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Unleash your favourite symphony x songs upon me! I've only heard a few songs by these guys and i'm interested to hear some more, but i don't really know which songs/albums to try out. So let me know what your favourites are and is their new album any good?
The Uncreator
There new album is pretty damn good.

My favorite song and album though is The Odyssey, the album has so many great tracks, and the song The Odyssey is a massive 24 minutes long, and it doesnt get boring, amazing arrangements in that song.
The Uncreator is completely right! smile.gif
The Accolade is a great song. Its my fav Symphony X song. Also check out Egypt and Evolution. Great epic songs.
I love the new album. Favorite song is Set the World on Fire but after that the album does a little run with Domination, serpants kiss, and the title track paradise lost.. All wicked songs!
As Uncreator said, The Odyssey. Also check out Inferno, The Serpent's Kiss, and Of Sins And Shadows, since those weren't mentioned yet.

EDIT: Smikey beat me to it...Serpent's Kiss was mentioned.
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