P
13:33:57 Slammer: because they are all farmers daughters
13:34:00 Robin: hahahah
13:34:11 Slammer: and they are all polite
13:34:19 Robin: Sweden = ... Hmm, free internet for everyone?
13:34:20 Slammer: aand Friendly
13:34:28 Robin: and Norway = Luxury for foreign criminals
13:34:57 Slammer: and Metal Head Galore
13:34:58 Robin: thats how to remember the different countries
13:35:39 Slammer: LMAO
13:35:41 Slammer: *slap*
13:35:42 Slammer: *slap*
13:35:44 Slammer: *whip*
13:35:46 Slammer: *meow*
13:35:48 Slammer: *slap*
13:35:49 Robin: *meow*
13:35:53 Slammer: *slap*
13:35:57 Slammer: what is your band called?
13:36:04 Robin: Spice Boys
13:36:06 Robin: from Hell
13:36:09 Slammer: !
13:36:14 Robin: Hey dude
13:36:19 Slammer: ?
13:36:22 Robin: thats a pretty good band name
13:36:28 Robin: but seriously, my bands name is Creep Colony
13:36:28 Slammer: LMAO
13:36:39 Robin:
13:36:44 Slammer: <8) <<< Patrick from Spongebob
13:36:48 Robin: heha
13:37:11 Slammer: is your Keyboard in Norwegian?
13:37:24 Robin: yes it is
13:37:26 Robin: øæå
13:37:27 Robin: æøå
13:37:43 Slammer: then how do you write English?
13:37:46 Robin: why the fudge do you ask?
13:37:50 Robin: its just the same
13:37:58 Slammer: æøå
13:37:59 Robin: with the exception of a few letters, like æøå
13:38:06 Slammer: æøå
13:38:12 Robin: Hi chast
13:38:15 Slammer: what does that spell?
13:38:16 chast: hey
13:38:18 Slammer: ROBIN!
13:38:28 Robin: Uhm loel
13:38:35 Robin: dunno
13:38:37 Slammer: hey Chastisty Belt
13:38:52 Slammer: *slap*
13:38:58 Robin: låwl
13:39:08 Slammer: you know what that is?
13:39:26 Slammer: like a *whip*
13:39:30 Robin: keewl
13:40:10 Robin: so, whats up?
13:40:13 Robin: mother funker
13:40:33 Slammer: me?
13:40:50 Slammer: *slap*
13:40:51 Slammer: *slap*
13:40:51 Slammer: *slap*
13:40:51 Slammer: *slap*
13:40:51 Slammer: *slap*
13:40:52 Slammer: *slap*
13:40:52 Slammer: *slap*
13:40:52 Slammer: *slap*
13:40:52 Slammer: *slap*
13:40:53 Slammer: *slap*
13:40:53 Slammer: *slap*
13:40:55 Slammer: *slap*
13:40:58 Robin: auuuuch
13:41:00 Slammer: LMAIO
13:41:02 Slammer: LMAO
13:41:03 Slammer: LMAO
13:41:05 Slammer: :P
13:41:45 chast: im hungry
13:42:20 Slammer: ok I gtg
13:42:23 Slammer: make lunch
13:42:32 Slammer: Ravioli
13:42:35 Slammer: I guess
13:42:38 chast: bah
13:42:42 chast: i hate ravioli^^
13:43:05 Slammer: LOL
13:43:11 Robin: r
13:43:11 Robin: bye slammzo
13:43:15 Slammer: ok
13:43:16 Slammer: cya
13:43:18 Slammer: Bye
13:43:51 chast: so
13:44:01 chast: what to do now ?^^
13:44:10 Robin: dont know :D
13:47:14 chast: what are you going to do today ?^^
13:47:37 Robin: not much, play guitar, maybe take a walk
13:47:39 Robin: howbout you?
13:47:57 chast: im going to a friend soon
13:47:59 chast: drinking :D
13:48:05 Robin: ah ok :D
13:48:05 chast: as every weekend ;)
13:48:15 Robin: heh yeah, I dont drink much though
13:48:25 Robin: but everyone else does :P
13:48:35 chast: :D
13:48:55 chast: well drinking is expensive in skandinavia
13:49:13 Robin: it is yeah
13:50:01 Robin: where do you live?
13:50:10 chast: in germany
13:50:15 Robin: ok
13:50:52 chast: you are from norway right?
13:50:57 Robin: yeah :)
13:51:34 chast: how is your weather at the moment ?
13:51:41 Robin: Cold :P
13:51:47 Robin: much colder than usual
13:51:54 Robin: the weather have been weird this year
13:52:02 Robin: ice cold and alot of rain
13:52:03 chast: is it always cold in norway ? :D
13:52:07 Robin: nah
13:52:30 Robin: its just as hot as anywhere else in europe(well not the southern countries)
13:52:51 Robin: but I live in the north of the country, so the summer is much shorter here than the rest of the country
13:53:01 Robin: and the winter is dark and cold >_<
13:53:14 chast: is it dark the whole day ?
13:53:18 chast: in winter
13:53:21 Robin: pretty much yeah :P
13:53:29 Robin: but in the summer the sun is up 24/7
13:53:43 chast: strange^^
13:53:44 Robin: but in the winter its just up a few hours early on the dya
13:53:47 Robin: hehe yeah xD
13:54:11 chast: especially if you come from somewhere else
13:54:16 Robin: yeah
13:54:23 Robin: we get alot of tourists here
13:54:25 Robin: just for that
13:54:29 Robin: the northern light etc.
13:54:35 chast: yeah
13:54:58 chast: i think i will go to norway
13:55:05 chast: in a few years :D
13:55:09 Robin: cool :D
13:55:14 chast: with friends or sth. else
13:55:27 Robin: where are you planning to go?
13:55:30 chast: buying a flat for a week and than party :D
13:55:31 Robin: where in norway
13:55:38 Robin: heh yeah :P
13:55:46 chast: havent planned anything, we just had a thought about it
13:55:50 Robin: ok
13:55:55 chast: till now, we arent enough
13:56:10 chast: too expensive to rent a flat than
13:56:17 Robin: yeah
13:56:26 chast: i like skandinavian girls :D
13:56:53 Robin: heh yeah :D
13:56:54 chast: especially swedish :P
13:57:09 Robin: yeah xD
13:57:17 chast: they look hot and are nice :D
13:58:27 Robin: Indeed :P
13:58:43 chast: hm
13:59:00 chast: is there sth. in norway like "germany is the land of beer" ?
13:59:27 Robin: well, we do know a stereotype of nasty old drunk people from germany xD
13:59:33 chast: :D
14:00:15 Robin: people from other countries think norwegians only live in the mountanis and stuff :p
14:00:21 chast: lol
14:00:36 Robin: Danish people call us Mountain Monkeys or something
14:00:39 chast: do you have sth. special in norway to eat or drink ?
14:00:43 Robin: they are just jealous becuase they dont have any mountain xD
14:00:56 Robin: well we do have like a national meal
14:01:01 Robin: sheep heads and stuff
14:01:04 chast: oO
14:01:17 Robin: dunno about drink
14:01:19 chast: do you like it ?^^
14:01:23 Robin: nothing special I guess
14:01:29 Robin: I havent tried it xD dont think I will :P
14:01:44 chast: do people from norway like chew tabacco ?
14:01:55 Robin: no, they like snuff :P and smoke alot
14:02:19 chast: we saw some swedish guys aroudn 40 to 50 i think
14:02:25 chast: on vacaction
14:02:32 chast: and one guy ate chew tabacco
14:02:37 chast: till he was high oO
14:02:42 Robin: haha
14:02:48 chast: ^^
14:02:48 chast: well he looked like he was a bit confused
14:03:04 Robin: do you mean this?
14:03:09 chast: yeah
14:03:09 Robin: or like regular tabacco?
14:03:12 Robin: ahh ok
14:03:23 Robin: EVERYONE in norway and sweden eats that
14:03:26 Robin: or they dont EAT it
14:03:31 Robin: but they have it under their lip
14:03:35 chast: yeah
14:03:39 Robin: its nasty
14:03:40 Robin: :P
14:03:41 chast: two girls offered us
14:03:44 Robin: and not healthy
14:03:48 Robin: ah yeah everyone does it here
14:03:52 chast: at first
14:04:08 chast: i thought her teeth arent allright till i recognized it is this tabacco^^
14:04:15 Robin: hahaha
14:04:16 Robin: :D
14:04:23 Robin: yeah its freakin ugly
14:04:27 Robin: and it smells so god damn crappy
14:04:43 chast: my friend also told me...
14:04:48 chast: so i didnt try it
14:04:59 chast: it istn allowed in germany, but i dont know why
14:05:06 Robin: really?? weird
14:05:14 chast: maybe because it is so ugly :D
14:05:17 Robin: I thought norway was the craziest country, nothign is allowed here
14:05:24 Robin: but anyway, I dont see any point in it
14:05:29 Robin: doing that stuff
14:05:42 Robin: even smoking, I dont see the point. I have never started smoking, so I dont feel that I need it
14:05:47 chast: better
14:05:53 chast: i started :/
14:05:56 Robin: ah yeah :/
14:06:00 chast: but
14:06:04 chast: i have to say, that i like it oO
14:06:14 Robin: my dad and grandmom also started when they were really young, they cant quit now :P
14:06:17 Robin: yeah of course
14:06:21 chast: it is just, meeting firends and somking a cigarette
14:06:26 Robin: but if you never started, you wouldnt need it, right? :P
14:06:34 chast: yeah
14:06:37 chast: for sure^^
14:06:44 Robin: so imo its better just not to start
14:06:50 chast: for sure it is
14:07:01 Robin: its like kids and candy. If you never give them sugar, they will never nag about it, becuase they dont know how good it is ;:P
14:07:11 chast: the problem is you dont recognize it if you get into it
