11:46:21 Nick325: yo
11:47:25 Kurt: oh n-nick is here lol
11:47:32 Nick325: sup
11:47:44 Kurt: nmu
11:47:47 Nick325: nm
11:47:59 Kurt: whats bout your solo?
11:49:23 Nick325: wat about it
11:49:36 Kurt: you got one so far?
11:49:41 Kurt: for the collab?
11:49:47 Nick325: nope :?
11:50:17 Kurt: so what are you playing at the momeent?
11:50:21 Nick325: nothing
11:50:27 Nick325: ;)
11:50:31 Nick325: lol
11:51:05 Kurt: but you still play guitar right? lol
11:51:47 Slammer: NIck I didn't know you were here
11:51:50 Slammer: :P
11:51:55 Slammer: it only says Jrut
11:51:57 Slammer: Kurt
11:52:00 Slammer: *slap*
11:52:19 Kurt: yep?
11:52:23 Kurt: wasup man?
11:52:39 Slammer: nmu as nick would say
11:52:57 Slammer: LOL
11:53:02 Kurt: lol
11:53:04 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow*
11:53:19 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow*
11:53:23 Slammer: Sup guys
11:53:38 Kurt: nothing much lol
11:53:43 Slammer: :O
11:53:48 Kurt: sorry ...really not lol
11:54:03 Nick325: wat
11:54:13 Slammer: ?
11:54:42 Nick325: 8)
11:55:19 Slammer: :p
11:55:29 Slammer: :D 8) :| lol :{ :o :( :) :p :? ;)
11:56:18 Nick325: (yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn) :P
11:56:47 Slammer: so what's new?
11:57:08 Nick325: (yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn) :P
11:57:20 Slammer: :( :( :(
11:57:26 Nick325: lol
11:57:40 Slammer: hows the sweeping coming along?
11:57:56 Nick325: ok dan kinda killed my hope ob it
11:58:18 Slammer: No way
11:58:23 Slammer: he was trying to help ya
11:59:33 Slammer: its true *slap*
12:00:07 Slammer: y did you stop trying?
12:00:55 Nick325: :|
12:02:11 Slammer: *whip*
12:02:32 Slammer: Kurt
12:02:33 Slammer: Nick
12:02:36 Slammer: nebody
12:02:37 Slammer: :P
12:02:39 Slammer: :(
12:03:19 Nick325: wat
12:03:57 Slammer: y did you stop trying?
12:04:30 Nick325: idk i was doiing ok for starting out but ........
12:05:19 Nick325: :|
12:06:14 Nick325: gtg
12:06:18 Slammer: LOL
12:06:19 Slammer: sure
12:06:20 Kurt: cya
12:06:20 Slammer: ok
12:06:21 Slammer: cya
12:06:29 Nick325: cya
12:06:37 Kurt: hey nick.... you are playing a showmaster right?
12:06:43 Kurt: no!!!
12:06:47 Kurt: slammer lol
12:06:48 Nick325: no
12:06:54 Slammer: how did you know :O
12:06:56 Kurt: sry
12:07:06 Kurt: becaus of your photo ;)
12:07:19 Slammer: on the guitar thread?
12:07:22 Kurt: yep
12:07:45 Kurt: whats the difference between a strat and a showmaster?
12:07:57 Slammer: two Humbuckers
12:08:09 Kurt: oh.....lol
12:08:21 Kurt: ok thats a big difference lol
12:08:54 Slammer: yes
12:09:00 Robin: Hi there
12:09:03 Slammer: and also a Strat has a Bolt on Neck
12:09:14 Slammer: and a Showmaster has a One piece body
12:09:21 Kurt: ahhh yes
12:10:18 Slammer: and....
12:10:33 Robin: whats up doods?
12:10:38 Slammer: the Showmaster is made with a Basswood Body with a Quilted Maple TOp
12:10:42 Slammer: SUp RObber
12:11:02 Robin: not much
12:11:04 Kurt: ah ok thanx for telling me dude ;)
12:11:06 Robin: going fishing soon
12:11:12 Robin: flie fishing
12:11:18 Robin: or is it "fly" fishing?
12:11:28 Slammer: yes
12:11:29 Slammer: Fly
12:11:54 Robin: kewl
12:13:05 Slammer: do you have Flies?
12:13:20 Robin: yeah
12:14:34 Slammer: Robin has a LP
12:14:42 Kurt: nope ;)
12:14:55 Robin: I dont have a Les Paul, if that was what you meant :)
12:15:07 Slammer: why not?
12:15:27 Robin: I already have a guitar
12:15:31 Robin: and a LP is expensive
12:15:42 Kurt: yeah but only gibson ;)
12:15:59 Robin: yeah of course :P
12:17:50 Slammer: <8) ok Spongebob, lets go jelly fishing
12:19:24 Slammer: [8)] Ok patrick!
12:19:36 Robin: you're having fun slambzor?
12:19:39 Robin: hi ezra
12:19:45 ezravdb: yo
12:19:51 Kurt: hi
12:20:49 Slammer: yes I'm havin fun
12:20:52 Slammer: :)
12:21:06 ezravdb: good for you :D
12:21:42 ezravdb: spongebob was pwnage when I was 13 :)
12:21:55 Robin: I still like it tbh
12:21:56 Slammer: how old are you now?
12:21:57 Robin: I think its hilarious
12:22:12 ezravdb: 15 and yeah I still like it, but I've seen most of it :)
12:22:45 Kurt: you still watching spongebob slammer? lol
12:23:10 Slammer: nope, but my little brothers watch it every day so it's always on the TV
12:23:20 Slammer: and I alway hear it
12:23:22 Slammer: LO
12:23:24 Slammer: LOL
12:23:27 Robin: I think its awesome
12:23:36 Kurt: yeah but its really funny sometimes XD
12:23:45 Slammer: but no, I don't just sit there and turn it on
12:23:54 Slammer: just to watch it
12:23:58 ezravdb: btw do you guys wanna get some goot ol' goosebumps lol?
12:24:37 Robin: we sure do :)
12:24:46 Slammer: idk
12:24:49 ezravdb: cool
12:25:13 ezravdb: watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1VjwciFLAg
12:25:18 ezravdb: tender surrender /m/
12:25:27 Slammer: ush
12:25:31 Slammer: ugh
12:25:35 ezravdb: I always get it when I listen it
12:25:37 Slammer: seen it 2938 times
12:25:41 Kurt: oh yeah i know that vid ;)
12:25:42 Slammer: LOL
12:25:53 Kurt: I cryed when i saw that first time lol
12:26:03 Kurt: so amazing lol
12:26:04 ezravdb: yeah :D
12:26:18 ezravdb: slammer go see it 2939 times :P
12:27:03 Slammer: :(
12:27:07 Slammer: no
12:28:45 Slammer: you want to see real goosebumps?
12:28:47 Slammer: *slap*
12:28:57 ezravdb: no I dont wanna SEE it :P
12:28:59 Slammer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGovSaieeqQ
12:29:28 ezravdb: btw just in case, goosebumps is that weird thing going on on your skin right?
12:29:34 Slammer: yep
12:29:40 ezravdb: okay cool :P
12:29:58 Robin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I-67U93xMU this will give you REAL motherfunking goosebumps
12:30:04 ezravdb: okay
12:30:05 Slammer: when you are Cold, Worried, Excited,Scared etc
12:30:14 ezravdb: yeah
12:30:21 Slammer: when it looks like Chicken Skin
12:30:27 Slammer: all the bumps
12:30:28 Slammer: :P
12:30:33 ezravdb: lol
12:30:54 ezravdb: its called Kippenvel in Holland :d
12:31:15 ezravdb: kippen means Chicken
12:31:16 Slammer: hey are from the Netherlands?
12:31:21 ezravdb: yeah
12:31:25 Slammer: cool
12:31:37 FlyingFin: Ooh, there were actually people here
12:31:41 Slammer: there is a Baseball player on the Marlins from the Netrherlands
12:31:50 ezravdb: ohh cool didnt know that
12:32:05 Slammer: his name is Rick Vandenhurk
12:32:10 Slammer: and he is from Holland too
12:32:23 FlyingFin: Hehe, it's also creepy that you have a couple of those small Japanese playing in the MLB :)
12:32:47 FlyingFin: granted the Japanese are amazing at baseball though
12:33:29 Slammer: where ya from Flying
12:34:00 FlyingFin: From Finland, born in Sweden, livin' in the NL at the moment
12:34:11 ezravdb: cool
12:34:17 ezravdb: can you speak the language?
12:34:25 FlyingFin: funny thing about goosebumps, in Finnish we call it kananliha, which means chicken skin :P
12:34:31 FlyingFin: een beetje ;)
12:34:35 ezravdb: haha
12:34:42 FlyingFin: been here for 3 years now
12:34:49 ezravdb: vet
12:34:51 ezravdb: hehe
12:34:56 FlyingFin: yeah, it's cool here
12:34:56 ezravdb: vette shit
12:35:00 ezravdb: haha
12:35:05 FlyingFin: sometimes the weather just takes the best outta me
12:35:10 FlyingFin: so where are you from, Slammer?
12:35:57 Slammer: FL
12:35:58 Slammer: US
12:36:16 Slammer: do you guys know where Eindhoven is?
12:36:20 FlyingFin: yeah
12:36:21 ezravdb: yyup
12:36:22 ezravdb: me
12:36:26 FlyingFin: about 1 hour from where I am
12:36:36 Slammer: that's where he's from Vandenhurk
12:36:42 Slammer: interesting
12:36:44 Slammer: I think
12:36:45 ezravdb: flyingfin where do you stay?
12:36:45 FlyingFin: ah, cool
12:37:21 ezravdb: FlyingFin Waddinxveen
12:37:23 ezravdb: near Gouda
12:37:26 FlyingFin: ah
12:37:33 Slammer: like the Cheese?
12:37:36 FlyingFin: never heard about Waddinxveen
12:37:42 FlyingFin: Gouda I know though
12:37:43 FlyingFin: hahayeah
12:37:45 ezravdb: its pretty small
12:37:48 FlyingFin: just like the cheese :)
12:37:55 Slammer: Robin
12:37:56 Slammer: *slap*
12:37:57 ezravdb: i just ate it
12:37:59 Slammer: *whip*
12:38:03 Slammer: *meow*
12:38:07 FlyingFin: now that's kinky
12:38:13 ezravdb: *smack*
12:38:15 FlyingFin: Oh wait, doesn't Robin listen to black metal?
12:38:19 Slammer: LMAO
12:38:23 Slammer: *slap*
12:38:24 Slammer: robin
12:38:25 Slammer: robin
12:38:25 FlyingFin: I am sure I read about that on the site somewhere
12:38:26 Slammer: robin
12:38:26 Slammer: robin
12:38:26 Slammer: robin
12:38:27 ezravdb: *kick*
12:38:33 Slammer: *punch*
12:38:34 FlyingFin: hehe
12:38:36 ezravdb: lol
12:38:37 Robin: hey
12:38:41 Robin: yeah I do
12:38:43 Robin: slambzor
12:38:43 FlyingFin: sweet
12:38:46 Slammer: <8) spongebob *slap*
12:38:48 Robin: you and your spamming <3
12:38:55 Slammer: hey robin
12:38:58 ezravdb: slammer = spammer
12:39:00 ezravdb: hehe
12:39:03 Slammer: :(
12:39:10 ezravdb: just kidding :P
12:39:15 Robin: flyignfin, I made the topic about gorgoroth :) I saw you were giong there
12:39:19 Robin: on a gorgoroth concert
12:39:21 Robin: its awesome
12:39:29 Slammer: robin you know what gives me the goosebumps everytime?
12:39:38 Slammer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B91ZZE8hMgs
12:39:49 FlyingFin: I'm gonna go watch Horna, Vorkreist and Blacklodge on the 9th
12:40:02 FlyingFin: and I've got about 9 other concerts until december 12th haha
12:40:09 FlyingFin: it's an insane year this year
12:40:14 Robin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj3iNxZ8Dww this gives me goosebumps
12:40:28 Robin: nice
12:40:35 Robin: well I gotta go guys
12:40:37 Robin: fishin
12:40:41 ezravdb: larters
12:40:42 Slammer: LMAO
12:40:44 ezravdb: laters
12:40:45 Slammer: ok Robber
12:40:48 Robin: bye
12:40:51 Robin: see you later
12:40:57 Slammer: Alligater
12:41:10 Slammer: We have Gators here
12:41:17 Slammer: in the Canals
12:41:18 FlyingFin: Oo
12:41:22 FlyingFin: I know Gatorade :P
12:41:23 Slammer: everywhere
12:41:38 Slammer: in most of the City
12:41:39 FlyingFin: yeah, I've seen some crazy documentaries about that
12:42:16 FlyingFin: so how long have you guys been playing the guitar?
12:42:36 Slammer: 5 years
12:43:12 FlyingFin: good stuff, I've only been doing it seriously for like a week hehe, got my guitar a year ago and played it a few times
12:43:18 Slammer: LOL
12:43:28 FlyingFin: after checking out this site I realized where I could've been at :P
12:43:50 FlyingFin: and I got pissed off, and signed up, dusted off the guitar and went through the beginner check-up thing
12:44:16 ezravdb: thas miss question was funny to watch xD
12:44:17 FlyingFin: good stuff, now I can't lay it down for too long hehe
12:44:25 Slammer: Gen I haven't talked to you in Days!
12:44:29 ezravdb: I play for oalmost 2 years btw
12:44:31 Gen: hey :D
12:44:35 ezravdb: hey gen
12:44:36 Slammer: how ya been?
12:44:38 FlyingFin: cool stuff ezra
12:44:41 Gen: fine
12:44:42 FlyingFin: Hi there, Gen
12:44:58 Slammer: Guest-2240!!!
12:45:03 Slammer: hi how are ya!
