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Luciana Segovia
QUOTE (muntahunta @ Oct 11 2007, 01:14 AM) *
Hey, im looking for some advice about the singer in my band.

his voice has no.... kick to it. we mainly do punk and metal and although he can hit the notes and stuff it doesnt have any feeling in the vocals. i sing 2 songs in the band (fade to black by metallica and simple man (shinedowns version of the lynyrd skynyrd song) and ive been told by many people that im the better singer. unfortunatly i dont really want to be a full time singer so i was wondering if you could give me some advice and tips to try and get his voice to have more feeling, power and maybe even a bit of a growl?



This is what I say to all my students wink.gif . Doesn't matter what style you sing you have to practice your singing from the begining by humming and all those things. This is to manage your voice, and then you can improve your style.
It's not easy to understand that singing those styles like punk or metal need a lot of vocal technique huh.gif . You could sing without tecnique but I'm sure that you can growl for a year.. but no more. sad.gif
In order to get power it is very important the breathing, and growling it's not good for your throat but the tecnique helps a lot. You can see a lot of heavy metal singers that growl up today!
So if you and your partner practice you will improve your voice and manage it as you want.-
When you have practiced all my lessons, maybe you have doubts.. just ask me again whatever you want.-

ok? wink.gif
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