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Full Version: Dont Know Were To Start
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hey im i've been playing the guitar for about 4 weeks, but im still confused on where to start. i want to be able to play like you do but as i said i really have no idea where to start
Hey mate! I am really glad you look at me as your goal and it's great! Thanks! smile.gif

Don't hurry! I am in to serious practicing for 5 years now so take it easy and learn guitar step by step. Start by learning Kris's lessons for beginners, than learn his alternate picking lessons. After that there are loads of AP lessons, Rock Rhythm And Solo lessons, riffing stuff.

I suggest you start with Kris's AP lessons as they are pretty simple and suitable for beginners! smile.gif
QUOTE (Pavel @ Sep 21 2007, 05:50 AM) *
I suggest you start with Kris's AP lessons as they are pretty simple and suitable for beginners! smile.gif

The AP3 is a bit hard (im still workin on it)...

Yeah but 1&2 really give you a boost.
thx i'll get right to doing all that stuff!
Just make sure what your practicing on guitar is fun to you,otherwise you wont really do it long.It's hard work especially starting from scratch but just dont give up and keep a set amount of time each day to devote to practicing and you will become an excellent guitarist one day.I'll be honest your not going to be playing Pavel's lessons note for note for a good while.There hard to playand some are really advanced .You have to learn the basic's before you get to the other techniques or you would be setting yourself up for failure.Pavel told me once it's like a baby you have to learn to walk before you can talk,apply that to the guitar andi know with practice you will nail it.There's no easy quick way of doing it just time and practice.

So get that guitar and start playing as many hours a day you can.The more you practice a day the quicker you will become great.Just dont ever say the word CANT when refurring to guitar cause there's nothing you cant do just stuff you havent learned yet.Make us proud!! biggrin.gif
thx, i usually practice 3-4 hrs a day

~praciticing right now
Just wanted to say that shredmandan's comments above are fantastic ! It is nice to see experienced players provide a level of comfort for beginers. We all have to start some where, and it should always be at the begining !! If I could recommend Andrew's theory lessons also, they will help you understand what you are learning . Best of luck and practice !
"Just follow the Yellow Brick road."

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