12:45:05 ezravdb: HELP
12:45:07 ezravdb: a spion
12:45:11 ezravdb: spy
12:45:11 Gen: havent talk to you in days!
12:45:13 Gen: guest
12:45:17 Slammer: yes
12:45:19 Gen: lol
12:45:23 ezravdb: lol
12:45:24 Slammer: Guest you need to come in More
12:45:30 Gen: yeah
12:45:31 Slammer: and signup next time
12:45:31 FlyingFin: man, have you guys seen Dave Mustaine on Jeopardy, that's just awesome that they're not all stupid :)
12:45:32 Gen: we miss you
12:45:43 Slammer: Guest-2240!!!
12:45:44 Gen: lol
12:45:53 Gen: i saw dave for real dude :D
12:45:56 Gen: he gave me his pick
12:45:57 Slammer: he's my buddy
12:46:01 FlyingFin: haha
12:46:05 Gen: thats true
12:46:11 Gen: 2 months ago
12:46:15 FlyingFin: that's cool stuff man
12:46:18 Gen: yeah
12:46:22 FlyingFin: I have a nice collection of picks as well
12:46:27 FlyingFin: mostly black metal bands though
12:46:28 Gen: wish i could also have petrucci s pick
12:46:30 FlyingFin: and Steve Harris
12:46:41 FlyingFin: awww
12:46:42 Gen: same gig, but i only had dave s pick
12:46:46 FlyingFin: now you scared him away
12:46:51 Gen: megadeth and dt :D
12:46:54 Gen: oh lol
12:46:55 FlyingFin: hehe
12:47:06 FlyingFin: or maybe it was me with all my black metal talk
12:47:14 Gen: lol lol
12:47:38 Gen: lets talk about
12:47:40 Gen: ...
12:47:40 Slammer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gE4SIk6Bdc...ted&search=
12:47:44 Gen: the kazoo!
12:47:48 Slammer: LOL
12:47:52 Slammer: Flyingfin
12:48:17 Gen: anyone know s hot to play the kazoo here?
12:48:29 Gen: i can do "the final countdown" with it
12:48:30 Gen: lol
12:48:48 Gen: *slap*
12:48:53 Slammer: Ican play the Triangle
12:48:56 Gen: lol
12:48:58 Gen: me two
12:49:01 Gen: already pro
12:49:09 Gen: that s why i started the kazoo
12:49:20 Gen: i can do monster shred solo
12:49:23 Gen: with the triangle
12:49:39 Gen: and im not cocky
12:49:42 Gen: :D
12:51:00 Slammer: LOL
12:51:16 FlyingFin: dude, I'd love to shred with the triangle :p
12:51:20 Gen: :D
12:51:26 Gen: and to headbang
12:51:32 FlyingFin: while shredding!
12:51:35 Gen: yeah
12:51:38 Gen: with the triangle
12:51:38 FlyingFin: so where are you from, Gen?
12:51:43 Gen: and the kazoo in the mouth
12:51:51 Gen: geneva
12:51:54 Gen: switzerland
12:51:57 Gen: and you?
12:51:57 FlyingFin: the what in your mouth? :P
12:52:01 Gen: nvm lol
12:52:27 FlyingFin: I'm from Finland, born in Sweden and staying in the NL for now
12:52:30 Slammer: Well, she's walking
12:52:34 FlyingFin: huh?
12:52:37 Slammer: through the clouds
12:52:43 Gen: oh okay
12:52:50 FlyingFin: *head explodes due to confusion*
12:52:55 Gen: yeah slam you re right
12:52:56 Slammer: Little wing
12:53:00 Slammer: -hendrix
12:53:04 Gen: :D
12:53:10 Gen: i can play it :D
12:53:11 Gen: lol
12:53:15 FlyingFin: hehe nice
12:53:19 FlyingFin: how long have you been playing?
12:53:28 Slammer: 17 years for GEN
12:53:31 Gen: 1 year since last monday
12:53:36 Gen: lol
12:53:38 FlyingFin: hehe
12:53:41 FlyingFin: good for yo
12:53:48 Gen: i mean i bought my first guitar one year ago now
12:53:49 Slammer: gen is 18 and he's been playing 17 years
12:53:53 Gen: LMAO
12:54:00 Gen: and you flyin?
12:54:04 FlyingFin: I am happy that I can do the power chords in the beginner lesson :P
12:54:05 Slammer: he can FLY
12:54:12 Gen: oh okay
12:54:14 FlyingFin: bought my guitar one year ago
12:54:16 Gen: yeah you can fly
12:54:28 Slammer: he's like Little Wing!
12:54:31 Gen: dont waste your time with guitar, go save people!!!
12:54:36 Gen: you re a hero
12:54:47 Gen: :D
12:54:52 Gen: how old are you?
12:54:55 FlyingFin: played a little now and then, saw this site a few days ago and got crazy about myself not keeping up with my playing
12:54:58 Slammer: 82?
12:54:59 Slammer: 34?
12:55:00 Slammer: 32?
12:55:02 Slammer: 11?
12:55:03 Slammer: 23?
12:55:05 Slammer: 21?
12:55:07 Slammer: 44?
12:55:08 FlyingFin: something like that
12:55:10 Slammer: 34?
12:55:11 Gen: lol
12:55:13 Slammer: 033?
12:55:16 Slammer: 54?
12:55:19 Slammer: 7?
12:55:20 Slammer: !!!
12:55:21 FlyingFin: just turned 23
12:55:24 Slammer: :O
12:55:28 Gen: okaa
12:55:30 Gen: okay*
12:55:30 Slammer: I thought you were 14
12:55:33 Gen: LMAO
12:55:35 FlyingFin: haha
12:55:37 Gen: ROFLMA
12:55:38 Gen: O
12:55:47 Slammer: I still think Gen is 12
12:55:52 FlyingFin: that's nice perception after only having talked to me for like what? 30 minutes?
12:55:55 FlyingFin: :P
12:55:56 Slammer: LOL
12:55:57 Gen: yeah slam
12:55:59 Slammer: LMAO
12:56:05 FlyingFin: so what bands do you like?
12:56:06 Gen: slam needs his medics
12:56:10 Slammer: :O
12:56:12 Slammer: :(
12:56:12 Gen: go take your medics slam!
12:56:12 FlyingFin: oh, I see
12:56:14 Gen: lol
12:56:16 Slammer: :(
12:56:16 Slammer: :(
12:56:17 Slammer: :(
12:56:17 Slammer: :(
12:56:17 Slammer: :(
12:56:17 Slammer: :(
12:56:21 FlyingFin: I thought that much
12:56:22 Slammer: that's it
12:56:27 Slammer: I'm outta here
12:56:28 Slammer: :(
12:56:32 Slammer: goodbye
12:56:33 Gen: slammer s day off
12:56:37 Gen: lol
12:56:38 Slammer: :{
12:56:41 Gen: lol
12:56:41 FlyingFin: I see
12:56:42 Gen: lol
12:56:43 Gen: lol
12:56:44 Gen: lol
12:56:45 Gen: lol
12:56:45 Gen: lol
12:56:46 Gen: lol
12:56:47 Gen: lol
12:56:47 Gen: lol
12:56:48 Slammer: :{
12:56:52 Gen: :P
12:56:54 Slammer: :{
12:56:56 FlyingFin: oh come on, why the angry face?
12:56:57 Gen: lmao
12:56:59 Slammer: :{
12:57:04 Gen: because he s sick
12:57:06 Slammer: :{
12:57:08 Gen: lmao
12:57:09 FlyingFin: I need to listen to some power metal
12:57:09 Gen: stop
12:57:10 Gen: lmao
12:57:13 Slammer: :{
12:57:15 Gen: lmao
12:57:18 Gen: stop dude
12:57:20 Gen: rofl
12:57:22 Slammer: :{
12:57:25 Gen: hahahahahahahahahaha
12:57:39 Gen: he s waitin
12:57:43 Gen: he s gonna do it again
12:57:46 Slammer: :{
12:57:47 FlyingFin: Oo
12:57:49 Gen: ROFLMAO
12:58:05 Slammer: :{
12:58:06 ezravdb: w00t
12:58:07 ezravdb: he's back
12:58:12 Slammer: :{

12:58:35 ezravdb: hey splammer
12:58:44 Gen: spammer
12:58:48 Slammer: :(

12:59:03 Gen: here we go again
12:59:07 Gen: lol
12:59:22 Slammer: I wish my Grass was Emo, then it would cut itself
12:59:27 FlyingFin: woot woot
12:59:32 Gen: LMAO
12:59:32 FlyingFin: emo ftw
12:59:38 FlyingFin: so ezra, still here huh?
12:59:45 ezravdb: uhh yup kind off
12:59:52 ezravdb: sometimes I get distracted :D
13:00:03 FlyingFin: what music style do you like playing the most? :)
13:00:13 ezravdb: uhmm good question
13:00:22 ezravdb: i think guns n roses style riffs
13:00:23 Slammer: Paul Gilbert
13:00:29 ezravdb: en joe satriani style leads
13:00:38 ezravdb: but I like a lot more too
13:00:39 Gen: gilberto concerto
13:00:55 ezravdb: down to mexico is cool to play
13:01:00 Gen: yeah
13:01:03 FlyingFin: hehe, cool stuff
13:01:19 ezravdb: actually I like lots of guitary stuff
13:01:20 FlyingFin: I listen to everything, but I enjoy some power metal riffs here and there ;)
13:01:25 ezravdb: okay
13:02:10 FlyingFin: here's a great song - http://tinyurl.com/yt74pc - and fyi, I'm not a girl in disguise :)
13:02:25 FlyingFin: I still do like the song though
13:02:37 FlyingFin: some people have the perception that guys can't like soft songs ;)
13:02:38 FlyingFin: weird
13:03:18 FlyingFin: afk, got a call from some wanker at work who needs his ass kicked :{
13:03:21 ezravdb: I like november rain lol
13:03:23 Slammer: I like Motown R&B
13:03:34 Slammer: Commorodres
13:03:39 Gen: lol lol the guy in the left of the pic looks like jack sparrow!
13:03:40 Gen: lol
13:03:45 FlyingFin: Commodore 64 ftw!
13:03:48 Gen: lol
13:03:49 ezravdb: he wished lol
13:04:26 ezravdb: If i was jack sparrow I would build a massive huge stage
13:04:27 Gen: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=AhR04kmcSXU
13:04:30 Gen: just awesome
13:04:36 FlyingFin: any of you use firefox as your main browser?
13:04:40 ezravdb: me
13:04:41 Gen: nope
13:04:55 Slammer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuWyonfLIN8
13:04:57 FlyingFin: yes yes yes!
13:05:02 FlyingFin: Tommy Emmanuel!
13:05:09 Gen: :D
13:05:09 FlyingFin: seen him live twice
13:05:11 FlyingFin: he owns
13:05:14 Gen: awesom!
13:05:21 FlyingFin: I mean my god, there is no other like him
13:05:28 Slammer: have you ever Seen Tommy play Classical Gas?
13:05:34 Gen: :D
13:05:56 Slammer: well have ya?
13:05:59 Gen: you scared him away
13:06:05 Gen: with your classical gas
13:06:09 Gen: lol lol
13:06:20 Slammer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc7SufBR2u0
13:06:28 Slammer: great
13:06:32 FlyingFin: hehe
13:06:58 FlyingFin: here's a great great great Tommy version of blue moon: http://tinyurl.com/29v2w2
13:07:06 Gen: well, i gotta go guys
13:07:08 Gen: cya around
13:07:13 Slammer: NO
13:07:14 FlyingFin: All right, talk to ya later, Gen
13:07:15 Slammer: stay
13:07:16 Slammer: here
13:07:20 Gen: lol
13:07:26 Slammer: no Gen you'll stay right here
13:07:31 Gen: lmao
13:07:42 Slammer: <8) please!
13:07:51 FlyingFin: so, ezra, that was a quick come back from you, did you miss us that much? :)
13:07:56 Gen: lmao
13:07:59 Gen: hey patrick
13:08:09 Slammer: [8)] HI!
13:08:15 Gen: lol
13:08:20 Gen: well i really gotta go now
13:08:22 Gen: so cya al
13:08:24 Gen: l
13:08:25 FlyingFin: cya
13:08:26 Slammer: NO
13:08:29 Slammer: no Gen you'll stay right here
13:08:30 Gen: i ll be back!
13:08:32 Gen: lol
13:08:32 Slammer: :P
13:08:36 Gen: cya
13:08:45 Slammer: ok then
13:09:11 FlyingFin: hm
13:09:14 FlyingFin: quiet again
13:09:22 FlyingFin: I'll go doze off with my guitar then :p
13:09:33 Slammer: LOL
13:09:42 Slammer: robin
13:09:45 Slammer: *slap*
13:09:49 Slammer: oh nvm
13:10:11 FlyingFin: No who's this Kurt that's lurking around here without saying anything?
13:10:15 ezravdb: flying : I made a mistake with firefox
13:10:24 ezravdb: and I was watrching classical gas
13:10:32 ezravdb: that distracted me this time :)
13:10:37 Kurt: yo man wasup... I am also chatting to other people ;)
13:10:42 Slammer: :O
13:10:46 Slammer: :O
13:10:46 Slammer: how could you
13:10:57 Kurt: lol how unpolite
13:11:02 Slammer: LOL
13:11:07 ezravdb: we trusted you :P
13:11:23 Kurt: lol
13:11:27 Slammer: I'm still wondering if I should put "Outta my way on the Boards"
13:11:27 ezravdb: now you have to stay here for the next 2 hours
13:11:40 Slammer: "outta my way"
13:11:46 Slammer: on the boards
13:11:48 Kurt: yeah man ...post it...its great ;)
13:11:49 Slammer: Yeah
13:11:54 Slammer: I don't think so
13:12:00 Slammer: now that I think about it
13:12:03 Slammer: :(
13:12:07 Slammer: oh well
13:12:20 Slammer: LOL
13:12:23 Slammer: now he's gone
13:12:23 FlyingFin: what's that?
