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Full Version: Suspended Pentatonic
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The Uncreator
What exactly makes a "Suspended Pentatonic" Scale "Suspended". when i was at the MAB show a guy i was talking to mentioned it, and i have heard of it, but am not sure on what is, any idea?
Whoops, Andrew's area. So I removed my answer, protocol is the Instructor gets first crack.

edit: Ok, I put it back in after reading Tony, as he said this was a good site in general.
Saoirse O'Shea
Good link fkalich - thanks - well worth looking at other articles on this site. Basically you suspended the 3 (or b3) with the 2nd - much the same as you do for the sus2 chord. Scale then contains 1, 2, 4, 5, b7.

Andrew Cockburn
Hmm, late to the party and nothing much to add after you two guys answered smile.gif
The Uncreator
Well, thank anyway guys, atleast i got it down now.
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