14:07:13 Robin: and candy is like drugs for kids, they get addicted :P
14:07:20 Robin: yeah I understand
14:07:31 Robin: hi shredmandan
14:07:36 chast: well, but till now, i didnt try to stop
14:07:50 shredmandan: hey guys are we talking about drugs for kids lol
14:07:50 chast: i should do :D
14:07:59 shredmandan: joking
14:08:02 chast: ;)
14:08:04 Robin: haha no just addictive stuff :P
14:08:21 shredmandan: smoking bid one for me
14:08:24 chast: guitar is also a drug :P
14:08:28 Robin: candy, smoking etc., its all the same imo :P
14:08:29 shredmandan: yes it is
14:09:07 chast: damn im hungry
14:09:15 Robin: go eat then :p
14:09:19 chast: nothing here^^
14:09:27 chast: what i could do fast
14:09:29 Robin: woot, go to the store then :D
14:09:43 shredmandan: i hate cooking
14:09:45 chast: im going to a friend in a few minutes :D
14:09:48 Robin: me too
14:09:48 chast: me too
14:09:54 Robin: frozen pizzas
14:09:56 chast: so i buy sth. for the microwave
14:09:58 chast: :P
14:10:01 Robin: :D
14:10:08 shredmandan: good one thats about the cooking i do
14:10:44 Robin: haha yeah same here
14:10:53 chast: cooking is too
14:10:57 chast: dont know
14:11:03 chast: you have to spend too much time
14:11:15 chast: pay attention that yuor food doesnt burn
14:11:17 chast: etc.
14:11:20 Robin: yaeh :P
14:11:25 shredmandan: i think all guitarist are just lazy in things like that lol
14:11:28 chast: :D
14:11:35 Robin: though, it is much better and much more healthy than the stuff you just buy in the store and put in the microwave
14:11:39 Robin: haha :D
14:11:42 chast: nearly every guy is like that :D
14:11:45 Robin: well I'm lazy when it comes to everything actually
14:11:47 Robin: except guitar
14:12:04 shredmandan: yep im a slacker do just enough to get by
14:12:17 chast: what is a slacker ? :D
14:12:24 shredmandan: lazy basically
14:12:29 chast: ah allright
14:12:43 chast: we have many words for it in germany :D
14:12:54 shredmandan: lets here one
14:12:59 chast: "faule sau" translated wordly, "lazy pig"
14:13:02 chast: or faulpelz
14:13:10 shredmandan: i know we all have words we use that other countrys dont
14:13:12 Robin: :D
14:13:16 chast: is slakcer sth. like a couchpotatoe ?
14:13:16 shredmandan: lol
14:13:23 shredmandan: yes
14:13:27 chast: :D
14:13:50 shredmandan: thats me except im a computer chair potoato
14:14:02 chast: i see
14:14:07 chast: we are very similiar :D
14:14:10 Robin: same here
14:14:12 Robin: hahah
14:14:27 shredmandan: i dont really watch any tv anymore.just into internet and guitar
14:14:28 Robin: I think I have spent most of my life in this chair, LOL!
14:14:33 Robin: yeah same
14:14:44 chast: the only one i spent more time is sleeping :>
14:14:50 Robin: haha yeah same
14:14:54 chast: holidays were so great :/
14:15:02 chast: and school again, waking up so early^^
14:15:08 Robin: yeah
14:15:10 Robin: I quit school
14:15:23 Robin: so I've been doing nothing the last 2-3 years haha, except a summerjob
14:15:29 shredmandan: i was getting ready to ask if you both were still in scholl
14:15:39 Robin: I shuold be
14:15:43 Robin: but I cant stand school
14:15:45 Robin: so I quit
14:16:00 Robin: I think I was literally the only one at my age that didnt continue school
14:16:20 shredmandan: i couldnt either i got in lots of trouble here by the law for not going to school.almost got taken from my family over not going
14:16:42 Robin: what, is there a law against that?
14:16:52 Robin: not here :O
14:17:05 shredmandan: yes if you miss so many days of school the law has the right to take you away
14:17:12 Robin: LOL!
14:17:13 Robin: crazu
14:17:16 Robin: or actually
14:17:20 shredmandan: yes very harsh
14:17:30 Robin: I did never even start school you know, I did never start college
14:17:51 Robin: I just finished 10th grade(not sure if thats the same in the US)
14:18:00 shredmandan: now i have kids and if they miss so many days they can 1.take them away and 2 fine me alot of money
14:18:01 Robin: stopped when I was 16, to make it easy
14:18:08 Robin: omg crazy
14:18:31 chast: you just can quit school in norway ?
14:18:34 chast: Oo
14:18:39 Robin: yeah
14:18:53 shredmandan: well i didnt pass high school but there is a thing called ged here which is about the same as a high school deploma and i got it.never went to college
14:18:57 chast: if we dont go to school for many days, police is coming
14:19:05 Robin: After I get my drivers license there should be no problem for me to get small jobs here and there
14:19:07 Robin: Hi
14:19:10 Slammer: Dan
14:19:13 shredmandan: hey
14:19:19 Robin: well the thing is, I decided not to even start school
14:19:23 Slammer: I thought you were Married?
14:19:32 Robin: but I'm sure if I just stopped going when I was little they would have done the same
14:19:37 Robin: my parents would not allow it either
14:19:44 shredmandan: thats another think they take your driver licence or you dont get it if you miss scholl
14:19:52 Slammer: LOL :P
14:19:58 Robin: :O
14:20:16 Slammer: you're like "I want to go to Sweden"
14:20:17 chast: hey guys, tell me what prejudices you have for german people ? :D
14:20:24 Slammer: to see all the hot chicks
14:20:26 Slammer: :P
14:20:28 shredmandan: i am married but im talking about back in the day
14:20:33 Robin: we were just talking about that xD
14:20:33 Slammer: :P
14:20:35 Robin: slam
14:20:39 Slammer: uh huh
14:20:44 Slammer: LOL
14:20:48 Robin: the hawt chicks in sweden
14:20:54 chast: yeah oO
14:21:05 Slammer: Marcus probably has all the Chicks
14:21:06 shredmandan: oh yes//!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
14:21:09 Slammer: LOL
14:21:17 chast: yeah cause he can play guitar
14:21:20 chast: :D
14:21:21 Slammer: yep
14:21:26 Slammer: he's a GREAT player
14:21:31 chast: for sure he is
14:21:38 shredmandan: i would like to just lay on one of there breast and take a nap lol
14:21:44 Slammer: :O
14:21:45 Robin: girls dont seem to care how good you are, as long as you can play the intro on Nothing else Matters
14:21:45 Slammer: :O
14:21:46 Slammer: :O
14:21:47 Slammer: :O
14:21:47 Slammer: :O
14:21:56 Slammer: Dan
14:22:02 chast: they love you if you can hold a guitar
14:22:02 Robin: haha shredmandan :D
14:22:10 Robin: yeah exactly chast :P
14:22:15 Robin: buy a guitar, and go around with it on your back
14:22:19 shredmandan: whats wrong slammer???? lol
14:22:24 chast: in germany its like "oh he has a guitar, is 100 % hotter than before"
14:22:26 chast: :D
14:22:36 shredmandan: same here
14:23:00 Slammer: LOL
14:23:04 Slammer: nothing
14:23:07 Slammer: just joking
14:23:12 shredmandan: ok you made it back lol
14:23:12 Slammer: dude :(
14:23:16 chast: but guys, tell me your prejudices about germans :P
14:23:23 Slammer: my thread just turned Political
14:23:23 chast: im interested in that^^
14:23:28 Slammer: :(
14:23:40 Slammer: I did ask Kris the Question
14:23:41 shredmandan: nothing really other than ww2 and im sure its same for u
14:23:54 Slammer: and everyone else anwered it
14:23:55 chast: no i think americans eat hamburgers all day :D
14:24:04 shredmandan: many do lol
14:24:11 Slammer: now it's gonna turn into a Political Fight :(
14:24:18 shredmandan: no!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14:24:22 Robin: haha
14:24:24 Slammer: I mean my Thread
14:24:30 shredmandan: oh
14:24:37 Slammer: look at it :(
14:24:38 chast: and you have stupid tv-shows oO
14:25:00 Slammer: funny thing is most of the Stuff on TV in Europe comes from america
14:25:06 chast: yes
14:25:08 chast: ^^
14:25:10 Robin: yep
14:25:11 shredmandan: all my family was in military and many have been to Germany.My dad shot pool with dude from fleetwood mac there
14:25:17 Robin: lots, and lots of crap xD
14:25:19 Robin: but also good stuff
14:25:25 Robin: like prison break and other series
14:25:29 Robin: and fbi Files, lol!
14:25:32 Slammer: Mick Fleetwood?
14:25:32 Robin: love that show
14:25:38 chast: flavor of love
14:25:40 shredmandan: what about the show cops ??/
14:25:43 chast: this guy is so stupid oO
14:25:50 shredmandan: oh i love flavor of love lol
14:25:58 chast: Flavor flaaaaaaaaaaaaav