13:12:31 FlyingFin: 'outta my way', that is
13:12:35 Slammer: my song
13:12:38 Kurt: cool song of him ;)
13:12:40 FlyingFin: ah
13:12:48 FlyingFin: I'm sure people'd appreciate it
13:12:53 Slammer: nah
13:12:57 FlyingFin: post it in the upload section :p
13:13:05 Slammer: well
13:13:06 FlyingFin: Classical Gas is great
13:13:14 Slammer: listen to it and see that it sucks
13:13:19 Slammer: my song I mean
13:13:23 FlyingFin: hehe
13:13:27 FlyingFin: what are you doing, ez?
13:13:27 ezravdb: oops
13:13:40 ezravdb: i clicked at a bookmark
13:13:58 ezravdb: and i was gone :(
13:14:52 Slammer: hey
13:14:55 Slammer: Flying fin
13:15:00 Slammer: *slap*
13:15:11 Slammer: click on hi-fi
13:16:28 Slammer: *whip*
13:16:31 Slammer: where did evryone go?
13:16:44 ezravdb: im still here
13:16:47 ezravdb: dont worry
13:16:49 Slammer: LOL
13:17:04 Kurt: me too lol
13:17:06 ezravdb: just whip when you need me :P
13:17:12 Slammer: anyways Flyingfin click on hifi
13:17:14 Slammer: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/songInfo.c...;songID=5710556
13:17:26 Slammer: :P
13:17:29 Slammer: it sucks
13:17:35 Slammer: LMAO
13:18:03 ezravdb: lol whats that?
13:18:06 ezravdb: a song
13:18:09 ezravdb: a solo?
13:18:22 Slammer: well, It's a song
13:18:24 ezravdb: soundclick can you upload your music there?
13:18:24 Slammer: I made
13:18:28 Slammer: yep
13:18:32 ezravdb: cool
13:18:45 FlyingFin: hm
13:18:46 FlyingFin: hi-fi?
13:18:52 ezravdb: I listen it right now
13:18:56 ezravdb: it sounds pretty cool
13:19:05 ezravdb: It heard some sloppy notes though
13:19:11 Slammer: LOL
13:19:15 Slammer: it was my stupid
13:19:16 Slammer: zoom
13:19:27 Slammer: Amp setting
13:19:38 ezravdb: face it :P
13:19:42 ezravdb: practice :P
13:19:44 FlyingFin: listening now
13:19:56 ezravdb: but seriously its not bad
13:20:10 ezravdb: how did oyu made the backing and stuff?
13:20:16 ezravdb: vst or record?
13:20:26 Slammer: I hired a Band to record it
13:20:43 Slammer: :P
13:20:48 Slammer: nah I got a BT
13:21:01 FlyingFin: www.guitarbt.com
13:21:05 Slammer: nope
13:21:08 Slammer: I had it on a CD
13:21:45 ezravdb: okay
13:21:45 Slammer: LOL
13:21:57 ezravdb: haha
13:22:19 FlyingFin: good stuff man, quite catchy
13:22:33 Slammer: well, thanks
13:22:34 Slammer: LOL
13:22:38 Slammer: Hey Pavel
13:22:43 Slammer: whats up?
13:22:44 ezravdb: pavellll
13:22:46 Pavel: hey
13:22:57 ezravdb: whats up :P
13:23:09 Kurt: yo pvel lol
13:23:10 Pavel: want to take some rest :D been practicing today and now i am making a book of my licks and exercises...
13:23:18 Pavel: will take loads of time to tab it all
13:23:20 ezravdb: wow a book
13:23:21 ezravdb: cool
13:23:42 Pavel: i'm using Sibelius 5 - awesome notation software
13:23:47 Slammer: and a Acompaning CD?
13:23:57 ezravdb: isnt guitar pro good enough?
13:24:01 Pavel: not now - but i do plan on recording a huge instructional DVD
13:24:14 ezravdb: cool
13:24:18 Pavel: ezravdb no, guitar pro ucks becuse you can't annd text and arrange staves as you want
13:24:33 ezravdb: aha :)
13:24:34 Pavel: add*
13:24:47 ezravdb: thats right indeed
13:25:15 Pavel: i'm dividing it in Alternate picking, sweeping, legato and mixed licks books...
13:25:15 Slammer: what about Powertab?
13:25:24 Pavel: Slammer i tried it today and i don't like it...
13:25:31 Slammer: :O
13:25:50 Pavel: takes too much time to do whatever
13:25:58 Pavel: so i better stick to Sibelius
13:26:08 Pavel: i can also edit title pages, Headers and other stuff in Sibelius
13:26:09 FlyingFin: Sibelius is a great tool
13:26:22 FlyingFin: and of course I am not biased because Sibelius is a Fin just like me :P
13:26:32 Slammer: you know Pavel? have you ever listened to Jimi Hendrix?
13:26:52 Pavel: Sibelius is great for huge orchestral arrangements which i am writing so it's great
13:26:57 Pavel: Slammer yes
13:27:08 Slammer: I'm Surprised
13:27:12 FlyingFin: Hehe, ever listened to any of his work, Pavel?
13:27:23 Pavel: no ofcourse not...why should I???
13:27:29 Pavel: oh come on guys...
13:27:35 Pavel: do you raelly hink i enver lsitened to hendrix?
13:27:54 Slammer: yep
13:28:00 Slammer: LOL
13:28:02 ezravdb: because it hasnt a orchestra ? :P
13:28:03 Pavel: ok than...
13:28:09 Slammer: LMAO
13:28:09 ezravdb: ow wait
13:28:14 Pavel: no comments here....
13:28:18 ezravdb: you DO have listended to it
13:28:19 FlyingFin: now, obviously I am talking about Jean Sibelius myself and not hndrix as I don't like him
13:28:27 Pavel: waht does Hendrix have to do with anything here?
13:28:39 Slammer: offtopic
13:28:47 Pavel: Slammer exactly...
13:28:52 Slammer: :(
13:29:07 Slammer: well, I was thinking
13:29:19 Slammer: have you ever Tried Expanding your Horizons?
13:29:47 Slammer: as far as listening to Music that Isn't Technically perfect
13:29:49 Slammer: LOL
13:30:08 Slammer: like Nirvana
13:30:13 Slammer: or POD
13:30:15 Pavel: i do it every day....i lsiten to new guitarists every day....fortuantely i have fast internet so i can watch YouTube as much as i want
13:30:36 Pavel: i am interested in quality music...Nirvana to me is not a quality music....
13:30:43 Slammer: LMAO
13:30:50 Pavel: and as i am a guitarist - i liek to lsiten to GOOOD guitarists....
13:31:05 Pavel: and if you wonder i lsiten to classical music each day
13:31:27 Pavel: i'm in music since i was born so that question is kinda missing the point :D
13:31:42 Pavel: my family, all of them are musicians :)
13:31:46 Slammer: wow I could see ya as a baby playing the Fiddle
13:32:04 Pavel: actually visiting theater 3 times a week was my baby time :)
13:32:17 Slammer: :O
13:32:23 Slammer: and your nmot deaf!
13:32:45 FlyingFin: Hmm, what classical music do you enjoy, Pavel?
13:32:49 Pavel: the only music that can drive you to being deaf is rock/metal and all that is AMP related...
13:33:19 Pavel: classical music is the mother of all music today so if you can't listen to it you'll never be an accomplished musician
13:33:51 Pavel: FlyingFin all of it
13:34:05 Slammer: Hendrix,Clapton,SRV, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, aren't good guitarists to you
13:34:19 Pavel: the only thing i don't liek about it are modern compositions as they are pretty weird
13:34:42 Pavel: Slammer they are a different kind of guitarists and i am not into that kind of guitar-playing
13:34:54 FlyingFin: yeah, I enjoy jazz a lot too, but just can't stand this 'new' jazz that has been going on for a while
13:35:11 Pavel: FlyingFin jazz is great but has also some weird "sub-styles"
13:35:28 ezravdb: fusion?
13:35:48 Slammer: Pavel have you ever Tried Playing Blues?
13:35:54 Pavel: fusion of WHAT? :) fusion is pretty stupid name because you enver know waht fusion it is :D
13:36:05 Pavel: ezravdb i knwo what you mean :D
13:36:06 ezravdb: hahhaaa
13:36:15 Pavel: yeah i like stuf like Al Di Meola fusion stuff
13:36:49 Slammer: :D
13:36:50 Slammer: cool
13:36:54 Pavel: Slammer do you realyl think i could learn guitar without playing some blues?
13:37:05 Slammer: depends
13:37:11 Pavel: Slammer on what?
13:37:14 Slammer: LOL
13:37:18 Slammer: idk
13:37:19 ezravdb: haha
13:37:26 Slammer: brb
13:37:32 ezravdb: nooo slammer
13:37:39 ezravdb: first say where it depends on
13:37:43 ezravdb: dont sneak out hehe
13:37:50 Pavel: ezravdb agree
13:38:05 Slammer: ok back
13:38:08 FlyingFin: hmm
13:38:18 Slammer: LOL
13:38:25 Pavel: Slammer i want the answer!
13:39:04 Slammer: well, most of those guys I asked you about are blues players, and you said you don't play there style, so I was wondering if you ever play blues, that's all :)
13:39:52 Pavel: people don't like shred because it's the most demending and dedication-related thing out there
13:40:08 FlyingFin: riiight, now that is a pretty arrogant assumption
13:40:18 Pavel: everybody can lear to play blues scale and a couple of good sounding bendings...
13:40:28 Pavel: shred requires thousands of hours of practice
13:40:32 ezravdb: bendings lol
13:40:37 Pavel: yep
13:41:21 ezravdb: hmmm
13:41:44 Pavel: as soon as somebody can't master a difficult thing he sais: "This sucks, why should i learn it anyway.."
13:41:55 Pavel: and they start disrespecting that, that's why there are so many shred haters
13:42:04 ezravdb: yeah but listeners dont have to learn it right?
13:42:16 Pavel: we are all guitarists and we listen the guitarist way
13:42:21 FlyingFin: Pavel, so you are basically saying that people who enjoy playing blues are not dedicated enough to learn how to shred. Ever thought that they just might not like the sound of it or the way it is played?
13:42:41 Pavel: it's about mastering the instrument and not playing the style you like
13:43:03 Pavel: the guys who play in orchestras usually play simple pieces but if you ask them they can shred their ass off
13:43:06 FlyingFin: I definitely want to learn to shred myself, but I just find your statement above rather shallow and a tad arrogant
13:43:20 Pavel: FlyingFin your opinion! :)
13:43:25 FlyingFin: Of course :)
13:43:31 Slammer: I like Pie :)
13:43:41 Pavel: with apple!
13:43:44 Slammer: yes
13:43:46 FlyingFin: yeah!
13:43:48 ezravdb: omg
13:43:50 Slammer: and Ice Cream on top
13:43:52 ezravdb: me too :D
13:43:54 FlyingFin: naah
13:43:56 FlyingFin: apple pie ftw
13:44:06 Slammer: I prefer Pecan Pie
13:44:07 Pavel: in my life i tend to learn as much of guitar as i can
13:44:17 Pavel: and playing only blues can't make me satisfied
13:44:19 FlyingFin: maybe with some vanilla though
13:44:24 FlyingFin: vanilla sauce, mm
13:44:30 ezravdb: ice ice baby
13:44:35 Slammer: YEs
13:44:42 FlyingFin: Oh, I see what you are getting at now, Pavel.
13:44:44 Pavel: each of us have his goals....good luck in achieving them!!
13:44:54 Slammer: yes good point
13:44:57 Slammer: I mean
13:45:07 Slammer: some ppl just want to play for fun
13:45:22 Slammer: So when they learn a Zeppelin Song they are really happy
13:45:22 Pavel: if you are happy with blues - great! but don't tell me you are awesome player because you can play a blues solo....
13:45:28 Pavel: of trust me shred is hell of a fun
13:45:36 FlyingFin: oh no! I just got this horrible image of Vanilla Ice in front of my inner eye! Noooooo....
13:45:46 Pavel: i never have more fun than playing a shred solo i jsut thought of
13:46:11 Slammer: I never said I was a Awesome player... I suck :(
13:46:11 Pavel: and btw. when i work on shred solo it is always related to melody and overall arrangement
13:46:32 Pavel: when aking a solo all of us guitarists should think of an averall piece
13:46:38 Pavel: not jsut a guitar in the middle of everything
13:46:44 FlyingFin: Pavel, I will never tell you that I am an awesome player because I would never be satisfied with my level of playing ever :)
13:46:46 Pavel: overall*
13:47:07 FlyingFin: I'd always seek to improve myself
13:47:12 FlyingFin: just as I do in MMA
13:47:21 Pavel: FlyingFin trying to achieve difficult things make achieving simple things even more simple
13:47:25 Pavel: MMA?
13:47:50 Pavel: what's MMA?
13:47:54 FlyingFin: mixed martial arts
13:47:56 Pavel: oh
13:48:12 FlyingFin: I've been doing some form of martial arts for as long as I can remember
13:48:25 FlyingFin: but I am an IT geek by profession though hehe
13:48:42 FlyingFin: and the guitar is a nice way to relax from the rigors of work
13:48:55 Slammer: btw, It's important to remember that everyone has there own opinions
13:48:57 Pavel: FlyingFin ok, that's the answer to our discussion
13:49:10 Pavel: because you are a PRO in something different
13:49:21 Slammer: right?
