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Full Version: Pavel How Low Is Your Action?
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Hey Pavel . You know I just picked up my RGR and I was wondering how low is your action ? and how much string buzz do you get on open strings? smile.gif And do you set up your guitar yourself?
Hey man! Yeah i set up my guitar myself and always did so, as it is the best way to do it the right way.

I don't know about exact height and stuff, i have no buzz at all on open strings. When i was adjusting the string height i was fretting 12th fret and checking if there was any buzz there. It's the most sensible place on the fretboard. Don't be afraid of the slight buzz, only you can hear it - when you play on the amp - this slight buzz is not transferred to the pickups, but sometimes it's unavoidable.

The best thing is to just try lowering the strings so you don't have any buzz and see if it's low enough for you. If not - go lower and see if it affects the sound.

Good luck with it man - it's not difficult but requires some time.
Thanx Pavel. I know mine came pretty low,but I think it should be a little lower .it came with a slight buzz 5th fret low E open. Thanx for the info .....
If you feel like making it lower than make it lower. In the end - guitar setup is something to explore during certain period of time. You try one setup, than go to another, lower,'s a matter of experimenting! Eventually you'll come up with a perfect setup for yourself and when you get another guitar, you won't have to go to a guitar shop for somebody to set it up as HE thinks is right. you'll just unpack the guitar, and make it a perfect setup for YOU.
Thanx Pavel . I can always count on you for good sound advice. That is exactly what I am gonna do.
You're welcome man! Glad i can help! smile.gif

I have a question about my action as well, I thought I'd ask it to you because you do it yourself! I started a topic about it so you can read what is going on and what is being weird.

I don't get the buzzing because I ended up gettin the action higher then I started...

It seemed to repaired itself... Some notes still don't sound great, but overall I don't have problems anymore! Only now I'm afraid to try more with them....
Feel free to experiment - if you don't get to know your own guitar than no one can give you the right answer smile.gif
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