14:26:01 Robin: dunno, dont have it on my chanels
14:26:03 chast: i like the girls
14:26:04 chast: :P
14:26:18 Slammer: LMAo
14:26:19 Robin: The Bald and the Beautiful, we got that here
14:26:24 Slammer: they are all Hos
14:26:26 Robin: its the worse piece of crabcake ever
14:26:28 shredmandan: oh hell u to lol
14:27:07 Slammer: LOL
14:27:09 Slammer: Dan
14:27:30 Slammer: was it Mick Fleetwood? *whip*
14:27:44 shredmandan: the drummer in the band
14:28:06 shredmandan: whoever that is just remember my dad telling me that
14:28:18 Slammer: Mick Fleetwood
14:28:23 Slammer: pretty good drummer
14:28:26 Slammer: Yes
14:28:33 Slammer: you ever listen to them?
14:28:50 shredmandan: he used to say this thing mauks nicks spelled wrong im sure but he said it was german for makes no differeance
14:29:00 shredmandan: i have listened to them
14:29:32 Slammer: *slap*
14:29:38 Slammer: Dan how did you do
14:29:46 Slammer: on your GED essay?
14:30:01 shredmandan: passed by 2 points and thats not even a joke
14:30:18 Slammer: man
14:30:32 Slammer: I'm taking the Preperation Classes right now
14:30:50 Slammer: :(
14:30:51 shredmandan: im very good in history and that is about all i really learned the rest i basically guessed on lol
14:30:57 Slammer: LOL
14:31:04 Slammer: x=??
14:31:13 chast: well
14:31:15 chast: i have to go
14:31:17 chast: :D
14:31:22 chast: cu
14:31:22 shredmandan: make sure to pay attention because its very important you will get it over soon.See i dont even know what x means
14:31:32 Slammer: LMAO LOL
14:31:41 shredmandan: you know i have never taken a algebra or pre algreba class in my life
14:31:51 Slammer: and you still passed?
14:32:02 Slammer: cuz they ask alot of those questrions
14:32:32 shredmandan: yes because i aced history 100% science was just reading and answering questions,my englished sucked and math sucked
14:32:47 shredmandan: thats what really hurt me was math
14:32:54 Slammer: yeah.
14:33:03 Slammer: I'm not the Best at Math Either
14:33:04 Slammer: I mean
14:33:09 shredmandan: also i took my test almost 8-9 years ago
14:33:11 Slammer: I know enough to get around
14:33:16 Slammer: but...
14:33:22 Slammer: all this Calculas stuff :(
14:33:28 Slammer: I wanna play guitar
14:33:33 shredmandan: i can do + _ times and divide and thats it
14:33:38 Slammer: LOL
14:33:54 shredmandan: i love the calculator
14:34:16 Slammer: yes
14:34:22 Slammer: but since then
14:34:32 Slammer: they've changed the Test
14:34:38 Slammer: since you took it I mean
14:34:51 shredmandan: yep they have raised the bar for u so i would have really failed it now
14:34:57 Slammer: :(
14:36:00 shredmandan: u can do it.Its not that hard for most people .bUT dude i really stoped doing school work and going to school in 7th grade.i partyed and sleep all day stay up all night,so you can see why i had such a hard time
14:36:20 Slammer: man you dropped out?
14:37:23 shredmandan: no i just didnt go much at all .Like i missed around 50 to 75 days each year no joke.i got in alot of trouble through the court for truancey and was forced to go and get my ged.which im thankfull today or i would have never had it
14:37:37 Slammer: well, great!
14:37:48 Slammer: so you DID go to High school right?
14:37:57 shredmandan: yep for about 2 years
14:38:26 shredmandan: never got acredit in high school though because if you mised a x amount of days u atomatically failed
14:38:36 Slammer: yeah :(
14:38:47 shredmandan: i basically raised myself from 12-13
14:38:49 Slammer: hey you know what x means!! :D
14:39:08 shredmandan: i know how to use it in a sentince but not in math lol
14:39:12 Slammer: LMAO
14:40:06 shredmandan: i guess thats why i got married so young and had a kid.Married and had my own place with a child a 18 wife was 16
14:40:14 Slammer: Damn....
14:40:26 shredmandan: looking back thats what i say
14:40:27 Slammer: I'm 18, I couldn't see myself married at all
14:40:32 Slammer: LOL
14:40:35 Robin: same here :O
14:40:42 shredmandan: lol
14:40:44 Slammer: I can't even take care of myself barely
14:40:46 Slammer: :P
14:41:04 shredmandan: it was hard but its been working over 7 years later
14:41:19 shredmandan: married for 6 been with her for over 7
14:42:16 Slammer: Damn...
14:42:26 Slammer: Well, she looks like a Nice Person :)
14:42:47 shredmandan: oh she is,very luckey to have her
14:43:00 shredmandan: she got her ged too lol
14:43:12 Slammer: LMAO
14:43:17 Slammer: two of a Kind!
14:43:21 shredmandan: yep
14:43:25 Slammer: LOL
14:43:31 Slammer: aw dude
14:43:38 Slammer: Now my thread
14:43:40 Slammer: is really
14:43:43 Slammer: heating up
14:43:52 Slammer: about Swedish Musicians
14:44:02 shredmandan: i havent looked at it for awhile.whats going on?
14:44:06 Slammer: I see a Argument coming
14:44:08 Slammer: LOL
14:44:11 Robin: I think peopel took your thread a little too serious slammer xD
14:44:18 Slammer: It was for kris!
14:44:19 Robin: they dont know how funny you are
14:44:28 shredmandan: ar they pissed about me saying the girls are hot
14:44:32 Robin: so they actually thought that you really thought there was something in their drinking water
14:44:33 Slammer: It was a Joke question for KRIS
14:44:33 Robin: :F
14:44:45 Robin: haha
14:44:48 shredmandan: lol
14:44:48 Slammer: Damn...
14:45:11 Slammer: u know what I love about kids?
14:45:19 shredmandan: what
14:45:27 Slammer: you can plop them in front of the TV and they'll shut up
14:45:31 Slammer: LOL
14:45:56 Robin: haha
14:45:59 Robin: the modern mother
14:46:01 shredmandan: sometimes but not always.My boy wont watch anything unless its wonder pets on nick jr
14:46:10 Robin: :D
14:46:13 shredmandan: the electronic babysitter
14:46:18 Robin: indeed
14:46:37 Slammer: that's why kids are getting Dumber
14:46:39 Robin: maann imagine putting a kid infront a TV and make him watch Family Guy from the day he was born LOL!
14:46:50 shredmandan: lol
14:46:55 Robin: he's gonna be like Peter Griffin
14:47:03 Slammer: Brain Cells are getting Killed
14:47:11 Robin: also dont forget about all the bad food and candy
14:47:34 Robin: some people we know gives soda to them morning and night. I dont know if thats normal where you guys live, but here its CRAZY
14:47:39 shredmandan: brb im going to look at that thread
14:47:43 Robin: no wonder why people nowdays got bad health
14:47:43 Slammer: LOL
14:48:06 Slammer: dude, most Hispanic People give there Babies Coffee in there Bottles
14:49:11 Slammer: LMAO
14:49:25 Robin: haha
14:49:26 Slammer: it stunts their Growth
14:49:33 Slammer: that is why they are Short
14:50:09 Robin: huh :D
14:50:25 Slammer: not many Tall Mexicans
14:50:27 Slammer: LOL
14:50:34 Robin: :D
14:50:34 Robin: so
14:50:35 Slammer: trust me I live in Miami
14:50:36 Robin: si*
14:50:53 Slammer: there are more cubans here than in cuba
14:50:59 Robin: :F
14:51:00 Robin: :D
14:51:09 Robin: I went to dublin once
14:51:14 Robin: I didnt meet one single Irish person
14:51:17 Robin: same in oslo
14:51:27 Robin: everyone in oslo is from the middle east somewhere
14:51:35 Slammer: LMAO
14:51:38 shredmandan: the thread is funny
14:51:52 Slammer: why did it get into Polictics?
14:52:04 shredmandan: because of that bart dude i think
14:52:10 Slammer: yeah
14:52:14 Slammer: he IS from Sweden
14:52:16 Slammer: LOL
14:52:18 Slammer: but
14:52:19 Slammer: still
14:52:24 Slammer: Kris's board!!
14:52:30 shredmandan: yep
14:52:36 Slammer: Hello :rolleyes*
14:52:36 Robin: I tried to lighten it a bit up now
14:52:42 Slammer: Hello :rolleyes:
14:52:48 Robin: since the question was just a joke..
14:52:49 Slammer: Hello :rollseyes:
14:52:52 shredmandan: he probably wont even anwer it
14:52:53 Slammer: Damn
14:52:56 Slammer: :(
14:53:09 shredmandan: he is hard to get a answer from
14:53:14 Robin: Busy man
14:53:18 Robin: doing a great job though
14:53:21 Robin: with GMC and all
14:53:32 Slammer: well, usually all the Posts on his Board are answered by him
14:53:34 shredmandan: yep i like how gmc has grown
14:54:02 shredmandan: robin do u know theory?
14:54:18 Robin: not much
14:54:27 shredmandan: same here lol just had to ask