13:49:30 Pavel: i want to be a PRO guitarist so i want to really be able to play ANYTHING i might meet
13:49:49 Pavel: if i got asked to play in a prog metal band with shred solos i will be able to pull it off
13:50:01 Pavel: if i am asked for a jazz/blues jam session i will also be able to pull it off
13:50:14 Pavel: but if i limit myself to one style i will be limited for life
13:50:47 Pavel: unfortunately the world today doesn't forgive...and i don't want to regret alter that i ddn't learn to sweep when i was a kid
13:51:15 Pavel: so i practice my ass off....and i mean it....my ass hurts more than my hands :D :D
13:51:22 Slammer: :O
13:51:44 Pavel: yeah i sit too much....
13:51:51 ezravdb: I get that too from putting the guitar on my left leg!
13:51:57 Pavel: and imagine the amount of my sitting when my RC7 arrives :D
13:52:04 ezravdb: I swear when yo uput it on your right leg it doenst hurt :O
13:52:26 Pavel: right leg is a limitation again so it can only work for simpler stuff
13:52:27 ezravdb: well with me
13:52:44 ezravdb: HAHA
13:53:11 Pavel: i tried to make the stoul softer by putting some small pillows on it :D :D :D
13:53:13 Pavel: helps a bit :D
13:53:25 Slammer: or some ice
13:53:35 Pavel: but those are the sacrifieces you ahve to make to get somewhere :D
13:53:48 ezravdb: I uses to sit on a chair of wood with 1 inch pillow thing
13:53:51 ezravdb: hurts like hell
13:54:00 ezravdb: now I have a better chair :D
13:54:01 Pavel: hahahahaha
13:54:13 ezravdb: with wheels
13:54:18 Pavel: cool
13:54:34 ezravdb: I can roll from my guitar to my electronic drumkit
13:54:36 ezravdb: :)
13:54:46 ezravdb: pretty useful
13:55:06 Pavel: btw. i got anew domain: www.paveldenisjuk.com and added a picture to the main page
13:55:22 Pavel: http://www.paveldenisjuk.com/
13:55:40 Pavel: damn this chat changes letters to capital if it's a name hahaha
13:57:08 FlyingFin: hmm
13:57:17 FlyingFin: sorry guys, was away there for a bit
13:57:18 FlyingFin: :p
13:58:01 FlyingFin: what's RC7 by the way, Pavel? :P
13:58:05 FlyingFin: I'm guessing a new guitar?
13:58:22 Pavel: Dean Rusty ooley Signature 7-string
13:58:26 Pavel: Cooley*
13:58:39 FlyingFin: all right, sounds cool :)
13:58:41 Pavel: http://www.deanguitars.com/dean_winter_07/rustycooleysig.htm
13:58:47 Pavel: and lookseven cooler :D
13:59:01 FlyingFin: woah
13:59:02 FlyingFin: yeah
13:59:05 FlyingFin: it looks sweet
13:59:14 Pavel: can't wait to finalyl grab it...
13:59:30 Pavel: it's in production now :D should be on stock this month or next month
13:59:45 FlyingFin: so what's that 7th string usually?
13:59:53 Pavel: B
13:59:56 Pavel: low B
13:59:59 FlyingFin: aha
14:00:22 Slammer: So Pavel who is your Favortie guitarist on GMC?
14:00:46 Pavel: Muris and Marcus
14:00:56 Pavel: M&M :D
14:01:00 Slammer: yes!
14:01:03 Pavel: M&M's
14:01:05 Slammer: what about Kris?
14:01:21 Pavel: i already answered your question
14:01:36 Slammer: yeah I know, I
14:01:57 Slammer: was just saying how do you like kris's lessons?
14:02:09 Pavel: good for beginners
14:02:12 Slammer: when he made them,
14:02:13 Slammer: :(
14:02:18 Slammer: I wish he would make more
14:02:21 Pavel: he stopepd doing them when i came in :D
14:02:30 Pavel: he's tooo busy with the site
14:02:33 Slammer: I knew it
14:02:40 Slammer: It's all Pavel's fault
14:02:49 Pavel: and i know it because it took me ages to make my own website and he is doing the whole community so it's a lot of work
14:02:49 Slammer: do the Dungeon!
14:02:56 Slammer: :P
14:04:18 Pavel: well if you want i can leave GMC....
14:04:20 Pavel: :( :(
14:04:39 Slammer: LMAO
14:04:41 FlyingFin: oh yeah, being a part-time web designer, I know exactly what you mean, Pavel. It is insanely time consuming
14:04:43 Slammer: Never
14:04:51 Pavel: :)
14:04:59 Pavel: FlyingFin and i am almsot a noob in it :D
14:04:59 Slammer: no one else can sweep
14:05:02 FlyingFin: Now, who is this Marcus guy?
14:05:25 Pavel: was doing all the mysql and php programming myself....the photoshop design also...
14:05:30 FlyingFin: Well, it just requires hours and hours of practicing :p
14:05:39 FlyingFin: good stuff
14:05:39 Pavel: FlyingFin yeah exactly
14:05:46 FlyingFin: php and mysql is the way to go :)
14:05:51 Pavel: so i am satisfied with my current design and spend hours on guitar :)
14:05:55 FlyingFin: brb, call from work again... (I am working from home)
14:06:12 Pavel: FlyingFin coool! that's the best to work from home!
14:07:31 FlyingFin: hehe, yeah - but not on your day off! :P
14:08:18 Pavel: hahaha
14:09:05 Pavel: ok guys i am off to eat and watch some TV
14:09:08 FlyingFin: oh well, I'll live with it as I get double pay for today
14:09:16 FlyingFin: take care man, was fun chatting with you
14:09:32 Pavel: nice to caht with ya guys! :) good luck
14:09:34 Slammer: ok man
14:09:37 Slammer: Keep Shredding
14:09:42 Pavel: i will! :)
14:10:15 Kurt: <8) lol
14:10:44 Kurt: *meow*
14:10:55 Slammer: LOL
14:11:10 ezravdb: ahh damn
14:11:11 Kurt: your invention is great lol
14:11:11 FlyingFin: it's alive! *pokes at the Kurt*
14:11:22 ezravdb: im going to take a hugh dump lol
14:11:38 Kurt: lol slam is a genius
14:11:39 FlyingFin: thanks for telling us that precious piece of information, ez
14:11:52 ezravdb: your welcome flyingfin :)
14:11:54 ezravdb: brb
14:11:57 Slammer: who is slam?
14:12:12 FlyingFin: some kind of Slash copycat?
14:12:32 Kurt: yeah mybe slammers nickname when he got famous lol
14:13:06 Slammer: :P
14:13:08 Slammer: nope
14:13:11 Slammer: Slammer!
14:13:16 Kurt: lol
14:13:17 Slammer: is my Wrestling name
14:13:34 Kurt: and whats your name as guitar.hero? lol
14:13:46 Slammer: I only have N64
14:13:49 Slammer: :(
14:13:53 Kurt: lol
14:14:01 Kurt: you know what I mean ;)
14:14:42 FlyingFin: hahaha
14:14:50 FlyingFin: *laughs his ass off*
14:14:59 FlyingFin: *picks it up and glues it back*
14:15:00 FlyingFin: Aaah
14:15:23 Kurt: man ... i could write the same now ;)
14:15:25 Kurt: lol
14:16:01 FlyingFin: Heh.
14:18:08 ezravdb: me too
14:18:11 ezravdb: lol
14:18:17 ezravdb: but replace laugh with shit
14:18:59 FlyingFin: ugh xD
14:19:43 FlyingFin: sooo, what's going on with you people? All silent suddenly :p
14:20:07 Kurt: its because of me beeing back lol
14:20:12 FlyingFin: aah
14:20:13 FlyingFin: I see
14:20:26 Kurt: they all are yfraid from me lol
14:20:32 Kurt: afraid*
14:20:36 FlyingFin: ah, so that's it! :o
14:20:49 FlyingFin: where are you from, btw?
14:20:57 Kurt: from austria :)
14:21:14 FlyingFin: yes! So there's a european majority there now
14:21:19 FlyingFin: *here
14:21:23 Kurt: cool from where u?
14:21:52 Kurt: ahhhhh......
14:22:05 Kurt: you are finish lol
14:22:09 Kurt: right?
14:22:14 FlyingFin: Finnish, yes!
14:22:16 FlyingFin: good guess!
14:22:25 FlyingFin: I am born in Sweden though, but I am still Finnish
14:22:35 FlyingFin: now I'm currently living in the Netherlands though
14:22:39 FlyingFin: since three years back
14:23:04 Kurt: cool....so whats the best country? lol
14:25:31 Slammer: *slap*
14:25:39 FlyingFin: woah, a slap
14:25:51 FlyingFin: I was like reading this article over at another forum and heard a slap
14:26:05 Kurt: yep...me too lol
14:26:16 ezravdb: me too
14:26:18 ezravdb: whaha
14:26:26 ezravdb: robin
14:26:33 ezravdb: why dont you just log out lol
14:26:37 ezravdb: lol
14:26:41 Kurt: lol
14:26:42 Slammer: he's Fishing
14:27:16 Kurt: 8)
14:27:39 Slammer: ok guys
14:27:40 Slammer: bye
14:27:41 Slammer: I gtg
14:28:01 Slammer: *waves*
14:28:02 FlyingFin: I think Sweden is one helluva country when it comes to a good social structure and health care systems. Also, the taxes are pretty okay - and they produce awesome metal (Not better than the Finns of course)
14:28:05 FlyingFin: cya Slammer
14:28:29 FlyingFin: and the NL has some crazy shit going on lately :)
14:29:49 Kurt: btw how old are u FlyingFin ?
14:30:00 ezravdb: lyginfin like what?
14:30:07 ezravdb: dutch hardcore lol?
14:30:32 ezravdb: flyingfin!!!!
14:30:45 ezravdb: *whip*
14:30:50 ezravdb: gnegne
14:30:54 FlyingFin: *blinks*
14:31:11 FlyingFin: I'm 23 years old, just turned actually
14:31:14 ezravdb: what crazy shit?
14:31:23 FlyingFin: and unfortunately it's not hardcore, I kind of like it :p
14:31:30 ezravdb: dude:P
14:31:31 FlyingFin: naah, the system is a bit messed up
14:31:32 FlyingFin: :P
14:31:49 ezravdb: dutch hardcore is not cool man
14:31:52 ezravdb: my opinion though
14:32:02 FlyingFin: sky high taxes, you have to pay your own health insurance, and such things
14:32:11 ezravdb: yeah
14:32:14 FlyingFin: mainly I disagree with the way some things are done in the govt and such
14:32:23 FlyingFin: but I (usually) don't mind the people :p
14:32:33 ezravdb: de wallen?
14:32:37 FlyingFin: no comments
14:32:43 ezravdb: hahaha
14:32:53 FlyingFin: anyway, I don't really like dutch hardcore, but hardcore in general is nice
14:33:04 FlyingFin: because there are no damn metal clubs in this country damn it!
14:33:16 FlyingFin: well, ok, that's a lie, but there are no good ones where I live
14:33:33 ezravdb: general hardcore is with baretone guitars right?
14:33:40 ezravdb: dutch hardcore is with computer sound
14:33:43 FlyingFin: yeah
14:33:49 FlyingFin: I like electronic music
14:33:56 FlyingFin: but metal owns
14:34:03 FlyingFin: and by that I mean all kinds of metal
14:34:22 FlyingFin: and from my discussion with Pavel you saw that I do listen to a lot of other things too
14:34:27 FlyingFin: Holland is a great country for Jazz
14:34:42 FlyingFin: it's almost like the New Orleans of Europe
14:43:33 Kurt: ok gtg
14:43:37 Kurt: cya guys
14:50:59 ezravdb: I go too now
14:51:00 ezravdb: haha
14:51:02 ezravdb: laterss
17:01:29 Robin: Hi
17:01:41 ch00ch00man: hey
17:01:50 ch00ch00man: whats new?
17:03:55 Robin: not much
17:04:00 Robin: oh he logged out >-<
17:04:02 Robin: Hi rok
17:04:10 rokchik: Hey Robin
17:04:28 rokchik: What's happening?
17:04:59 Robin: not much. Listening to some hippie music(jefferson airplane) and chatting with Gen. And you :P
17:05:05 Robin: what about you?
17:05:35 rokchik: Just finished supper figured I stop by...see what is on the go before starting to practice
17:06:22 Robin: ah ok :)
17:06:44 rokchik: Tell Gen I say Hello :)
17:07:18 Robin: I sure will :D
17:08:03 rokchik: yeah I've had my msn as showing offline as am avoiding someone...I'm usually on though
17:08:11 Robin: haha ok
17:08:17 Robin: who are you avoiding? xD
17:09:06 rokchik: A friend of mine who just broke up with another friend....She seems to think it's OK to bad mouth him to me and I just don't have the patience to deal
17:09:07 Robin: Hi :D
17:09:13 rokchik: Hello Gen
17:09:19 Gen: hey all :D
17:09:26 Robin: haha yeah rokchik, my sister have had the same problem with peopel like that
17:10:00 Robin: I just stopped badmouthing peopel long time ago. It doesnt solve anything. In the end it all comes back to you
17:10:49 rokchik: It's annoying...I mean they are both my friends but she's really ticking me off
17:11:16 Robin: I see what you mean
17:11:20 rokchik: And well he's not much better but when I told him it bothered me he at least toned it down
17:11:41 Robin: ah yeah
17:11:58 Gen: people should make luv all around the world 8)
17:12:03 Gen: woops
17:12:05 Gen: :D
17:12:06 Robin: make love?
17:12:09 Gen: lol
17:12:09 Robin: :D :D :D
17:12:23 Robin: well I'm a hippie, more or less
17:12:27 Robin: peace!
17:12:29 Gen: yeah
17:12:32 Gen: we re all hippies!
17:12:37 Gen: peace be with you
17:12:45 Robin: to be a real hippie we need ponchos
17:12:48 Robin: you know that, dont you?
