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Full Version: Alternate Or Economy Picking?
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Hi Muris,

I love your picking technique and I want to ask you the following. I was practicing economy picking, I thought I could play faster using that technique, but since I joined GMC I've been working only in my alternate picking technique and I think I've improved a lot more than when I was using the economy picking technique. So the question is what technique should I focus on? If I concentrate on alternate picking when is the right moment to start using economy picking?

Thanks Muris, your lesson help me a lot.

Regards from Colombia.
Muris Varajic
Very good question indeed,when to start with economy...

I practice both all the time,2 types of picking and require constant work.
Regarding to speed,there are some lick easier to play with economy,
per example 3npt runs,2nps sequences etc.
But there's trick about sounding.
Alternate picking has more staccato sound,economy more kind of legato,
if we are playing let's say same 3nps run.
And most of us want that powerful staccato sound in runs,economy can not provide it....
But could it be played faster,yes,just to the math. smile.gif
Thanks for your quick answer Muris. Last night I was watching a show in Filma & Arts Channel called Master clasess with Daniel Baremboim, and he was explaining to his piano student about the stacatto and legatto , awesome show , he said to his student that he was playing the piano like a writing machine , and that he had to follow the energie of the piece to know when to play legatto and stacatto. I recommend everybody to watch that show is awesome , and Daniel Baremboim is one of the bests Directors of our times.

Back into the thread Muris, I can not play fast , let's say I can play a major scale box in 16th notes at 100 bpm with altermate picking, thats the fastest I can go. So Should I stay with the altenate or should start practicing with both techniques?

Thanks Muris.
Muris Varajic
Well,knowing more techniques is never too much,right? smile.gif
Sure,practice it,why not.
Let alternate be your main weapon by now but keep economy in the pocket,
just in case if enemy attacks from the back. wink.gif
LOL......perfect I'll do that and I'll let u know my progress.
Muris Varajic
Deal then wink.gif
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