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Full Version: Introduction To The Sub-forum
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Saoirse O'Shea
Hi and welcome everyone to this sub-forum.

The intention here is to provide an area where we may learn how to record with a focus on what guitar players might need and benefit from - rather then recording for all.

As so many of us now use software I intend to use Reaper as the sequencer for examples and lessons. Anyone who needs Reaper a free trial copy is available from the Cuckos' website (see the software sticky at the top of Andrew's main recording forum). The trial copy isn't locked or restricted but I would urge anyone who likes the software and/or uses it a lot to purchase a license (approximately 50USD). So doing helps ensure the continued viability and development of Reaper. By the way the developer of Reaper has very kindly offered his help should we need it.

For those with other software sequencers (ie Cubase, Live!, etc) the lessons should be general enough that you 'll be able to use the principles in these environments as well. Nonetheless if you have software specific questions for these other sequencers then we can always open a separate thread for them.

OK, to give you some idea of what I hope to do over the coming days, weeks, months - an introductory session on how to set up and initial first steps in using Reaper; a thread on pc/mac requirements and how to optimise the computer for music; hardware and software for recording; starting and saving a project and file handling; the buss and basic routing; advanced routing; introduction to effects and their use; advanced use of specific effects; fades, crossfades and takes; Midi, recording midi and midi editing; vsts and vstis; multi-tracking, freezing and stem-rendering; waveform editing and non-destructive editing; loops; markers and regions; ripple editing and staying in sync; quantisation, pitch and time shifting; Mix down and rendering including use of compressors, eq, reverb and brickwall limiters.

I'm likely to add to this as we go along so that's nt a definitive list. Also if anyone has a specific topic ask and I'll see what I can do.

Finally, I'm hoping in the not to distant future to do both a collaboration type thread where a basic mix is supplied and collaborators re-mix it and receive comments and another where someone posts their mix and asks for constructive criticism.

Anyone interested in mixing who hasn't got a daw may want to go download Reaper smile.gif .

That's probably more than enough from me for now,

Asphyxia Feeling

i'm not sure if these recording lessons are supposed to be read in a certain order, since posting on lesson in the forum bumps it to the top. would it be possible for you to list the lessons in order in this thread (similar to how Andrew does for his theory lessons)?

if they're not supposed to be in any particular order, then forget i said anything.

thanks for writing these. i've learned a lot!
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