17:12:49 Robin: :D
17:12:50 Gen: hahah yeah
17:12:52 Gen: and hats
17:12:53 Gen: sombreros
17:12:55 Robin: and mariuana
17:12:58 Robin: yes, haha
17:12:58 Gen: and glasses
17:12:59 Gen: LMAO
17:13:03 Gen: yeah
17:13:06 Robin: john lennon glasses :D
17:13:12 Gen: yeah exactly :D
17:13:18 rokchik: LOL
17:13:27 Gen: and a beautiful van
17:13:30 Robin: yes
17:13:31 Gen: a hippie van
17:13:31 Robin: of course
17:13:39 rokchik: I like everything but the pot boys....but too each there own
17:13:40 Robin: omg you have no idea how much I want a hippie van
17:13:50 rokchik: LOL
17:13:50 Gen: lol
17:13:52 Robin: :D
17:13:58 Gen: yeah that would be so cool
17:14:04 Robin: whats wrong with hippies rok? :D
17:14:08 Gen: me and robin are going to texas with a hippies van
17:14:12 Gen: ponchos and glasses
17:14:13 Robin: Indeed we are
17:14:14 Gen: and hata
17:14:17 Gen: hats*
17:14:21 Gen: with our guitars
17:14:23 Gen: lol
17:14:23 Robin: slammer got to join too
17:14:26 Gen: yeah
17:14:28 Gen: jvm too
17:14:29 Robin: :D
17:14:33 Gen: all gmcers
17:14:36 Robin: and rokchik :D
17:14:37 Robin: yes
17:14:39 Gen: we ll do a monster gig!
17:14:42 Gen: all
17:14:43 Robin: zomg
17:14:45 Robin: with only guitars
17:14:47 Robin: :D
17:14:49 Gen: haha yeah
17:15:06 Gen: well, i ll play the guitar and i ll take the kazoo in my mouth
17:15:13 Robin: :D
17:15:26 Gen: you ll take the harmonica
17:15:37 Gen: g34 takes the triangle
17:15:49 Robin: hahahahaha
17:15:56 Robin: triangle shred time
17:16:00 Gen: yeah!
17:16:08 Gen: monster triangle solo with headbangig!
17:16:13 Robin: yeees
17:16:31 Gen: a triangle with a mesa boogie amp for triangle
17:16:40 Gen: a music man triangle, or dean
17:16:41 Gen: lol
17:16:44 Robin: LOL :D
17:16:54 Robin: I dont want a ibanez triangle though
17:17:01 Gen: lol lol
17:17:04 Robin: I dont like the design :D
17:17:09 Gen: ibanez is the kazoo
17:17:13 Robin: yeah :D
17:17:17 Gen: same sound :P
17:17:19 rokchik: There is nothin wrong with Hippies...I just don't smoke
17:17:20 Gen: lol
17:17:27 Gen: yeah me either
17:17:30 Robin: yeah me neither
17:17:36 rokchik: sorry for delaid response Dog bugging me to let him out
17:17:42 Gen: lol
17:17:43 Robin: but I want the world to love eachother :D
17:17:50 Gen: yeah!
17:17:50 rokchik: I do to
17:17:58 Robin: I hate smoking aswell of course, specially when it comes to mariuana
17:18:02 Robin: and stuff like that
17:18:03 Gen: lol lol
17:18:09 Robin: but hippies looks cool
17:18:13 Robin: and are funny
17:18:14 Robin: :D
17:18:14 Gen: have you tried to smoke a tree?
17:18:16 Gen: it blowns
17:18:33 Robin: woot a tree? :p
17:18:35 rokchik: Everyone should just learn guitar and join this site....it's like the UN of guitarists and we all get along..
17:18:38 Gen: lol
17:18:42 Robin: indeed
17:18:44 Gen: yeah
17:18:44 Robin: wouldnt that be great
17:18:59 Gen: as i sadi to robin, gmc will be world known one day
17:19:03 Gen: said*
17:19:22 Robin: yes
17:19:22 Gen: it will be a relegion
17:19:23 rokchik: make music not war could be our motto
17:19:29 Gen: yeah
17:19:31 Robin: Kris will be emperor of the world and GOd :D
17:19:34 Robin: indeed
17:19:36 Gen: haha yeah
17:19:39 Robin: catchy
17:19:52 rokchik: It's already my religion....Kris is the all powerful but Morello is my God :)
17:20:00 Gen: :D
17:20:01 Robin: :D
17:20:08 Gen: kris almighty
17:20:15 rokchik: LOL
17:20:16 Robin: we should make a movie about that
17:20:21 Robin: :D
17:20:22 Gen: haha yeah
17:20:24 rokchik: agreed
17:20:50 Gen: the movies starts on the roads of the texas
17:20:51 rokchik: Kris plays his strat and we all follow like lemmings....except not to our doom but to guitar greatness
17:20:53 Gen: me
17:20:55 Gen: and robin
17:20:58 Gen: on horses
17:21:00 Robin: haha yeah
17:21:01 Gen: with ponchos
17:21:03 Gen: lmao
17:21:06 Robin: and mexican hats!!
17:21:08 Robin: sumbreros
17:21:09 Robin: !!
17:21:09 rokchik: I want a horse too
17:21:11 Gen: searching for a place to sleep
17:21:13 Gen: yeah!
17:21:17 Gen: rokchik to
17:21:18 Gen: o
17:21:22 Robin: or the movie can start at the crossroads...
17:21:26 Gen: yeah!
17:21:26 rokchik: thanks
17:21:34 Gen: we ll make a pact with the devil
17:21:53 Robin: and then we take over the world with our guitar skills
17:22:00 Gen: haha yeah!
17:22:05 rokchik: cool
17:22:10 Robin: good movie, ey?
17:22:19 rokchik: 5 stars boys
17:22:20 Gen: muris is our muris will be our myagi (karate kid)
17:22:21 Gen: lol
17:22:25 rokchik: LOL
17:22:28 Gen: woops
17:22:29 Robin: LOL! Yes!!
17:22:40 Gen: my fingers are shaking sorry lol
17:22:56 Robin: muris is our muris! Makes no sense :O
17:23:03 Gen: lol oh really?
17:23:07 Robin: :D :D
17:23:23 rokchik: And Andrew will be the holder of the sacred guitar scrolls who we must visit to gather his knowledge of theory
17:23:31 Robin: hahahah yesss!!!
17:23:31 Gen: yeah!!
17:23:39 Gen: we ll meet him in a dark house
17:23:51 Gen: he has a big moustache and a looong chinese beard
17:23:54 Robin: and in the end we will all be Mutant ninja guitar jedis!
17:23:58 Gen: he s the wise man
17:24:00 rokchik: LOL...very Kill Bill
17:24:03 Gen: lol
17:24:04 Robin: Indeed :D
17:24:34 Gen: and he will give us the book of all guitar hero secrets!
17:24:44 Gen: and the pick of destiny!
17:24:50 rokchik: YES
17:24:55 Gen: but the book is written in another language
17:25:05 Gen: so we have to go to croatia
17:25:12 Gen: cuz only one man can read this language
17:25:17 rokchik: PAVEL
17:25:17 Gen: Pavel master
17:25:20 Gen: lol
17:25:21 Robin: hahahahahha
17:25:57 Gen: he will defy us at guitar, if we win, he tells us the secrets!
17:26:00 rokchik: Too funny guys
17:26:11 Robin: Too funny indeed.
17:26:16 Gen: lol
17:26:26 Gen: and then, he will join our quest
17:26:27 Robin: lets make this a true story :O lets order the plain tickets to mississppi right away
17:26:31 rokchik: We will use the jedi mind tricks taught to us by Andrew to help
17:26:34 Gen: yeah!
17:26:41 Gen: haha yeah
17:26:46 rokchik: I agree Robin
17:26:59 Gen: to travel , we could fly on our guitars, like a broom
17:27:00 Gen: lol
17:27:05 Robin: hahaha yesss
17:27:08 rokchik: LOL
17:27:20 rokchik: Now it's getting very Potterish
17:27:25 Gen: haha
17:27:31 Robin: hahahahaha LOOOl
17:27:33 Robin: I can see it
17:27:36 Robin: riding on guitars
17:27:39 Robin: like in harry potter
17:27:40 Robin: HAHAHA!
17:27:44 Gen: lol
17:28:01 rokchik: But my Les Paul weighs a ton....I'll crash
17:28:07 Robin: :(
17:28:07 Gen: lol lol
17:28:25 Gen: i think it would be hard to fly on a razorback
17:28:26 Gen: lol
17:28:30 Robin: :D
17:28:36 rokchik: Wait I'll go acoustic.
17:28:40 Gen: yeah!
17:28:40 Robin: :D
17:28:44 Gen: all on acoustics
17:29:18 Gen: and we all have to go where hendrix is burryed
17:29:21 Robin: our journey continues to france so we can get super knowledge about all scales and modes, so we can make super amazing music. This we will get from Walliman San
17:29:23 Gen: its our destiny
17:29:34 Gen: yeah
17:29:37 Gen: and he will join too
17:29:37 Robin: :D
17:29:41 rokchik: It has been forseen
17:29:55 Gen: :d
17:29:57 Robin: our destiny indeed
17:30:02 Robin: we should make a book
17:30:08 Gen: haha lol
17:30:25 Gen: someone should start a paragraph on a topic
17:30:31 Gen: and people will continue
17:30:37 Robin: :D
17:30:41 rokchik: LOL....yes
17:30:52 rokchik: can we cut and past this
17:31:02 Gen: lol
17:31:03 Robin: :D :D :D
17:31:05 Robin: sure we can
17:31:09 Gen: yeah
17:31:50 Gen: all gmcers have to meet each other
17:31:55 Gen: lets decide the town
17:31:57 Gen: or city
17:32:02 Gen: LAS VEGAS!
17:32:05 Gen: lol lol
17:32:07 Robin: Clarksdale, Mississippi!
17:32:15 Gen: nashville :D
17:32:21 Robin: tennesse
17:32:24 Robin: :D
17:32:30 Gen: texas
17:32:32 Gen: lol
17:32:40 Robin: austin texas
17:32:46 Gen: springfield
17:32:47 Robin: SRV and johnny winter
17:32:49 Robin: omg yes
17:32:51 Robin: or south park
17:32:54 Gen: lol
17:32:56 Robin: south park, colorado
17:32:57 Robin: :D
17:32:58 rokchik: But hey before we get to France we must go through the enchanted forest to meet Lavendell to learn the secrets of the winding roads solo
17:32:58 Gen: MEXICO
17:33:02 Gen: all down to mexico!!
17:33:07 Robin: omg yes
17:33:12 Robin: Omg yes gen,
17:33:15 Gen: hahah yeah
17:33:15 Robin: that is our desitny
17:33:21 Robin: to go down to mexico
17:33:25 Robin: and jam with paul gilbert
17:33:25 Gen: yeah
17:33:33 Robin: with sumbreros and ponchos
17:33:38 Gen: lol lol
17:34:04 rokchik: Can we go to Mexico after all the hurricanes though?
17:34:06 Gen: yeah rokchik, i like the idea bout lavendell :D
17:34:14 Gen: yeah lol
17:34:19 rokchik: Thanks...thought you guys missed it
17:34:25 Robin: yes, our guitars will eat the hurricanes
17:34:34 Gen: yeah!
17:34:38 rokchik: True
17:34:44 Gen: absorb hurricanes!!!!
17:34:44 Robin: and gain super amazing hendrix power
17:34:56 Gen: playing rock you like a hurricane to absorb hurricanes!
17:34:59 Gen: lol
17:35:19 Robin: :D
17:35:42 Gen: all playing the intro
17:35:43 rokchik: So we are...promoting peace while getting the earth back ontrack and we'll even solve global warming...
17:35:51 Gen: and the hurricanes will be absorbed
17:35:51 Robin: yes
17:36:01 Robin: becuase everyone will fly on guitars instead of planes and cars
17:36:02 Gen: yeah!
17:36:06 Gen: hahay eha
17:36:15 FlyingFin: *looks around* Oo
17:36:16 Gen: hey here s our flyin instructor :D
17:36:16 Robin: Hi flyingfin
17:36:23 Robin: Loool gen!!!
17:36:24 Robin: hahahahha
17:36:24 Gen: lol
17:36:27 FlyingFin: haha
17:36:34 FlyingFin: *flexes* Oh man
17:36:55 rokchik: No need for Gasoline = no wars....no religious woes because everyone has converted to Dahlism and recognizes the power of guitar
17:37:04 FlyingFin: what a day! I'm supposed to have a day off and I spend hours helping some technically challenged wanker at work! ARGH!
17:37:04 Robin: hahahahahha yes
17:37:16 Gen: lol
17:37:17 Robin: Dahlism and his holy scroll of GMC, written by us!
17:37:19 Gen: dude
17:37:20 rokchik: Hey FlyingFin...my UFC mate
17:37:24 Gen: you re going to be free
17:37:31 FlyingFin: haha, hey there rokchik
17:37:33 Gen: your joining the quest flyin!
17:37:35 Gen: we need ya
17:37:45 Robin: its your destiny
17:37:47 rokchik: It's more of a crusade I think
17:37:52 Gen: yeah
17:38:04 FlyingFin: quest for what? Better graphics cards for the people?
17:38:08 Gen: you have to teach us how to fly
17:38:15 Gen: nope lol
17:38:17 FlyingFin: Oooh, crusade sounds good - I like power metal :)
17:38:24 rokchik: Bigger than that.....world freedom brother
17:38:28 FlyingFin: naah, I'm keeping that one for myself
17:38:32 FlyingFin: Oh, that's a keeper
17:38:42 FlyingFin: Where do I sign up?
17:39:00 Gen: lol
17:39:04 Gen: your already in!
17:39:10 Gen: since you re born dude!
17:39:15 Gen: its your destiny
17:39:18 Gen: like all of us
17:39:21 Robin: yes
17:39:38 FlyingFin: yeeeaaaah, I see.