14:54:37 Robin: ok :D
14:54:52 Slammer: did you figure out the 1,3,5 yet?
14:55:12 shredmandan: thats the 1st 3rd and 5th note played in a scale right
14:56:09 Robin: 1,3,5? major chord you mean?
14:56:31 shredmandan: I drank some rum last night(which i rarley do) but was bored.Must not have got it down lol
14:56:49 shredmandan: 1,3,5, refers to major chords ?
14:57:36 Robin: thats how a major chord if built up, from a major scale
14:57:43 Robin: 1, 2, 5 is minor
14:57:48 Robin: or wait..
14:57:50 Robin: I think
14:57:58 shredmandan: i put some new strings on last night and got so pissed off.They put 2 strings in each sleeve and didnt label them but 1st 2nd ect.Well i got confused and put wrong strings on and had to do it all over lol
14:57:59 Robin: 1, 4, 5 is sus2 I think
14:58:08 Slammer: LOL
14:58:10 Robin: ah xD
14:58:13 Slammer: 1 b3 5
14:58:18 Slammer: is a minor
14:58:39 Slammer: flattend 3rd
14:59:03 Robin: ah yes
14:59:05 shredmandan: see i have to learn all the music words first like .flattened do u sit on it or what
14:59:08 Robin: 1, 2 5 is a sus2
14:59:12 Robin: or sus4... hmmm
14:59:17 Robin: dont remember exactly
14:59:20 Slammer: :P
14:59:23 Robin: but all chords are built like that
14:59:26 Slammer: yeah
14:59:46 Slammer: dan
14:59:56 shredmandan: i cant believe im the retard of gmc lol that has played for over 10 years and doesnt know any opf this stuff
14:59:59 Slammer: do you know all the Notes on the Top String?
15:00:20 shredmandan: yes i can figure them out i just have to count them down some times
15:00:53 Robin: yeah same with me
15:01:03 Robin: I can usully figure out any chord, how its built up
15:01:05 Robin: but it takes time
15:01:07 Robin: :D
15:01:34 Slammer: ok Dan
15:01:34 Robin: hahahaha shredmandan :P "The retard of GMC" hahahah
15:01:37 Robin: not true xD
15:01:42 Slammer: off the top of your Head
15:01:45 shredmandan: like the way i do it is i automaticlly know that 5th fret on top string is A because the second string is that way
15:01:58 Slammer: 7 fret top string
15:02:00 Slammer: ?
15:02:02 Slammer: Quick
15:02:03 shredmandan: B
15:02:08 Slammer: 12th?
15:02:11 shredmandan: e
15:02:16 Slammer: 9?
15:02:23 shredmandan: hmmm lol
15:02:27 shredmandan: \C
15:02:33 Slammer: ?
15:02:36 Slammer: C#
15:02:42 Slammer: C sharp
15:02:44 Slammer: LOL
15:02:46 Robin: top string, is that high E or low?
15:02:47 shredmandan: Okay cause b doesnt have a sharp
15:02:58 Slammer: nope only a flat
15:03:29 shredmandan: OK THAT one of the things i have to remember because i know 2 notes are like that
15:04:48 Robin: I saw someone made a topic about that btw
15:04:49 Robin: on GMC
15:05:00 Robin: it was something like, start at low E, loose string
15:05:01 Slammer: Kurt cobain!
15:05:05 Robin: and then you sing like "EEEEE"
15:05:11 Kurt: yeah i am here lol
15:05:16 shredmandan: ill have to lok for it
15:05:21 Robin: and then you go to first fret(F) and sing "F", or thats maybe a little hard, but the same tone you know
15:05:39 Robin: good way to learn the notes and get a wider singing range at the same time
15:05:40 shredmandan: well guys i have to get ready to leave for now but ill be back later see you
15:05:45 Robin: ok
15:05:45 Slammer: NO
15:05:46 Slammer: :(
15:05:48 Slammer: :(
15:05:48 Slammer: :(
15:05:48 Robin: bye :)
15:05:49 Slammer: :(
15:05:49 Slammer: :(
15:05:49 Slammer: :(
15:05:49 Slammer: :(
15:05:49 Slammer: :(
15:05:50 Slammer: :(
15:05:50 Slammer: :(
15:05:50 Slammer: :(
15:05:50 Slammer: :(
15:05:51 Slammer: :(
15:05:51 Slammer: :(
15:05:52 Slammer: :(
15:05:52 Slammer: :(
15:05:53 Slammer: :(
15:05:54 Slammer: Dman
15:05:56 Robin: låwl
15:05:58 Slammer: Damn...
15:06:04 Slammer: D-man!
15:06:09 Slammer: the Wrestler
15:06:18 Kurt: I gon´t know lol
15:06:23 Kurt: don´t
15:06:39 Kurt: wasup slam?
15:06:56 Slammer: LOL
15:07:03 Slammer: same old
15:07:06 Slammer: Hey Robin
15:07:11 Robin: hey slamber
15:07:17 Slammer: you wanna hear my Stupid new song
15:07:18 Slammer: ?
15:07:21 Robin: yes please
15:07:24 Slammer: :P
15:07:28 Slammer: click Hi Fi
15:07:28 Robin: is it a rap?
15:07:34 Slammer: click Hi Fi
15:07:38 Slammer:;songID=5710556
15:07:48 Slammer: or Low Fi
15:07:50 Kurt: why don´t you ask me slammer? lol
15:07:56 Robin: man slamber
15:07:57 Slammer: LMAO
15:08:05 Robin: do you have your song as an audio file?
15:08:16 Slammer: Kurt would be bored
15:08:21 Robin: it says I got to be a member to download it. Can you send it on Msn or something?
15:08:26 Kurt: ok i already know that song lol
15:08:28 Slammer: No i said click hi fi
15:08:34 Robin: oh ok
15:08:38 Slammer: dude
15:08:43 Slammer: didn;'t you read
15:08:50 Slammer: Kurt did you already hear?
15:08:55 Robin: yes sorry xD
15:08:56 Kurt: yep
15:08:58 Slammer: LMAO
15:09:01 Slammer: man
15:09:04 Slammer: how?
15:09:09 Robin: if the drums and bass computer made or manually played?
15:09:13 Robin: NICE soloing btw
15:09:19 Robin: is*
15:09:23 Kurt: yep I like it too ;)
15:09:35 Slammer: yes I recorded all the Drums and Bass myself
15:09:38 Slammer: with a Real Kit
15:09:39 Robin: awesome dude
15:09:43 Slammer: YEAH RIGHT
15:09:45 Slammer: :P
15:09:49 Slammer: it's a BT
15:09:51 Slammer: LMAO
15:09:52 Robin: not joking, its great
15:09:57 Robin: what? oh ok lol
15:09:59 Slammer: no I mean it's a BT
15:10:01 Slammer: :P
15:10:01 Robin: but the solo was great
15:10:03 Robin: :D
15:10:08 Slammer: but I played the Geetar
15:10:19 Robin: geetarrrrh
15:10:24 Slammer: kinda like AC/DC I think
15:10:26 Slammer: and Slash too
15:10:32 Robin: are you one of them rednecks?
15:10:38 Kurt: more ac/dc lol
15:10:39 Slammer: no way
15:10:42 Slammer: DAN is
15:10:47 Slammer: I hate Ac/dc
15:10:48 Robin: kewl :D
15:10:53 Slammer: I never listen to them
15:11:02 Kurt: lol I hate the vocals of ac/dc
15:11:03 Robin: I dont really like AD/DC either
15:11:13 Robin: funking awesome soloing slammer
15:11:13 Slammer: robin did you even listen to the whole thing
15:11:14 Slammer: LOL
15:11:17 Kurt: but I think that angus is quite cool ;)
15:11:18 Robin: still listening
15:11:36 Slammer: LOL
15:11:39 Slammer: in the End
15:11:42 Slammer: it turns
15:11:47 Slammer: Pshycidelic
15:11:50 Slammer: Watch out
15:11:51 Robin: at the end now
15:11:53 Robin: idneed
15:11:57 Robin: its all crazy now
15:11:59 Slammer: LMAO
15:12:02 Slammer: Surprise!
15:12:07 Kurt: how long did it take?
15:12:14 Robin: omg nice stuff at the end when you solo
15:12:14 Slammer: 30 mintues
15:12:20 Robin: alone
15:12:23 Robin: btw
15:12:31 Slammer: well, that was like the 5th take
15:12:35 Robin: you use pentatonic? Even for those fast runs?
15:12:46 Slammer: Yeah Pretty Much
15:12:48 Slammer: :P
15:12:51 Robin: kewl
15:12:56 Slammer: almost all of it
15:13:02 Slammer: except the first solo
15:13:04 Slammer: you know
15:13:06 Slammer: Melodix
15:13:10 Slammer: Melodic
15:13:15 Slammer: Dorian Mode
15:13:16 Slammer: :P
15:13:30 Kurt: how long you ´ve been playing?
15:13:51 Slammer: overall 5 years. Electric guitar 2 1/2
15:14:00 Slammer: before I only played Acoustic
15:14:26 Kurt: yeah cool me too.... half year acoustic, half year electric ;)
15:15:10 Robin: 4 years electric, one week acoustic for me xD
15:15:14 Slammer: LOL
15:15:17 Kurt: lol
15:15:22 Slammer: robin beats me at guitar
15:15:22 Robin: started some blues fingerpicking on acoustic like a week ago
15:15:26 Slammer: he's really good
15:15:27 Robin: no way man
15:15:29 Robin: no funking way
15:15:30 Slammer: Yep
15:15:32 Robin: you havent heard me
15:15:36 Robin: I suck compared to you
15:15:41 Slammer: you're in a Band
15:15:44 Slammer: you gotta be good
15:15:53 Slammer: I'm not good enough to be in a Band
15:15:54 Robin: so what? :P I only played powerchords for the first 2 years :p
15:15:58 Robin: of course you are
15:16:01 Slammer: no way
15:16:06 Slammer: every tells me not
15:16:08 Slammer: to
15:16:16 Slammer: :(
15:16:23 Robin: weewt :(
15:16:29 Slammer: :P
15:16:31 Slammer: LOL
15:16:34 Robin: låwl
15:16:54 Slammer: I would put that song on the Boards but I think it would get too much bad feedback
15:16:58 Slammer: :(
