00:57:09 PacmanProductions: hey hemlok
00:57:11 PacmanProductions: *whip*
05:08:47 mattacuk: woo hooooo
05:09:28 mattacuk: shredmandan!
05:09:34 shredmandan: hey guys
05:09:51 mattacuk: hey dude
05:10:32 shredmandan: so whats going on?I know your both far away from me.Its like 5 AM here lol
05:10:58 mattacuk: not much, i should be practicing really not in chat !
05:11:35 mattacuk: and i think hemlok is asleep !
05:11:57 shredmandan: i have been playing all night.My fingers are sore.Not the tips but the actual fngers.I was wondering of i should take a break or just keep going at it lol
05:12:39 mattacuk: take a break for sure, i used to get alot of pain in my fretting hand
05:12:42 mattacuk: but i dont any more
05:12:52 Hemlok: i am not asleep
05:12:59 Hemlok: i am having too much eargasm
05:13:05 shredmandan: I have been working on sweeping alot tonight
05:13:06 Hemlok: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=LyiWBZ_q2nw
05:13:24 Hemlok: Dan! have not seen you here in yonks!! biggrin.gif
05:13:33 Hemlok: oh... sad.gif
05:13:37 shredmandan: sorry
05:13:39 Hemlok: ah good you are back biggrin.gif
05:14:21 shredmandan: yep its been awhile.I havent talked to slammer in like 2 months.I used to see him on here every day
05:14:58 Hemlok: he is still on here everyday lol
05:15:26 shredmandan: man i dont doubt it.Thats like 120 straight days in chat for slammer lol
05:15:50 Hemlok: hahaha yeah, he is a record breaker, and a chatterbox
05:16:04 Hemlok: so anyway, how are you Dan? Been busy I guess?
05:16:52 shredmandan: yep,actually things have been really rough the past 2 months thats why i havent been on as much.Im just trying to get back jamming more again and stuff
05:17:27 shredmandan: u still there mattchuk'
05:17:51 mattacuk: i am sorry ! lol just posting
05:17:59 shredmandan: cool
05:18:26 shredmandan: so whats the time over there????I know its 5:16 pm where hemlok is
05:18:40 Hemlok: close 7.18pm
05:18:53 shredmandan: ohh i though we were 12 hours apart
05:19:02 Hemlok: that means bed at 8, im trying out 9 hours sleep like Matty suggested? It is working wonders
05:19:06 Hemlok: daylight savings
05:19:11 Hemlok: you went back i went forward
05:19:17 Hemlok: thats how slammer explained to me anyway
05:19:37 shredmandan: thats what i was just getting ready to ask
05:20:13 shredmandan: man so you go to bed at 8?Thats pretty early but i can definatly see how it helps once you wake up
05:20:35 Hemlok: well yeah, that way i get an hour half guitar practice before work
05:20:43 Hemlok: then i get half an hour or so at work
05:20:47 mattacuk: im really sorry dudes i have to go sad.gif hope to catch you all soon smile.gif
05:20:52 Hemlok: and still plenty time after work
05:20:56 shredmandan: see ya
05:20:58 Hemlok: ok cya Matt, have a good one
05:21:12 shredmandan: i gotta go soon before the sun comes up lol
05:21:14 mattacuk: bye friends
05:21:51 shredmandan: man i wish i could go to bed eary,but i have such a hard time going to sleep unless i stay up till i cant see straight
05:30:54 Hemlok: holy crap what did i do...
05:31:39 botoxfox: ?
05:32:03 Hemlok: one minute i was in here chatting away and next i was gone.
05:32:13 Hemlok: i dont know, im gonna go play guitar
05:32:16 Hemlok: cya later botox
13:57:25 Tsarpf: Hello
13:57:50 Constie: hi
13:58:01 Constie: finally someone's here
13:58:05 Tsarpf: tongue.gif
13:58:24 Tsarpf: "w00t" finally understood how to use metronome properly
13:58:45 Constie: that's awesome smile.gif
13:59:12 Tsarpf: a bit late however.. been playing for like.. 2,5 years...
13:59:35 Constie: 3,25 for me
13:59:52 Constie: but i've been playing not serious enough for a ling time
13:59:52 Tsarpf: Propably should have started to use it right at the beginning
14:00:04 Tsarpf: ok :>
14:00:24 Constie: I hove no metronome ohmy.gif
14:00:29 Constie: tongue.gif
14:01:16 Tsarpf: There's lots of computer metronomes out there.. as you prolly know tongue.gif
14:01:31 Constie: yeah you're right
14:01:38 Constie: i forgot about that
14:02:04 Constie: in 5minutes I'll have 10 metronomes tongue.gif
14:02:15 Tsarpf: yeah, pretty much biggrin.gif
14:02:29 Constie: where are you from?
14:02:33 Tsarpf: Finland :>
14:02:41 Tsarpf: you?
14:02:49 Constie: Germany : )
14:02:56 Tsarpf: whee =p
14:04:18 Constie: I'm happy that I'm not from america because I would get insane. I guess our english sentences are awful
14:04:40 Tsarpf: biggrin.gif
14:05:35 Tsarpf: So what's your greatest achievement in guitar playing? like the hardest part of a song etc?
14:05:51 Constie: ha that's easy
14:05:59 Constie: sweet child o mine
14:06:06 Constie: from guns n roses
14:06:10 Tsarpf: yeah, i know it
14:06:13 Tsarpf: whole song?
