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Full Version: Playing Chords With Open Tuning
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Hi. I was just wondering if you could possibly make a lesson on how to play different chords in open tuning? Or maybe the theory board already have covered this? ohmy.gif
I can only play major chords! biggrin.gif laugh.gif
I have made a few of my own chords with open tuning, but I dont know what types of chords they are, dont really know where to start. I tried to figure out how to play a simple D major chord as you would do in E standard, but I couldnt biggrin.gif I obviously need some guiding.
I really hope you could make lessons on this in the future biggrin.gif

Anyone got any tips on how to figure out how to play different chords with open tuning? Learning wich notes are on each frets sure would help I guess.

Hemlok biggrin.gif

You can find scales for open tuning too, and custom tunings smile.gif
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