17:39:41 rokchik: We should get tattoos...so we know who's who
17:39:48 FlyingFin: awesome!
17:39:51 Robin: tatoos that say "GMC"
17:40:00 Gen: yeah
17:40:08 Robin: flyingfin, if you read the chat log tomorrow, you'll understand what we're talking about
17:40:08 Gen: the mark
17:40:09 Robin: :D
17:40:15 Robin: the holy mark
17:40:17 Gen: haha yeah
17:40:21 Robin: but wait a minute
17:40:28 Gen: the holy mark, we have it on our back
17:40:31 Robin: I already have a GMC tatoo on my butt. It have been there since I was born
17:40:33 Gen: a big mark
17:40:34 Robin: you guys have that too?
17:40:34 FlyingFin: how about having http://www.newsday.com/media/photo/2007-05/29665287.gif tattoed, rokchik?
17:40:52 Gen: lmao, robin, you have the "G"
17:40:55 rokchik: Oh I love how you think
17:40:57 Robin: hahahahahah
17:40:58 Gen: and i ghave the "MC"
17:40:59 Gen: lol
17:41:02 Robin: xDDD
17:41:06 FlyingFin: haha
17:41:30 rokchik: I have a Yin Yen :)
17:41:35 FlyingFin: ok, that's it! Name an album I haven't heard of yet. I need some more music to listen to.
17:41:58 rokchik: That's very broad....Rumors Fleetwood Mac
17:42:05 FlyingFin: heh
17:42:27 FlyingFin: I don't like being narrow :p
17:42:39 FlyingFin: narrow as in narrow-minded perhaps? Who knows?
17:42:44 Gen: who s narrow?
17:42:49 Gen: your the flyin man!!!
17:42:50 Gen: lol
17:42:51 FlyingFin: man, this day is so ruined. I'm gonna kick my bosses' ass!
17:42:53 rokchik: LOL
17:43:20 FlyingFin: and excuse my hopeless english. I don't type well when I'm high on adrenaline. Must be that 'Rising Force' thing going again...
17:43:31 Gen: lol
17:43:39 rokchik: LOL
17:43:46 Gen: do you have tight pants?
17:43:51 FlyingFin: now here's some inspiring guitar playing for ya http://tinyurl.com/25twph
17:44:09 Gen: i have this vid on my faves :D
17:44:14 FlyingFin: good boy! :p
17:44:18 Robin: that guy is kewl
17:44:29 Gen: brb
17:44:42 FlyingFin: so Robin, ever heard of Horna?
17:44:50 FlyingFin: and how's Canada, rok?
17:44:52 Robin: nope
17:45:20 Gen: horny?
17:45:26 FlyingFin: ah, I see. Some very raw black metal, gonna watch them together with Blacklodge and Vorkreist on sunday
17:45:33 Robin: keewl
17:46:21 rokchik: Canada is rainy today...at least at my end
17:46:29 FlyingFin: ah, I see
17:46:31 Gen: well, i have to wake up early tomorrow, so im off to bed now
17:46:34 FlyingFin: that's too bad
17:46:37 Robin: ok gen :(
17:46:46 Robin: bye :)
17:46:46 FlyingFin: I had a cousin once; he used to live in Ontario
17:46:47 rokchik: see ya Gen....remember your destiny.....
17:46:49 Gen: school....
17:46:55 Gen: dont worry
17:46:55 FlyingFin: I never got to meet him though :)
17:47:00 Gen: we will do it!
17:47:05 Gen: its our destiny
17:47:05 FlyingFin: sucks to be you, Gen - dont' day dream too much
17:47:06 Robin: yes we will
17:47:30 Gen: thats okay, its a cool school :D
17:47:35 Gen: robin know about that lol
17:47:36 rokchik: Ontario is OK....I have a lot of family there
17:47:39 FlyingFin: I wonder if there has been any GMC get togethers
17:47:40 Robin: music and art school! I envy him
17:47:42 Gen: okay, then, cya all
17:47:42 Robin: :D
17:47:45 FlyingFin: aah, I see - cool stuff
17:47:58 Robin: no not really flyingFin. There have been some talk abuot it though
17:48:04 rokchik: see ya Gen
17:48:13 Robin: I'd love a GMC jam festival :D
17:48:14 FlyingFin: I always hated music, hehe.
17:48:23 rokchik: To far apart for everyone to get together
17:48:36 rokchik: But I'd try to make it
17:48:58 FlyingFin: Well, everyone will never be able to make it. I assume it'd be in the states somewhere. Never been there anyway
17:49:04 FlyingFin: well, for other reasons than business though
17:49:21 Robin: its no problem for europeans to meet... not problem for north americans to meet. but when people from both continents gonna meet, its a bit of a problem :(
17:49:22 FlyingFin: But then again, as Kris is from Sweden, the first gathering might be somewhere around there
17:49:38 FlyingFin: yup, that'd be the main obstacle
17:49:50 rokchik: We'll have to pick neutral territory
17:49:50 Robin: hurray, I'm from Norway, so that will be great for me
17:49:57 FlyingFin: well, we could do an American/Canadian gathering, and one European
17:50:10 Robin: Yeah
17:50:11 FlyingFin: but I'd go to both though :p
17:50:19 rokchik: I want to go to Europe...never been across the pond
17:50:21 Robin: I think I would too
17:50:29 FlyingFin: I'd love to see more of the states than the insides of airports
17:50:39 FlyingFin: I'm sure there is more to ti
17:50:40 Robin: I've never been in the US. Me and Gen are seriously concidering to go there though.
17:50:41 FlyingFin: *it
17:50:52 rokchik: LOL.....I enjoy the states...I've been pretty much all over Canada
17:50:55 Robin: After watching the movie Crossroads we wanted to run around in the US as bluesmen... :D
17:51:01 FlyingFin: Haha
17:51:07 FlyingFin: watch road trip :D
17:51:09 rokchik: Now I'd love to go the Argentina or Brazil
17:51:14 Robin: Seen it :D
17:51:21 FlyingFin: Now, I can tell you sooo many stories of Brazil
17:51:22 FlyingFin: hehe
17:51:43 rokchik: I had a friend get married there last year but I couldn't make it
17:51:50 rokchik: :(
17:51:54 FlyingFin: so any of you two practice martial arts?
17:51:58 FlyingFin: well, it's great
17:52:05 FlyingFin: a tad violent, but great
17:52:22 rokchik: I use to do Kempo but I haven't done anything in years
17:52:32 FlyingFin: Ah, cool
17:53:00 rokchik: I wish I had to have stuck with it....but life gets in the way
17:53:15 FlyingFin: I did mma in Sweden for 4 years, then some weird shit in the army, and now I do thai boxing here in the Netherlands, cause mma is so scarce.
17:53:32 FlyingFin: yeah, sometimes life sucks
17:53:41 rokchik: cool...how old are you if you don't mind me asking
17:55:08 FlyingFin: I'm 23, just turned actually.
17:55:27 rokchik: cool
17:55:45 FlyingFin: I've been workin' since coming back from the army, ie when I was 19, so that's why I've had the 'priviledge' to already do business trips and such across the pond
17:56:34 rokchik: So were you in the Netherlands army?
17:56:42 FlyingFin: naah, the Finnish one
17:56:54 FlyingFin: as I am Finnish, but born in Sweden to Finnish parents
17:57:06 FlyingFin: they decided I'd keep my Finnish nationality, and I later decided to do that too.
17:57:16 FlyingFin: and then I joined the army as it's mandatory in Finland
17:57:18 rokchik: I see....I live in Labrador and we have a military base here so we see alot of the dutch and well pretty much everyone
17:57:33 FlyingFin: oh yeah, there are still a lot of dutch there
17:57:38 rokchik: Thus the Flying Fin
17:57:47 FlyingFin: aye, you could say so
17:58:11 FlyingFin: Getting tired of the NL though :)
17:58:17 FlyingFin: time to move somewhere else :P
17:58:21 rokchik: Actually we get the Finnish Air Force through here a fair bit
17:58:36 FlyingFin: wow, that's cool :)
17:58:53 rokchik: Yeah my feet are getting kind of tired here too....I'm a military brat so I was use to moving alot.
18:00:04 rokchik: Well boys I must call it an evening and go spend time with the Les Paul...Chat soon
18:00:15 Robin: See you later
18:00:20 rokchik: see ya
18:08:39 Nick325: hey
18:09:06 Robin: hi
18:09:11 Nick325: sup
18:11:00 Robin: not much
18:11:05 Robin: listening to paul gilbert
18:11:21 Robin: Hi kurt
18:11:26 Kurt: hey
18:12:16 Kurt: you are listening to pail golbert? :D
18:12:23 Kurt: sorry
18:12:24 Robin: yeah :D
18:12:31 Kurt: pual gilbert lol
18:12:35 Kurt: paul
18:12:35 Robin: pual :D
18:12:43 Robin: what are you guys up to?
18:12:46 Nick325: cool
18:12:48 Kurt: damn... I had the light off lol
18:12:52 Nick325: nm reading guitar world
18:12:54 Robin: xD
18:14:21 Nick325: so
18:16:29 Kurt: hey robin do you lern german in your schools? lol
18:16:36 Kurt: *learn
18:16:53 Robin: we can if we choose
18:17:05 Kurt: but you didn´t lol
18:17:09 Robin: but its not like we learn it by default
18:17:12 Robin: hehe nope :P
18:17:30 Robin: we only lean english
18:17:42 Kurt: ah ok
18:17:47 Robin: though we can choose among soumi, finnish, french, german, russian, spanish and probably more
18:18:07 Kurt: wow..thats much :D
18:18:16 Robin: hehe yeah :D
18:18:51 Kurt: do you have holidays now....or were you in school today?
18:18:53 Robin: oh btw, by Soumi I meant Sapmi
18:18:59 Robin: Soumi = finnish xD
18:19:04 Kurt: lol
18:19:08 Robin: ah no I dont go to school xD
18:19:13 Robin: I quit after 10th grade
18:19:14 Robin: :D
18:19:25 Kurt: so what do you do now if I may ask?
18:19:30 Robin: nothing xD
18:19:43 Robin: I work a little in the summer though, at this flower thing
18:19:56 Robin: but when I get my drivers license I'm gonna start working a little
18:20:14 Robin: at the moment I'm just going to the school of GMC :D
18:20:20 Kurt: cool... and what do you wann a be as profession?
18:20:21 Kurt: lol
18:20:27 Robin: a proffesional gutiarst
18:20:33 Robin: or be in a proffesional band
18:20:38 Robin: or something with music
18:20:42 Kurt: yeah...who doesn´t want that lol
18:20:47 Robin: I hate to work
18:21:00 Robin: so I hope I can work with music some day :D
18:21:13 Kurt: yes I hope that too for me ;)
18:21:15 Robin: actually you know what could have been cool?
18:21:20 Robin: being a street musician
18:21:24 Robin: in the summer
18:21:27 Robin: get some extra cash
18:21:30 Kurt: yep... I tried already lol
18:21:32 Robin: and work a little in the winter
18:21:39 Robin: really??? How much did you get?? :D:D
18:21:41 Nick325: u make money
18:21:43 Kurt: in london i did such things lol
18:21:48 Robin: awesome!
18:21:51 Nick325: how much
18:21:54 Robin: the next time I go to Oslo I wanna try
18:21:57 Kurt: yeah...not much... some pounds we got lol
18:22:08 Robin: How long did you play?
18:22:49 Kurt: a whole evening long ... it was near picadilly square...if that says something to you ;)
18:23:01 Robin: ah I have no idea where that is :)
18:23:15 Robin: so how much did you earn? Some pounds, how much is that? xD
18:23:16 Kurt: very famous place in london lol
18:23:23 Robin: 50? 100? 500? :p
18:23:34 Nick325: ???//
18:23:44 Kurt: OMG... I don´t know if it was even more than 10 lol
18:23:59 Kurt: it was more like a joke lol
18:24:00 Nick325: :o
18:24:07 Robin: ah ok xD
18:24:20 Kurt: not all people did respect us as serious street-musician ;)
18:24:40 Kurt: maybe our clothes were too clean lol
18:24:50 Robin: but if you go totally serious, one man band with an acoustic gutiar, will you earn antyhing you think?
18:25:11 Robin: playing delta blues and other cool stuff, like paul gilbert songs
18:25:12 Robin: :D
18:25:29 Kurt: yeah man...but thats a really hard job^^
18:26:03 Kurt: you must not only be good...but also be very serious and spend much time I think lol
18:26:11 Robin: yeah probably
18:26:24 Kurt: I would not do that as main-profession lol
18:26:31 Nick325: gtg dinner be back soon
18:26:35 Kurt: not my dream-job lol
18:26:41 Kurt: bye nick
18:27:02 Robin: ok bye
18:27:14 Kurt: but i about two years I wanna go to music-university ;)
18:27:17 Robin: I'd love to do that as a main proffesion xD if I earned enough on it
18:27:24 Robin: cool
18:27:54 Kurt: yeah man..but before that try to be a real musician on stage or in studio lol
18:28:15 Robin: I've been playing alot in studio and live :P
18:28:24 Robin: I just need to get better to play fingerpicking stuff
18:28:44 Kurt: why fingerpicking?...aren´t you in a metal band?
18:28:47 Robin: yeah
18:28:53 Robin: but for street playing
18:28:58 Robin: fingerpickign blues is the coolest thing there is
18:29:20 Kurt: yes its really cool.... can you also sing to it?
18:29:26 Robin: no not yet :(
18:29:35 Robin: I just started practicing fingerpicking blues a couple of weeks ago
18:29:56 Kurt: ah ok.....but then you wanna also sing to your guitar?