15:17:00 Slammer: and
15:17:02 Robin: haha :D
15:17:17 Slammer: I don't wanna read the Critisiams
15:17:17 Robin: you would have gotten EXCELLENT feedback
15:17:26 Slammer: some would say
15:17:37 Slammer: I need to play more technical
15:17:43 Robin: pfffh
15:17:43 Slammer: others would say
15:17:50 Slammer: the Quality is not good
15:17:52 Robin: you're more than enough technical
15:17:59 Robin: quality was REALLY good
15:18:07 Slammer: others would say I need to practise more before I post songs
15:18:12 Robin: blues isnt supposed to be a that techical anyway :P
15:18:13 Robin: technical'
15:18:17 Robin: haha no they wont
15:18:17 Slammer: LOL
15:18:19 Robin: not at GMC
15:18:24 Slammer: should I???
15:18:27 Slammer: idk
15:18:28 Robin: of course
15:18:32 Kurt: yes do it ;)
15:18:36 Robin: me and Gen will atleast brag your ass off :)
15:18:37 Slammer: you wanna do it for me?
15:18:46 Slammer: LOL
15:18:51 Robin: yeah but then I'll tell them its me that is playing, LOL :D
15:18:55 Slammer: you can say you played it
15:18:58 Slammer: of course
15:18:58 Robin: hahna
15:19:08 Slammer: and you'll see they'll hate it
15:19:15 Slammer: :(
15:19:24 Robin: ok seriously, do you want me to do that? and when everyone say "omg thats awesome playing" then we say that it was really you playing!! xD
15:19:30 Robin: but dude
15:19:34 Robin: no big deal, just post it :P
15:19:35 Robin: its awesome
15:19:41 Slammer: LOL maybe
15:19:59 Slammer: later
15:20:01 Slammer: dude
15:20:03 Slammer: I gtg
15:20:05 Slammer: cook dinner
15:20:10 Slammer: :)
15:20:12 Robin: mkay byeee
15:20:12 Slammer: :P
15:20:19 Slammer: Chili
15:20:21 Slammer: beans
15:20:23 Slammer: :(
15:20:26 Robin: xD
15:20:31 Slammer: Cya Kurt
15:20:36 Slammer: *slap*
15:26:42 Kurt: hey robin whats the name of your band?
15:27:00 Kurt: *slap*
15:27:17 Robin: creep colony
15:27:27 Robin: :)
15:27:40 Kurt: ok I ´ll check it ;)
15:27:59 Robin: ;D
15:28:26 Kurt: yeah how do you call this style?
15:28:31 Robin: black metal
15:28:31 Kurt: death metal?
15:28:34 Robin: :D
15:28:36 Kurt: oh ok ;)
15:28:50 Kurt: I am in a progressive metal band :)
15:28:52 Robin: this is deathmetal
15:28:55 Robin: ok cool
15:28:57 Robin: you got myspace?
15:29:16 Kurt: nope sry maybe soon ;)
15:29:22 Robin: ok
15:29:38 Kurt: I play only rhythm guitar
15:30:20 Kurt: have you solos too in your songs?
15:31:43 Kurt: yeah i like the riffs in the second part of your song :)
15:34:29 Robin: hi sorry was alittle bit afk
15:34:35 Robin: thanks D:
15:34:40 Robin: I dont have many solos
15:34:52 Robin: I have 4 songs with solos in, none of them on myspace thougjh
15:34:58 Robin: but they arent really good solos
15:35:04 Robin: I did them long timeago when I was a noob
15:35:39 Robin: but we have like 50-60 songs, so 4 songs isnt much xD
15:35:46 Robin: we have only recorded 21 of them though
15:35:58 Kurt: OMG you all composed them by yourselfes?
15:36:13 Robin: yeah
15:36:17 Robin: we dont do cover songs
15:36:39 Kurt: cool...and if you could choose one band to cover..what would it be?
15:36:42 Robin: there are some songs from our two first demos aswell :D
15:36:51 Robin: hmm no idea really, probably some old hard rock band
15:37:16 Robin: actually we might cover a black sabbath song. A guy in a black sabbath cover band asked if we could do a sabbath cover, he wanted to sing
15:37:40 Kurt: cool I would do that...I love sabbath ;)
15:37:56 Robin: the only songs we have ever covered were three songs from The Carburators. We never played them live though, only on rehearsal
15:37:58 Robin: yeah they are great
15:38:03 Robin: oh actually we did cover one song live
15:38:10 Robin: We played the MacGyver theme once, LOL!
15:38:13 Kurt: tony iommy is THE riff-god ;)
15:38:19 Robin: yeah amazing
15:38:30 Kurt: whats your favourite song of them?
15:38:40 Robin: maybe Look for today
15:38:44 Robin: dont really know if I got 1 favorite
15:38:51 Robin: but I love Sabbath Bloody Sabbath,t he album
15:38:53 Robin: and paranoid
15:39:06 Kurt: yes I love sabbath bloody sabbath ;)
15:39:13 Robin: yeah its amazing :D
15:39:24 Robin: do your band compose your own songs btw?
15:40:14 Kurt: yes we only compose our own songs and jam a lot
15:40:19 Robin: ok cool
15:40:23 Robin: you play live?
15:40:46 Kurt: yes we did but only two times so far lol
15:41:10 Kurt: and you?
15:41:21 Robin: we do play some live show
15:41:33 Robin: we have had 2 kinda "important" live performances
15:41:37 Robin: the rest is not that serious
15:41:46 Robin: but we got invited to play on another big festival to the summer
15:42:08 Kurt: wow thats amazing
15:42:09 Robin: and MAYBE, just MAAAAYBe we get to play on the Inferno festival next year. I dont know yet, but some dude was gonna try to get use there
15:42:18 Robin: inferno is like an super amazing metal festival :D
15:42:24 Kurt: you know wacken? lol
15:42:29 Robin: ah yeah
15:42:42 Robin: maaaan I think I would have pooped my pants if I were playing there
15:42:45 Robin: its soooo huuuuuge
15:42:51 Robin: BIG stage
15:42:52 Robin: alot of people
15:43:01 Robin: I get scared just by watchign videos :D
15:43:07 Kurt: I ope i can go there next year^^
15:43:11 Kurt: hope*
15:43:16 Robin: ah cool
15:43:20 Robin: you live near or?
15:43:22 Robin: wacken
15:43:34 Kurt: I am from austria ;)
15:43:39 Robin: ah ok thats right
15:43:42 Kurt: wacken is in germany
15:43:43 Robin: lol, I always forget
15:43:47 Robin: yeah I know
15:43:54 Kurt: not too far ;)
15:43:58 Robin: I just think you're from germany haha, I forget it all them tiem xD
15:44:07 Robin: time*
15:44:33 Kurt: no problem ;)
15:44:49 Robin: germany and austria talk the same language, right?
15:45:06 Kurt: yep but it sounds very different lol
15:45:11 Robin: ah ok :D
15:45:26 Kurt: much different slang and stuff lol
15:45:30 Kurt: slangs
15:51:52 Robin: Hi there
15:51:58 Kurt: yo slam is back lol
15:52:05 Robin: >_<
15:52:10 Kurt: :( and away lol
15:52:28 Slammer: LMAO
15:52:31 Robin: Hi
15:52:39 Slammer: I went to click the Maximise button
15:52:45 Slammer: but clicked the Exitr
15:52:48 Slammer: Exit*
15:52:51 Slammer: :P
15:52:52 Slammer: LOL
15:52:53 Kurt: lol ah ok
15:52:53 Robin: been there done that
15:53:04 Robin: like a billion times
15:53:10 Slammer: wow, you know English Cliches
15:53:18 Robin: loel
15:53:30 Slammer: you are Very Good at English
15:53:31 Robin: what I think is funny about everyone in america, is that they think we are retarded
15:53:36 Robin: well not that good
15:53:45 Slammer: but you can read and write
15:53:49 Slammer: great
15:54:03 Slammer: but, when you talk is it different?
15:54:12 Robin: my sister were in Canada, and some guy said "Right on". And then he was like, "well, you probably didnt understand anything of what I said" and then he started explaning what "right on" meant >-<
15:54:20 Robin: yeah I cant really talk that well
15:54:29 Slammer: but you can understand it right?
15:54:33 Robin: yeah
15:54:43 Slammer: that's usually the way it works
15:55:02 Robin: also, my sister was in a store, looking at what icecream she was gonna get... the canadians were like "you open the fridge like this, and close it like this"
15:55:39 Slammer: LMAO
15:55:43 Slammer: dude
15:55:52 Slammer: lets see a Pic!
15:56:00 Slammer: of her
15:56:02 Slammer: :P
15:56:10 Robin: hahahah
15:56:32 Robin: americans totally dont know whats giong on in europe
15:56:38 Robin: have you seen family guy and the simpsons? :P
15:57:11 Slammer: well, what you see on those shows isn't what goes on in America
15:57:12 Robin: they totally think europeans are retards, and yes they are probably joking, but still they dont know that everything is exactly the same here, pretty much
15:57:17 Robin: yeah I know dude
15:57:29 Slammer: It isn't the same actually
15:57:36 Robin: but it seems like in every american show ever, they totally makes stereotypes of europans
15:57:41 Slammer: it's just that every other country wants to be like US
15:57:43 Robin: and not only in TV shows
15:57:55 Robin: woot?
15:57:55 Robin: :P
15:58:09 Robin: havent heard that before

