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Full Version: Frank Gambale
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Here is the vid. And the best part of it is when he says it about vibrato - especially the wide one like Malmsteen biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif Not to insult anyone but i agree with him 100% smile.gif

Have fun! The guy is a legend! smile.gif
A legend indeed.
The Uncreator
I Agree with him 100%, im glad i started to learn the blues basics first before jumping into sweeping or anything, really teaches you how to phrase and control your playing without sounding out of tune or key or anything.

Gambale rules.
hey guys, not to be a copycat or anything, but after pavels post i searched gambale in the forum and he didnt really show up!! ( at least not as a main topic) so i thought i would add some of my favorite youtube gambale stuff ! here he is giving a solo example of every mode! pretty sweet stuff. he is one of my biggest guitar heroes.

ionion -

dorian -

phrygian -

lydian -

mixolydian -

aeolian -

locrian -
Cool vids indeed.
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