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Full Version: What Did You Accomplish In Your First Year?
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I know many of us haven't played for more than a year, but feel free to post what you've learned since you started playing guitar seriously. Anything as trivial as a scale, or a lick of a song, but make sure it helped you to continue playing.
I have been playing for comeing up to 1 year, seriously, and I have learnt things i never dreamed i would.
I will list the things i have learnt here at GMC and from DVD's and Magazines;

Alternate picking
Sweep Arpeggios (both 3 and 5 string)
Soloing over Pentatonic boxes in every key - including improvising with licks learnt here and my own
Soloing over 3 np string boxes useing sequencing (thanks pavel)
bends, Vibrato and Harmonics
A good range of chords from open to bar
A good basic understanding of musical notation,rythm, and theory
Being able to know what notes im playing on the fretboard

Wow its really great to list out what ive learnt - especially as i started from new!! smile.gif
I've only played serious since I discovered GMC, about 10 months ago. I played for 4 years before that, but the only thing I knew was a few Iron Maiden intros and power chords. I didnt know ANYTHING. I didnt know what sweeping, alternate picking, pinch harmonic, legato, hammer on, pull off etc. etc. etc. was.
I never really practiced, I just jammed power chords, and that was very rare, becuase I skateboarded alot, played Counter Strike ALOT, and I played WoW ALOOOOOOT!

I knew NOTHING! Not one single little thing. I think I knew what a bend was though... I didnt know any scales becuase I thought it was useless. If only someone told me that the Iron Maiden guitarists also used scales... *sigh*

In my 10 serious months at GMC I've learned sooooo damn much.

Lets see... Names and meaning of most techniques, guitar parts, discovered lots more guitarists, some chords, alot more knowledge about gear and a bunch of other guitar related things. My playing has of course improved 100000 billion times.

I learned more in ONE EVENING with GMC than in 4 years of random SH#T!! I'm really angry at myself for being so stupid and waste 4 valuable years of playing, on computer games.
I think ALOT of members played ALOT of online computer games before they found GMC laugh.gif laugh.gif
I learned alot on my part, specifically I am able to appreciate music a little more.
I havent completed my year yet, but im almost there (december).

ive accomplished:
  • Accurate and strict alternate picking
  • Moderate speedpicking
  • Clean 5 string sweeping
  • clean/moderately fast 3 string sweeping
  • natural harmonics & Artificial harmonics
  • clean tapping
  • Palm Muting
  • Scales
  • Trills
  • Stamina
  • Perfect Vibrato (Perfect, beacause i am more than proud of it)
  • Perfect Bending (Same reason as before)
  • 5 string sweep-taps arpeggios to a speed of 80 BPM (still practicing)
  • Nice Fingerpicking
  • Slight String Skipping combined with alternate picking
  • Power Chords
  • Creation of riffs
  • Palm Muting riffing
those are the stuff ive learned so far. I dont think ive listed them all, but i cant think of more right now. Im planning on playing sweeping alot faster and cleaner by december, which is when i complete my first year.
  • Building up speed
  • Alternate Picking
  • Palm Muting
  • Some sense of vibrato
  • A few scales
  • Artificial harmonics and a bit with Naturals
  • The basic idea of sweeping, though I haven't really practiced it much.
  • Getting a generally clean sound.
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