15:58:29 Robin: after watching Bowling for columbine, I didnt really want to live in america :P
15:58:39 Slammer: LOL
15:58:40 Robin: like 12 000 murders every year there, and probably like 50 in norway xD
15:58:47 Robin: eventhough
15:58:50 Robin: or actually
15:58:52 Slammer: well, US is alot bigger
15:58:55 Slammer: and more people
15:58:57 Robin: probably more like 5 in norway
15:59:02 Robin: but dude, in canadia
15:59:06 Robin: it was only a couple of hundred
15:59:11 Robin: etc.
15:59:11 Robin: same in UK and japan
15:59:13 Slammer: :P
15:59:15 Robin: but anyyyway
15:59:21 Slammer: LOL
15:59:22 Robin: that doesnt mean everyone are crazy over there
15:59:27 Slammer: I know it I live here
15:59:35 Slammer: LOL
16:00:06 Robin: well I live here, and I know that norway dont want to be like america :D Or maybe you were joking about that everyone wanted to be like america? :P

16:01:41 Robin: Ahh slammer, you're so funny. Thats your solution to everything :D
16:01:43 Robin: nah just jokign
16:03:17 Slammer: Robin er den Beste Guitarist i Norge
16:03:32 Robin: Robin er den beste gitaristen i Norge*
16:03:36 Robin: oh btw, I'm not :D
16:04:06 Slammer: Robin er den den meste Beskjedene mannen i Norge
16:04:15 Robin: well that actually might be true
16:04:34 Slammer: Robin er en dork
16:04:38 Slammer: :P
16:04:40 Robin: yeah I guess
16:04:53 Slammer: Rødstrupe isbird
16:05:01 Robin: O_o
16:05:05 Slammer: Rødstrupe er en fugl
16:05:11 Robin: probably
16:05:12 Robin: xD
16:05:27 Slammer: Robin hater Slammer
16:05:54 Slammer: slammer ikke vet hvordan til å tale norwgian
16:06:04 Slammer: *slap*
16:06:06 Robin: Slammer è una testa di doo di doo
16:06:09 Robin: hahahha
16:06:22 Robin: your norwegian sucks
16:06:23 Robin: :D
16:06:24 Robin: nah just joking
16:06:27 Slammer: Robin elsker hans Søskenbarn
16:06:32 Robin: hahaha
16:06:48 Slammer: Southpark er Stum
16:07:01 Slammer: Nesten som mye som Robin
16:07:04 Slammer: LOL
16:07:04 Slammer: :P
16:07:07 Slammer: Jk jk jk jk
16:07:07 Slammer: Jk jk jk jk
16:07:08 Slammer: Jk jk jk jk
16:07:08 Slammer: Jk jk jk jk
16:07:08 Slammer: Jk jk jk jk
16:07:09 Slammer: Jk jk jk jk
16:07:09 Slammer: Jk jk jk jk
16:07:14 Slammer: ok dude I gtg
16:07:16 Slammer: ttyl
16:07:16 Robin: Пиршество Slammer на poo, kindergarden humour
16:07:19 Robin: mika
16:07:20 Robin: bye
19:18:47 Kurt: hey nick
19:18:48 Nick325: yo
19:18:57 Kurt: wasup nigga? lol
19:19:10 Nick325: nmu nigga
19:19:20 Kurt: lol
19:19:25 Nick325: lol
19:19:36 Kurt: i guess thats the reason why u here lol
19:20:02 Nick325: yep nigga lol
19:20:14 Kurt: cool nigga lol
19:20:30 Nick325: so what u be practicing nigga?
19:20:53 Kurt: today I wrote a little solo for marcus´collab
19:21:12 Nick325: o cool nigga i gotta write one too nigga :P
19:21:20 Nick325: i mean lol
19:21:39 Kurt: cool you already posted it nigga? lol
19:21:49 Nick325: no nigga lol
19:22:12 Nick325: i *slap*ed ur nigga *meow*
19:22:27 Kurt: lol
19:22:45 Robin: Hi
19:22:51 Nick325: yo nigga
19:22:59 Kurt: one nigga more lol
19:23:06 Nick325: ya nigga!! ;p;
19:23:07 Nick325: lol
19:23:23 Kurt: lol OMG thats sick^^
19:23:33 Nick325: whats sick nigga
19:23:37 Nick325: ;p;
19:23:42 Nick325: that ^
19:23:51 Kurt: that nigga-stuff nigga lol
19:24:04 Nick325: hey who u calling a nigga nigga
19:24:14 Nick325: :P
19:24:17 Kurt: lol
19:24:20 Kurt: ;)
19:24:26 Nick325: ;) ;) ;)
19:24:27 Kurt: Robin ;)
19:24:40 Nick325: nigga nick nigga kurt and nigga robin lol
19:25:05 Kurt: hey nick how old are u? lol
19:25:11 Nick325: the three aniggoes
19:25:23 Nick325: 14
19:25:37 Kurt: wow ... young nigga
19:25:40 Kurt: I am 17 ;)
19:25:46 Nick325: o old nigga
19:25:51 Nick325: lol
19:26:37 Kurt: but the oldest nigga is nigga-rob lol
19:26:48 Kurt: true rob?
19:26:48 Robin: what movies have yu been seeing since you say the N word so much? :)
19:27:04 Nick325: 8 mile lol
19:27:07 Robin: yeah I'm 18 :P
19:27:18 Kurt: I call all my buddies niggas lol
19:27:18 Robin: haha ok
19:28:07 Robin: man, cant wait for Planet Terror
19:28:16 Robin: think it have premiere today
19:28:25 Kurt: hm? planet terror? a movie? lol
19:29:27 Robin: yeah
19:29:41 Robin: new rodrugiez movie
19:29:45 Robin: wrong spelling btw xD
19:29:57 Robin: Have you seen Death Proof?
19:30:08 Nick325: back
19:30:12 Kurt: nope
19:30:21 Robin: Its like this new thing called Grindhouse. Two movies sort of toghether
19:30:26 Robin: Tarantino movie
19:30:28 Robin: its so awesome
19:30:39 Kurt: cool...but sounds like a skatemovie lol
19:30:46 Kurt: Grindhouse ^^
19:30:49 Robin: haha no not really
19:31:26 Kurt: could be name for a skate-hall lol
19:31:32 Robin: yeah :D
19:31:40 Nick325: ya nigga lol
19:31:48 Kurt: yoou are skatin too rob?
19:31:53 Robin: used to
19:31:56 Nick325: same
19:31:59 Robin: like 4 years ago
19:32:01 Nick325: nigga lol
19:32:01 Kurt: or nigga-nick? lol
19:32:04 Robin: tried a little outside
19:32:06 Robin: some days ago
19:32:11 Robin: I made kickflips, REALLY bad ones
19:32:13 Nick325: wat nigga kurt
19:32:18 Robin: long wheelies thogh
19:32:21 Robin: and nose wheelies
19:32:33 Robin: but to the wniter its snowskating!! cant wait
19:32:38 Robin: builing huge dropouts and stuff here
19:32:42 Robin: buliding*
19:32:49 Robin: gonna try to make a little snowskate movie
19:32:52 Kurt: you are snowboarding too?
19:32:55 Robin: nah
19:32:58 Robin: used to do a little
19:33:12 Robin: most skateboard
19:33:15 Robin: and snowskate
19:33:19 Robin: you guys tried snowskate? its so awesome
19:33:21 Kurt: I will try to get a sponsor this year ;)
19:33:28 Kurt: in snowboarding^^
19:33:31 Robin: are you like really good?
19:33:32 Robin: cool
19:33:45 Kurt: yes i think i am quite ok lol
19:33:50 Robin: awesome :F
19:33:51 Robin: :D
19:34:05 Nick325: how u get those niggas
19:34:07 Kurt: I can do backflip and stuff like that ;)
19:34:13 Robin: nice :D
19:34:22 Kurt: but thats not very difficult ;)
19:34:38 Kurt: you only need to trust yourself lol
19:34:43 Robin: yeah I know haha
19:34:57 Robin: cant wait for the winter. Gonna drop our garage roof
19:35:01 Robin: possibly our house aswell
19:35:06 Kurt: yeah cool
19:35:09 Robin: and make crazy ass rails
19:35:12 Robin: and jumps
19:35:21 Robin: and we got like a pretty deep ditch
19:35:27 Robin: gonna make a dropout on the edge
19:35:31 Robin: going to flyyyy
19:35:33 Slammer: omg
19:35:37 Robin: hi slamber
19:35:43 Kurt: hehe yeah sounds great ;)
19:35:47 Slammer: have you guys been in here the whole time?
19:35:52 Robin: yes, but afk
19:35:53 Kurt: yo slam-nigga lol
19:36:00 Nick325: yo slammer nigga
19:36:05 Slammer: :(
19:36:05 Kurt: lol
19:36:11 Slammer: Slamber?
19:36:11 Nick325: everyones a nigga
19:36:17 Robin: loel
19:36:22 Slammer: wtf?
19:36:38 Kurt: we are cool niggas lol
19:36:47 Robin: man
19:37:05 Slammer: wiggers
19:37:06 Robin: better hope that kris doesnt read this log xD the N word is super serial xD
19:37:20 Kurt: I am proud to be nigga...everyone can read that lol
19:37:23 Slammer: u all are wiggers
19:37:28 Slammer: yeo
19:37:29 Robin: have you seen the south park episode with the Ni**er guys and stuff? really funny
19:37:31 Slammer: yep
19:37:38 Slammer: no not me
19:37:49 Robin: its kew.
19:37:52 Robin: kewl
19:38:32 Slammer: *slap*
19:38:38 Slammer: sup Nick
19:38:42 Slammer: and Kurt
19:38:47 Slammer: robin
19:38:55 Kurt: slam lol
19:39:16 Slammer: If you ever call me Slamber again I oughta
19:39:17 Robin: sup mother funker
19:39:19 Slammer: ....
19:39:31 Robin: you oughta what ?
19:39:37 Robin: bring it ooon biatch