18:30:04 Robin: yeah :D
18:30:46 Kurt: must be cool.... I think always of stevie ray vaughan.... I would love to sing to my guitar-blues like him :D
18:30:57 Robin: yeah he rocks
18:31:04 Kurt: but he plays with picks lol
18:31:08 Robin: hehe yeah :D
18:31:14 Robin: stuff like robert johnson is awesome
18:31:16 Robin: delta blues
18:31:54 Kurt: did you also check out some stuff like django reinhardt?
18:32:03 Kurt: you know him?^^
18:32:07 Robin: havent heard about him :/
18:32:11 Robin: what kind of music is that?
18:32:29 Kurt: its also some kind of blues or jazz on acoustic guitar :)
18:32:35 Robin: awesome
18:33:00 Kurt: he is very famous....especially because he had only 3 fingers on one hand i think
18:33:07 Robin: wow!
18:33:14 Kurt: yep ;)
18:33:37 Robin: Hello there
18:33:42 barryocallaghan: Hey dudes, first time in chat so go easy on me
18:33:47 Kurt: hi barry
18:33:52 Robin: hehe :D
18:33:59 barryocallaghan: Whats the story?
18:34:24 Kurt: we were talking bout acoustic blues and stuff :)
18:34:32 barryocallaghan: Ahh very good
18:34:41 Robin: warchign some youtube videos of that django reinhardt guy now
18:34:47 Robin: sounds pretty cool
18:34:51 Kurt: yep.... what are u playing barry...?
18:34:59 barryocallaghan: Guitarwise?
18:35:05 barryocallaghan: or musicwise?
18:35:05 Kurt: yep ;)
18:35:23 Kurt: both or something lol
18:35:28 barryocallaghan: Custom Ebony Gibson LP at the moment
18:35:34 barryocallaghan: 60's reissue
18:35:48 Kurt: cool... i got also an les paul...but epiphone :(
18:35:51 Robin: gibson LP... nice
18:36:04 Robin: I want one. But that will have to wait till I get rich
18:36:05 barryocallaghan: I left a post on where you can get one really cheap...
18:36:13 Robin: what styles to you like to play barry?
18:36:14 barryocallaghan: like for the price of a Standard LP
18:36:19 Robin: yeah dude I saw that thread
18:36:43 Kurt: barry what styles do you prefer?
18:36:59 barryocallaghan: I play everything really...not into specific styles if that makes sense
18:37:09 Robin: :D
18:37:24 barryocallaghan: You should try and have your own style and be an individual thats the way I see it
18:37:39 Robin: btw Kurt, I liked how they use Vilions with that acoustic jazz thing (django reinhardt)
18:37:59 Kurt: what do you mean by Vilions?
18:38:13 Robin: violins, those instruments
18:38:19 Robin: ops I did a typo
18:38:20 Kurt: ahhh violins lol
18:38:23 Robin: xDDD
18:38:24 Robin: sorry :P
18:38:26 barryocallaghan: hehe
18:38:30 Kurt: ah yes its cool ;)
18:38:46 Kurt: those guitars look so strange lol
18:38:48 barryocallaghan: Have you listened to any of Peter Greens newish stuff?
18:38:56 Kurt: nope sry
18:39:04 Robin: nope me neither
18:39:15 Kurt: don´t even know who that is lol
18:39:20 Kurt: what style is that?
18:39:24 barryocallaghan: Blues
18:39:40 Kurt: yeah.... my preferred style :D
18:39:54 barryocallaghan: You remember Fleetwood Mac?. Not the tell me lies bullsh*t
18:40:02 barryocallaghan: the 70's fleetwood mac?
18:40:12 Kurt: yes I know :)
18:40:14 Robin: I sort of know who they are
18:40:15 barryocallaghan: Peter Green was lead guitarist
18:40:27 Kurt: ahhhh so i already know him lol
18:40:32 Robin: yeah I saw, watchign vidoes of him at youtube atm
18:40:37 Robin: Hi
18:40:43 Kurt: hey dan
18:40:44 shredmandan: helo all
18:40:44 barryocallaghan: Hey shred
18:41:13 shredmandan: barry are u a new member>
18:41:30 barryocallaghan: Eh a year old, havent really been around as of late
18:41:40 shredmandan: oh i see
18:42:12 barryocallaghan: Wheres everyone from?
18:42:19 Robin: north Norway
18:42:25 Robin: howbout you?
18:42:32 barryocallaghan: Ireland.
18:42:39 Kurt: Austria :)
18:42:52 shredmandan: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...me=STRK:MESE:IT Im from USA Tennessee and this is a amp im selling and it only has 20 min left.Someone buy it lol
18:43:02 Robin: Haha :D
18:43:16 Kurt: lol ...not me sorry
18:43:25 shredmandan: bids are low right now but i have 9 people watching it and hoping there all going to have a bid war at the end lol
18:43:47 barryocallaghan: Looks like its in good condition...
18:43:59 barryocallaghan: Hard to go from a Marshall to Fender though..sorry dude
18:44:08 shredmandan: lol true
18:44:37 barryocallaghan: What kinda axes you guys got?
18:45:01 shredmandan: Fender stratocaster deluxe
18:45:21 Robin: Gibson Explorer Studio with Stewart Macdonald Golden Age humbuckers and I also use my dads fender stratocaster alot, single coils
18:45:36 barryocallaghan: Very nice
18:45:41 Kurt: fender classic playr 50s and epiphone les paul :D
18:45:52 shredmandan: here you can buy it too so i can get another one more for metal lol lol lol http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...me=STRK:MESE:IT
18:46:26 barryocallaghan: What kidan tunes you guys picking out?
18:46:33 Nick325: back
18:46:42 Robin: Hi again
18:46:48 barryocallaghan: Hey Nick, think I left you a post on Riffworks last night?
18:47:14 Nick325: o
18:47:16 Nick325: let me check
18:47:17 shredmandan: actually just got done with pantera's yesterday dont mean sh** lol and playing some of my own stuff along with megadeth ect u?
18:47:45 barryocallaghan: Would you believe I just heard Tool for the first time about 2 months ago?
18:47:53 Robin: I've been playing some fingerpicking blues... Come back baby and You got the pocket book, I got the key
18:48:01 barryocallaghan: So still busy arsing around with their stuff
18:48:07 Robin: and also jammin some in the Dorian scale
18:48:22 shredmandan: i love tool's second album i think called aneima.Every song on it rocks
18:48:26 barryocallaghan: Fingerpickings cool, you listen to Rory Gallagher at all?
18:48:45 Kurt: oh yeah .... i love rory gallagher :)
18:48:45 shredmandan: no havent heard of him
18:48:57 Robin: ah no, not yet atleast.
18:49:09 Robin: I just ordered some stuff by snooks eagle and robert jr. lockwood
18:49:13 Kurt: you know badpenny?
18:49:18 Robin: I'm kinda new to the genre
18:49:23 barryocallaghan: Yeah Kurt love that song...
18:49:33 Robin: I also really like robert johnson, john lee hooker and bjørn berge. Great fingerpicking blues guitarists
18:49:37 Kurt: cool... i did it with my old band :)
18:49:44 Robin: slide/delta blues, or whatever :P
18:50:17 barryocallaghan: Sounds like you got your hands full Robin
18:50:31 barryocallaghan: You only starting to play?
18:50:52 Robin: started with fingerpicking a couple of weeks ago
18:50:53 barryocallaghan: Kurt, Rory Gallagher festival on here in Ireland every summer.....
18:51:03 Robin: got a great instructional vidoe tape by Stefan Grossman
18:51:09 Robin: video*
18:51:34 Kurt: yeah...but how do i get to ireland? lol
18:51:47 barryocallaghan: Ryanair Dude Ryanair.....
18:51:55 barryocallaghan: €9.99 or something
18:51:59 Kurt: lol yeah maybe
18:52:21 Kurt: who knows...maybe i´ll meet you there next year lol
18:52:24 barryocallaghan: Robin be careful with instructional videos....
18:52:43 barryocallaghan: Try and teach yourself as much as possible...
18:53:04 Nick325: wats wrong with them?
18:54:35 barryocallaghan: Yeah they can teach you how to play solos, and show you how to tap, but if you take them to heart your missing the whole point of playing the guitar....
18:54:57 barryocallaghan: Should only be used as a guide....
18:55:02 shredmandan: come on guys cross your finger's for me lol . 4 min left on auction if this thing doesnt get bid up no partying tonight
18:55:06 Nick325: yeah
18:55:13 Robin: this one teach old fingerpicking blues songs. I dont see the harm in that. I learn the technique and I get ideas how to make my own fingerpicking songs
18:55:23 Robin: haha will do shredmandan.
18:55:28 barryocallaghan: Exactly Robin...thats what I am talking about
18:55:29 shredmandan: thanks
18:55:56 Robin: thats what I do with the GMC lessons aswell. Specially the blues stuff
18:56:23 Robin: I learn the lessons, play them a little, but then I start creating my own licks partly based on what I learned in the lesson :)
18:56:41 barryocallaghan: You dont wanna just be a robot who plays other peoples licks, you need to find your own creative side too...
18:56:59 Robin: Yeah, thats exactly how I think actually :)
18:57:24 barryocallaghan: Kurt you still in a band?
18:57:44 Kurt: yes...but its more like progressive metal lol
18:58:10 barryocallaghan: Excellent, you gigging much?
18:58:11 Kurt: and I am in a jazz/blues ensemble from school :)
18:58:31 Kurt: with the schoolband yes but not with the metalband :(
18:58:59 barryocallaghan: you know what I was thinking...
18:59:24 barryocallaghan: IF we all had like skype or MSN we could perform the biggest online jamming session via webcam....
18:59:34 shredmandan: :( there went the party be back later
18:59:35 Robin: haha, yeah
18:59:39 barryocallaghan: and get into the Guinness Book of Record...
18:59:50 Kurt: yeah man...sick idea lol
19:00:02 Robin: the latency would have been a problem though :D
19:00:07 Robin: and the sound quality :P
19:00:19 barryocallaghan: We will just use acoustics?
19:00:26 Robin: haha, very well!
19:00:34 Robin: would have been fun :)
19:00:47 barryocallaghan: and pick the cheesist song ever written to play
19:01:05 Kurt: and that would be?
19:01:05 Robin: hahahah
19:01:14 Robin: some power metal
19:01:15 Robin: I guess
19:01:17 Robin: :D
19:01:21 barryocallaghan: jesus dude, I have like a list of 50k cheesy songs
19:01:34 Kurt: lol
19:02:04 barryocallaghan: we could do like the theme tune to the A team or something
19:02:26 Robin: or the MacGyver theme.
19:02:28 Kurt: or beethovens 5th lol
19:02:37 Robin: My band actually played the MacGyver theme live once.
19:02:57 barryocallaghan: Hate to say it though I own 2 seasons of MacGyver on DVD
19:03:09 Robin: Hey dude, macgyver is kewl
19:03:16 Robin: huge fan sittin right here
19:03:25 Robin: though I've watched in since I was a kid, so I find it boring now
19:03:35 barryocallaghan: Yeah know what you mean alright...
19:03:35 Robin: stupid and boring, but I still like it
19:04:02 barryocallaghan: "Here Mac Gyver, have a chewing gum and a cocktail stick and make me a bomb"
19:04:09 Robin: Indeed.
19:04:26 Robin: I love the episode with those ants...
19:04:26 Kurt: no comment lol
19:04:34 Robin: What the hell? Killer ants?
19:05:04 barryocallaghan: Right dudes Im going for a smoke...
19:05:10 Robin: mkay
19:05:13 Kurt: ok later
19:05:23 barryocallaghan: talk to you guys l8r
19:05:26 Robin: bye
19:05:29 Kurt: bye
19:05:44 Robin: I'm going to bed aswell now. Going to check out some guitars tomorrow at the guitar shop :)
19:05:46 Robin: I might buy one
19:06:04 Kurt: cool ...much look for the right decision :)
19:06:14 Robin: yep
19:06:18 Robin: see you later bye :)
19:06:22 Kurt: bye
19:06:41 Kurt: n-nick!!!!!
19:06:47 Kurt: *slap*
19:07:01 Kurt: *meow* *slap* *whip*
19:07:07 Kurt: *meow* *slap* *whip*
19:07:14 Kurt: *meow* *slap* *whip*
19:07:18 Kurt: *meow* *slap* *whip*
19:07:25 Kurt: *meow* *slap* *whip*
19:07:37 Kurt: yo ryan
19:07:44 Ryan: whats up guys
19:07:52 Kurt: nick is away lol
19:07:56 Ryan: cool
19:07:59 Ryan: hows the playing goin?
19:08:25 Kurt: yeah... not bad at all...just jamming a little bit today..doing easy stuff lol
19:08:30 Kurt: and you?
19:09:13 Ryan: pff have you seen marcus's winding rodes lesson?? Cus thats what im practicing
19:09:19 Ryan: hardcore stuff man
19:09:35 Kurt: OMG... I would have no chance there lol
19:09:40 Ryan: its an incredible solo, and really fun to play, hard to keep clean at some points
19:10:00 Ryan: i love that first tapping lick with the sliding on it :D, omg that almost made me go jizz in my pants its so great
19:10:09 Ryan: :D
19:10:21 Kurt: lol... you must be really good if can do such stuff :)
19:10:55 Ryan: umm, idk i think im alright, i can do marcus's three-level-solo, almost perfect except for the trill part, thats a doozy
19:11:20 Kurt: cool....so far I did only the beginner and advanced solo :)
19:11:37 Kurt: but I am not very into neoclassical rock ;)
19:11:40 Ryan: you didnt do the 2nd one?? thats the easiet one
19:11:44 Ryan: ohh i c
19:11:55 Ryan: but still it helps you greatly increase you skill if you can pull it off, and work hard on it
19:12:12 Ryan: thats what im doing it for, and plus i love them epic type spacey solos :P
19:12:53 Kurt: yes its very cool sometimes...bzut generally i am more into metal stuff and classic rock/ blues :)
19:13:06 Ryan: ohh i c, like Slash stuff huh!!
