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hi iv just joined
i have a epiphone les paul the more up the fret bord i play the more out of tune it goes
can you help me in a basic terms thanks terry
Muris Varajic
Hi there smile.gif

Maybe strings are just tooo old or you need to do better tuning on the bridge smile.gif
Andrew Cockburn
QUOTE (muris @ Sep 12 2007, 12:01 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Hi there smile.gif

Maybe strings are just tooo old or you need to do better tuning on the bridge smile.gif

Looking at the bridge settings the intonation looks ... unusual... have you considered taking it to a guitar tech to look at?
As Muris said, this usually happens when you ahve old strings. So first of all put new strings on, and after you put them on you'll have to see if the intonation is right. Once you set the intonation to have all guitar in tune across the whole fretboard you will never have to re-set it again. It would be great if you could ask someone you know to show you how to setup your guitar.
ok kool will try both idears thanks
I definatly think you should take it to a shop to get it worked on.It dosent cost much,atleast here i live.You also may need a minor adjustment in the truss rod and ofcourse your intonation adjusted.While i had it in shop i would tell them to set the action on the guitar low so its very comfortable to play.
all sounds good to me its been on a wall for around 40 weeks before i got it
so i will take it to the shop tomorow i think coz iv got to get a new scrach plate for it anyway
so i can play it without scraching the autographs of thanks to all for you help terry
Saoirse O'Shea
Terry - did you buy private or off a retail shop?

If it's a shop then they should have set it up for you and in that case if I was you I'd go back and ask them to do it now properly. Private sale - afraid you may have to pay for a set up. As Andrew says bridge look strange re: intonation. Very old strings will cause lots of problems and may be near impossible to get in tune all the way properly 'down the neck' as Muris says. But regardless that bridge - the placement of the individual saddles looks odd - it's not the same as a compensated bridge, just compare it with a standard Gibson stop bar or a compensated acoustic and it looks wrong. Guitar shop *should* sort it for you , hopefully free if you got it from them.

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