19:40:02 Slammer: Robin
19:40:12 Robin: yez
19:40:29 Slammer: robin
19:40:35 Robin: Slamzor
19:40:39 Kurt: lol
19:40:39 Slammer: nothing I just like saying Robin
19:40:48 Robin: oh man
19:40:53 Nick325: nmu slammer
19:40:55 Robin: låel
19:41:08 Kurt: hey slam you should really become comedian or smth like that lol
19:41:18 Slammer: I'm not funny :(
19:41:29 Robin: yeah but I think you should just drop the joke you just did xD its liek really old :D
19:41:35 Robin: but other than that you're really funny
19:41:42 Slammer: what joke?
19:41:43 Robin: you should start a comedian rap group
19:41:50 Robin: Slammer: nothing I just like saying Robin
19:41:52 Robin: :D
19:42:15 Slammer: LMAO
19:42:18 Slammer: is wasn't a joke
19:42:24 Robin: haha ok
19:42:24 Slammer: I DO like saying Robin
19:42:24 Kurt: lol
19:42:34 Slammer: cuz it's a Girls name :P
19:42:38 Robin: kewl
19:42:44 Slammer: Batman and ....
19:42:51 Slammer: ..... Hood
19:42:52 Robin: Catman
19:43:08 Slammer: did you ever See Catman on saturday night live
19:43:09 Slammer: ?
19:43:13 Robin: no
19:43:24 Robin: but I saw when principal skinner dressed up like catman
19:43:25 Slammer: dud gtg
19:45:23 Nick325: peace
19:45:35 Kurt: back nigga lol
19:45:45 Nick325: k nigga
19:45:58 Kurt: from where you nick?
19:46:21 Nick325: im from ny
19:46:27 Kurt: yeah cool
19:46:33 Nick325: u
19:46:38 Kurt: austria :)
19:46:43 Nick325: :)
19:46:46 Kurt: so boring here ;)
19:46:51 Nick325: ;)
19:47:01 Kurt: mountains everywhere lol
19:47:05 Nick325: lol
19:47:17 Kurt: no I like it here ;)
19:47:21 Nick325: ;)
19:47:30 Nick325: (im just copying all ur smileies)
19:47:52 Kurt: 8) 8)
19:48:01 Nick325: 8) 8) 8)
19:48:30 Nick325: 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
19:48:44 Nick325: gtg
19:48:56 Kurt: ok by nick ;)
19:49:04 Kurt: cya nigga
19:49:12 Robin: bye
19:49:17 Nick325: cya ( u know what ;) )
19:49:25 Nick325: bye
19:49:41 Kurt: come on....say it ;)
19:49:44 Kurt: lol
19:49:47 Nick325: n
19:49:48 Nick325: ig
19:49:52 Nick325: ga
19:49:55 Kurt: lol
19:49:57 Nick325: lol
19:54:11 Kurt: heyrob what are you doing now?
19:54:20 Kurt: *slap*
19:54:30 Robin: just watching some south park
19:54:39 Robin: "Good times with weapons", classic episode :)
19:54:48 Kurt: yeah cool
19:55:05 Kurt: is it also 1:55 in norway?
19:55:38 Robin: yeah :F
19:55:39 Robin: :D
19:56:13 Kurt: I am tired but too lazy to go to bed lol
19:56:24 Robin: hahah
19:56:30 Robin: yeah I know how that is
19:56:48 Robin: if I dont answer btw, just *meow* or something :p
19:56:58 Kurt: yep ;)
20:01:06 Slammer: slammer
20:01:12 Slammer: your here!
20:01:13 Kurt: yo slam is back lol
20:01:41 Slammer: *meow* or something
20:01:48 Robin: låwl
20:01:58 Slammer: lawl
20:02:03 Kurt: hey slammer whats your real name?
20:02:10 Slammer: Sammer
20:02:20 Kurt: lol you ´re crazy
20:02:34 Slammer: No :{ I'm slammer
20:02:36 Kurt: be honest!!! lol
20:02:44 Slammer: It's Sam!
20:03:01 Slammer: *meow* or something
20:03:08 Robin: lolål
20:03:09 Kurt: ok I guess I will believe that lol
20:03:26 Kurt: ok:
20:03:30 Slammer: yes
20:03:31 Kurt: so......
20:03:32 Slammer: Yes
20:03:35 Kurt: my name is.....
20:03:39 Kurt: Kurt lol
20:03:41 Slammer: what is YOUR real name
20:04:04 Kurt: are you kidding? lol
20:04:13 Kurt: I am Kurt!!!! ;)
20:04:23 Slammer: yes I'm kidding
20:04:28 Slammer: But, I'm dull
20:04:31 Slammer: :(
20:04:50 Slammer: <8) <<< Patrick from Spongebob
20:04:58 Kurt: lol
20:05:06 Kurt: you´re a genius lol
20:05:13 Slammer: thank you
20:05:29 Kurt: pls ;)
20:05:36 Slammer: pls?
20:05:45 Kurt: what?
20:05:50 Slammer: pls?
20:05:53 Slammer: LOL
20:05:55 Kurt: what?
20:05:57 Kurt: lol
20:05:57 Slammer: what does it mean?
20:05:59 Robin: my real name is actually David Gilmour from the past
20:06:11 Kurt: yeah i saw your foto^^
20:06:17 Robin: :D
20:06:28 Kurt: you really look a little bit like him lol
20:06:42 Robin: heh yeah I just got to grow a beard
20:06:43 Robin: :P
20:07:03 Kurt: yeah....or simply wear you glasses ;)
20:07:14 Robin: :P
20:07:22 Kurt: lol
20:07:44 Kurt: ok I gtg now too
20:07:48 Kurt: cya Robin
20:09:43 Robin: bye
20:18:39 Slammer: *meow* or something
20:18:45 Slammer: *slap*
20:18:45 Robin: hi
20:18:52 Slammer: I;m in and out
20:18:57 Slammer: all night
20:19:02 Slammer: bye
20:40:38 JVM: yo
20:40:40 JVM: *whip*
23:40:47 Nick325: yo