19:13:20 Ryan: and Trivium
19:13:24 Kurt: yeah man ...one of my favourites :)
19:13:37 Ryan: did you learn the velvet revolver style lesson by gab??
19:13:40 Ryan: its a fun one to play
19:14:03 Kurt: yes...but I think its nearly exactly the same as "she builds machines" lol
19:14:32 Ryan: yeah thats how gab's lessons are lol, there almost exactly like other songs, but there still fun to play
19:14:55 Kurt: yeah...but he stole not all his songs lol
19:15:10 Nick325: ya i like it
19:15:14 Kurt: I also like his hardrock lessons and blues stuff :)
19:15:29 Ryan: yeah me 2, i like is 2nd stoner rock lesson, thats a really fun one to play also!!
19:15:38 Ryan: whats the hardest lesson you guys ahve learned on here?
19:16:05 Kurt: maybe the yngwie style lesson.....very difficult speedpicking for me ;)
19:16:18 Nick325: im not sure
19:16:24 Nick325: ive learned so many lessons
19:16:28 Ryan: ohh i remember that i started that back in my 1st month here, that one was a real hard one for me also
19:16:41 Ryan: lol, you cant name 1 thats the hardest, or took you the lognest to get?
19:16:47 Ryan: atleast half way decent
19:17:29 Nick325: then maybe the sweeping one since im bad at that
19:17:41 Ryan: awesome, im not great at sweeping either ;(
19:17:42 Ryan: :(
19:17:56 Ryan: i cant bring myself to practice sweeps anymore
19:18:02 Nick325: i want to get to atleast to 100bpm
19:18:05 Kurt: my biggest problem is to stay clean at fast picking runs lol
19:18:11 Ryan: ohh
19:18:15 Ryan: i can help you with that
19:18:30 Ryan: with your higher strings, use yoru index finger on your left hand to mute
19:18:42 Ryan: and for you lower ones, just palm mute the ones not played
19:18:46 Ryan: it will help a lot
19:18:55 Ryan: plus accuracy, and light of touch
19:18:59 Kurt: yeah ok...i´ll try that :)
19:19:12 Kurt: thx man ;)
19:19:21 Ryan: do you understand what i mean by using yoru index finger?
19:19:27 Kurt: yep ;)
19:19:31 Ryan: awesome D:
19:19:33 Ryan: :D
19:19:48 Kurt: how long are u playing?
19:20:22 Ryan: ive had a guitar for 3 years, but only been seriously playing (like leraning ot ap, and legato, and such) for about 10 months now
19:20:46 Ryan: acutaly 2 and 3/4 of a year
19:20:47 Ryan: :P
19:21:08 Kurt: cool... I am playing acoustic since a year and electric since a half ;)
19:21:14 Ryan: awesome
19:21:22 Ryan: how long you practice daily?
19:21:30 Kurt: hmmmm.....
19:21:35 Ryan: on average
19:21:35 Kurt: 6 hours lol
19:21:38 Ryan: :D
19:21:43 Ryan: thats what i got into today :D
19:21:56 Nick325: me 1-2 hours since school is starting tomorrow
19:22:02 Ryan: my fingers are kinda like ahhh, and there jitty from marcus's winding roads solo!!
19:22:05 Ryan: ohh
19:22:11 Ryan: just be sure to use the time wisly
19:22:15 Nick325: yeah
19:22:27 Ryan: atleast you get soem in, i know ppl who can barely get in 1 hr a week
19:22:36 Ryan: that must suck :(
19:22:41 Nick325: yeah
19:22:42 Kurt: lol... yeah I would play even more guitar if I wouldn´t also have to practice other instruments lol
19:22:51 Ryan: lol
19:22:54 Ryan: what all do you play?
19:23:07 Kurt: I play trumet and piano ;)
19:23:13 Kurt: trumpet
19:23:25 Ryan: piano is cool, trumpet is overratted, the saxaphone is better :D
19:23:36 Kurt: :p :p
19:23:39 Kurt: lol
19:23:40 Nick325: i used to play trumpet in third grade for school band but i quit the next year
19:23:59 Ryan: i play alto sax, for 2 yrs, then switched ot tenor, my 8th grade year, and played that for 2 yrs
19:24:12 Kurt: I wanna go to music university soon to study composition or stuff :)
19:24:47 Nick325: id like to too but idk 8)
19:24:50 Ryan: my gf in a bout 3 yrs, she gonna send me to Berkley thats where i want to go, in 3 yrs, O MAN i should be getting to the intermediate lvl :D
19:25:06 Ryan: i cant wait
19:25:26 Kurt: you wanna to go to berklee...studiing guitar?
19:25:35 Ryan: yea
19:25:41 Ryan: i think thats the name
19:25:45 Kurt: cool... how old are u?
19:25:49 Ryan: 18
19:25:56 Kurt: and from where?
19:25:59 Ryan: is it spelled berlee, or berkley
19:26:10 Ryan: I live in USA, Kansas
19:26:25 Kurt: nope... berklee is next boston and berklery is in california ;)
19:26:38 Ryan: berklee thats it :D
19:26:43 Kurt: yep ;)
19:26:52 Ryan: is berklery a music school aslo?
19:26:55 Ryan: also*
19:26:55 Kurt: mabe we´ll meet there lol
19:27:00 Kurt: yes
19:27:01 Ryan: awesome :D
19:27:06 Ryan: maybe we shall
19:27:25 Kurt: yep... I think if i go there then in about 2 years :)
19:27:26 Ryan: is that where you live, or want to go?
19:27:40 Kurt: no...maybe study there ;)
19:27:45 Ryan: ohh
19:27:52 Kurt: I am originally from austria lol
19:28:10 Ryan: ohh thats cool, you live in the states now?? or in Middle east?
19:28:25 Kurt: no... just wanna maybe study there lol
19:28:46 Kurt: much students from europe are there ;)
19:28:48 Nick325: i live in the states
19:28:53 Ryan: where at nick?
19:28:59 Nick325: ny
19:29:05 Ryan: New York?
19:29:09 Nick325: yep
19:29:11 Ryan: :D
19:29:12 Ryan: aweosme
19:29:16 Ryan: hows the weather there?
19:29:40 Kurt: ok guys its late in austria...gtg to bed
19:29:45 Kurt: cya soon
19:29:49 Ryan: later man
19:30:10 Ryan: so how long you been playing?
19:40:39 Nick325: sry
20:17:21 PacmanProductions: sup
20:17:23 Slammer: PP
20:17:27 Slammer: sup?
20:17:35 PacmanProductions: nuthin much
20:17:47 PacmanProductions: just got back from a football game
20:17:58 Slammer: College? HS?
20:18:01 PacmanProductions: complete shutout
20:18:03 PacmanProductions: HS
20:18:06 Slammer: oh
20:18:10 Slammer: you played in it?
20:18:14 PacmanProductions: ha no
20:18:27 PacmanProductions: footballs not my thing
20:18:41 Slammer: only like watching?
20:19:01 PacmanProductions: nahh...talkin to friends and chicks behind bleachers
20:19:03 PacmanProductions: lol
20:19:12 Slammer: well, why not
20:19:32 PacmanProductions: i did watch the first quarter
20:19:37 PacmanProductions: :P
20:19:43 Slammer: was your team shut out?
20:20:00 PacmanProductions: yeah......:{ :( :( :{ :{ :( :( :( :( :( :{ :{ :{ :{ :{
20:20:22 Slammer: well, chicks are alot more interesting than that
20:20:36 PacmanProductions: hells yeah
20:21:07 Slammer: :P
20:21:20 Slammer: on a scale of 1-10?
20:21:25 Slammer: how were they?
20:21:45 Slammer: don't lie :P
20:21:46 PacmanProductions: well.....not too good ones here tonite
20:21:57 PacmanProductions: well one was pretty good
20:22:02 PacmanProductions: about an 8
20:22:07 Slammer: not bad
20:22:11 Slammer: coulda been worse
20:22:14 Slammer: LOL
20:22:23 PacmanProductions: yeah...like an ex being there
20:22:27 PacmanProductions: and she was
20:22:35 Slammer: did she see you?
20:22:40 PacmanProductions: yeah
20:22:49 Slammer: is she a 7 1/2?
20:22:55 PacmanProductions: hahaha!
20:22:58 PacmanProductions: she was
20:23:02 PacmanProductions: lieka 9
20:23:04 PacmanProductions: then
20:23:05 Slammer: :O
20:23:08 PacmanProductions: GLASSES!
20:23:22 Slammer: dude that's so mean
20:23:30 PacmanProductions: i mean, glasses arnt bad
20:23:41 PacmanProductions: some girls look better with glasses
20:23:46 PacmanProductions: but her
20:23:50 PacmanProductions: not really
20:23:59 Slammer: so that's why you broke up?
20:24:04 PacmanProductions: no
20:24:07 Slammer: LMAO
20:24:09 Slammer: oh
20:24:19 PacmanProductions: 2 timer
20:24:31 Slammer: dude, but after the Glasses shw was a 6 3/4?
20:24:37 PacmanProductions: yeah
20:24:41 Slammer: :(
20:25:17 Slammer: well, she coulda bought Contacts
20:25:21 Slammer: :P
20:25:32 PacmanProductions: i was tellin her to but her mom said no
20:25:41 PacmanProductions: i thought she would get em over summer
20:26:13 Slammer: hmm
20:26:25 Slammer: if you don't mind me asking how old are you guys?
20:26:31 Slammer: 15?
20:26:43 PacmanProductions: ....12...
20:26:45 PacmanProductions: hehehe
20:26:47 Slammer: :O
20:27:11 PacmanProductions: pretty much all for jokes and stupid humors
20:27:18 PacmanProductions: rumors*
20:27:37 Slammer: don't worry man I'm a teenager too :P
20:27:43 PacmanProductions: age?
20:27:47 Slammer: 18
20:28:02 PacmanProductions: see, but thats different
20:28:10 Slammer: ?
20:28:36 PacmanProductions: ur almost in collage and im in mid school
20:28:44 Slammer: LOL
20:29:06 Slammer: dude I don't care how old you are LOL I was just curious
20:29:20 Slammer: 8)
20:29:33 PacmanProductions: i know
20:29:48 Slammer: well I'll guess then
20:29:53 Slammer: 13!
20:29:55 Slammer: 14!
20:29:57 Slammer: 15!
20:29:59 Slammer: 16!
20:30:02 Slammer: 17!
20:30:07 Slammer: gotta be one of those
20:30:09 Slammer: :P
20:30:14 PacmanProductions: what do u mean?
20:30:36 Slammer: LOL nvm
20:30:40 PacmanProductions: ok
20:30:47 Slammer: so what's new?
20:31:02 PacmanProductions: nuthin much
20:31:37 PacmanProductions: ordered a multi function foot pedal
20:31:45 PacmanProductions: 54 diff settings
20:31:48 PacmanProductions: =)
20:31:49 Slammer: nice
20:31:51 PacmanProductions: :)
20:31:52 Slammer: what kind
20:32:01 Slammer: ?
20:32:04 PacmanProductions: lemme check
20:32:06 Slammer: digitech
20:32:11 Slammer: Zoom
20:32:22 PacmanProductions: i think zoom
20:32:27 Slammer: yeo
20:32:30 Slammer: yep*
20:32:32 Slammer: a G2
20:32:47 PacmanProductions: lemme check
20:33:51 PacmanProductions: yeah
20:33:56 PacmanProductions: but with foot pedal
20:34:08 Slammer: yeah
20:34:12 Slammer: I know that one
20:34:20 PacmanProductions: good?
20:34:33 Slammer: well
20:34:36 Slammer: I don't have it
20:34:50 Slammer: but
20:34:52 PacmanProductions: any reviews i can check out?
20:34:55 PacmanProductions: what?
20:34:58 Slammer: yeah
20:35:02 Slammer: check
20:35:11 Slammer: all the Guitar sites
20:35:20 Slammer: like Harmony Central
20:35:23 Slammer: I think
20:35:24 Eat-Sleep-andJam: the party is herew
20:35:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: here*
20:35:29 Slammer: SUp ESJ?
20:35:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: n2m
20:35:53 PacmanProductions: ok thx slam
20:35:57 PacmanProductions: i g2g tho
20:36:03 Slammer: no
20:36:04 PacmanProductions: HW.....:(
20:36:05 Slammer: Well ok
20:36:07 PacmanProductions: :(
20:36:10 Slammer: have fun
21:02:12 Nick325: yo
21:02:19 Slammer: yoyo
21:02:28 Nick325: yoyoyo
21:02:29 Slammer: Nick getting ready for school?
21:02:36 Nick325: ya tomorrow :(
21:02:50 Nick325: when u start
21:03:08 Slammer: august 20
21:03:16 Slammer: LOL
21:03:21 Nick325: o u did already
21:03:27 Slammer: yep :(
21:04:12 Nick325: tomorrow just a day u go in and do stuff nothing important and i get out at 11:40
21:05:17 Slammer: :O
21:06:18 Slammer: you and ESJ prob.
21:06:22 Slammer: he's from NY too
21:09:07 Nick325: o cool
21:12:25 Slammer: *slap*
22:54:17 kethcup: hey bedlam
22:54:25 Bedlam: hi
22:54:55 Bedlam: I just joined, so I'm just checkin this thing out
22:55:09 kethcup: that's cool.
22:55:17 kethcup: As you can see it's sort of dead at the moment
22:55:22 Bedlam: yeah
22:55:40 Bedlam: maybe i'll catch you later, got to check out some more lessons
22:55:44 Bedlam: later
22:55:46 kethcup: cool man
22:55:49 kethcup: have fun!
22:55:57 kethcup: oh ... and welcome to GMC
22:56:01 Bedlam: :D thanks
22:56:02 kethcup: you'll love it!
22:56:04 kethcup: :)
22:56:07 kethcup: ...