Why do you post the chat logs?
Andrew Cockburn
QUOTE (kethcup @ Sep 11 2007, 04:27 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

Why do you post the chat logs?

In case anything good is discussed, it can be referred back to, and also to encourage polite and appropriate behavior in the chat room smile.gif
hmmm... I don't find that very cool, sorry. that's almost violating.

But whatever, I just know not to go there now.
Andrew Cockburn
QUOTE (kethcup @ Sep 11 2007, 04:49 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
hmmm... I don't find that very cool, sorry. that's almost violating.

But whatever, I just know not to go there now.

Your choice ...
Saoirse O'Shea
Well to me a public conversation - including an online chat is well - public. Logging and transcribing it doesn't really alter that for me. If I wanted privacy I would pm/have a private off the record conversation. But that's perhaps just me...

Muris Varajic
QUOTE (tonymiro @ Sep 13 2007, 09:32 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Well to me a public conversation - including an online chat is well - public. Logging and transcribing it doesn't really alter that for me. If I wanted privacy I would pm/have a private off the record conversation. But that's perhaps just me...


Same need to hide anything wink.gif
Use pm if you need more privacy,this is still guitar site,open for warm thoughts biggrin.gif
Kristofer Dahl
I agree with what's been said, please do not say anything in the chat which you wouldn't say in the forum - otherwise it will be hard to keep the chat unmoderated.

However, I think you have a good point - so from now on the chat windows message is as follows:

"Welcome to GMC chat - please note that chat logs are being published in GMC forum."

Just to clarify a little more smile.gif
lmao, i just had to read the first few 10 lines to have a good laugh biggrin.gif laugh.gif
Fair enough. My only point was that it wasn't disclosed that it would be published. But now that it has been disclosed, cool...

I guess I was thinking the chat room was kind of a more relaxed enviroment so we would not have to watch what we say so much and just have a little fun. After all, the forum is a place for proper posting and checking your words twice, etc...

Anyway, thanks for the clarification! ... and my apologies for coming across a little strong if I did. It was just a bit of a surprise.

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