14:06:22 Constie: no just the solo
14:06:30 Constie: i learned it from freelicks wink.gif
14:06:35 Tsarpf: tongue.gif
14:07:00 Tsarpf: I've pretty much learned everything from ultimate guitar tongue.gif
14:07:06 Tsarpf: + here
14:07:31 Constie: every tab from ultimate guitar?ohmy.gif tongue.gif
14:07:42 Tsarpf: haha
14:07:48 Tsarpf: i meant to say everything i know
14:07:54 Tsarpf: ive learned from there
14:08:12 Tsarpf: xd
14:08:15 Constie: oh well I'm very new to gmc
14:08:23 Constie: 2 weeks
14:08:24 Tsarpf: ok tongue.gif
14:08:45 Tsarpf: hmm... 4-6 months here.. I don't remember tongue.gif
14:09:03 Constie: in that time you've learned a lot I guess
14:09:18 Tsarpf: still the only lesson i can play completely is blues licks 2 :S
14:09:28 Constie: really?
14:09:41 Tsarpf: Yeah :S
14:09:54 Tsarpf: I always just try to learn the coolest lick or two
14:10:05 Constie: oh well the first lessons I learnd were Octave Licks Clean Soloing and Power Metal Rhythm Guitar
14:10:28 Tsarpf: i recommend blues licks 2 tongue.gif
14:11:18 Tsarpf: it doesn't sound so great when listening from here..(?) but it sounds a lot better when u play it yourself
14:11:27 Tsarpf: hopefully you understand something from that biggrin.gif
14:11:42 Tsarpf: at least it feels much better...
14:11:44 Constie: yeah i got the point wink.gif
14:12:38 Constie: hey Blues Licks 2 is really nice
14:13:17 Tsarpf: The lesson that made me sign up to this site was Metalhead... but it's too hard tongue.gif
14:13:28 Constie: biggrin.gif
14:13:35 Constie: check out the "Mark Knopfler Style Lesson"
14:13:42 Constie: Im on it since one week
14:13:52 Constie: just one part is missing wink.gif
14:14:07 Tsarpf: = last or something?
14:14:56 Constie: the end of part 3
14:15:17 Tsarpf: So you can play the solo nearly at the end of the song (sweet child...) =
14:15:41 Tsarpf: ok.. how do i get rid of that picture biggrin.gif
14:16:02 Tsarpf: ah...
14:16:23 Constie: biggrin.gif
14:16:41 Constie: yes i can play the parts that you can find on freelicks
14:17:07 Constie: the speedlick is quite hard but on an Ibanez I can play it
14:17:12 Constie: not on my schecter biggrin.gif
14:17:26 Tsarpf: ok tongue.gif
14:17:43 Tsarpf: knopfler lesson is awesome :>
14:17:51 Constie: yeah it is
14:18:00 Constie: and not that difficult
14:18:43 Constie: but I'm gonna learn some acoustic lessons
14:18:59 Tsarpf: that ending of the part 3....
14:19:09 Tsarpf: thats quite hard i think tongue.gif
14:19:58 Constie: yeah it's the most difficlut part of the song
14:21:08 Tsarpf: After hearing too many great songs at this site, I went to this "mood" where i just wait for the ├╝ber dream theater lesson from which i love every part biggrin.gif
14:21:19 Tsarpf: songs = lessons*
14:21:44 Tsarpf: so.. i just can't decide what to learn next :s
14:22:03 Constie: should I help you? tongue.gif
14:22:17 Tsarpf: sure tongue.gif
14:22:25 Constie: how old are you?
14:22:28 Tsarpf: 15
14:22:34 Tsarpf: ;D
14:22:44 Tsarpf: "that explains it all"
14:22:53 Constie: alright that's good. take some acoustic lessons to impress the girls biggrin.gif
14:23:05 Tsarpf: hmm
14:23:21 Tsarpf: are you sure its the acoustic ones that impress? biggrin.gif
14:24:12 Constie: yeah definitely. because you don't need no amplifier
14:24:47 Tsarpf: hmm... how does the no-amplifier-needed affect to impressing? biggrin.gif
14:25:27 Constie: because everyone has a acoustic-guitar wink.gif and you can't take your amplifier everywhere else.
14:25:56 Constie: and it's romantic and that stuff xD
14:26:13 Tsarpf: well.. the only place i'd be able to impress anyone is at school, and we got amplifier and electric guitars there biggrin.gifD
14:27:42 Tsarpf: I got my guitar when i was 10 years old... but when summer break before changin school came, i actually started playing (12 years old) and the motivation was girls biggrin.gif
14:28:21 Tsarpf: Hello!
14:28:25 Batista: yo!
14:28:33 Constie: xD that's a good motivation
14:28:38 Constie: hi batista
14:28:39 Tsarpf: its the best ;D
14:28:46 Batista: Sup?
14:29:11 Tsarpf: nothing special.. plaing guitar? biggrin.gif You?
14:31:26 Boggi: Hey
14:31:36 Constie: ok i have to do a report
14:31:39 Constie: cya
14:34:14 Batista: Playing guitar. Obviously since I didn't answer before xP
14:47:22 Tsarpf: hmm
18:47:47 Tjchep: hey
18:47:55 JVM: hi
18:47:59 Tjchep: whats up
18:48:01 JVM: havent seen you around
18:48:05 Tjchep: me either.
18:48:07 JVM: im eating right now biggrin.gif
18:48:14 JVM: you have seen yourself around either?
18:48:14 Tjchep: gotcha. wink.gif
18:48:20 Tjchep: yep. wink.gif
18:48:22 JVM: biggrin.gif
18:48:27 JVM: so are you new?
18:48:30 Tjchep: sorta.
18:48:36 Tjchep: a month ago i think
18:48:41 Tjchep: so what are you eating?
18:48:48 JVM: chinese food!
18:48:51 JVM: welcome to GMC by the way
18:48:54 Tjchep: so lucky man..
18:48:57 Tjchep: and thanks smile.gif
18:49:02 JVM: i've been starving all day
18:49:09 Tjchep: I starve all day.
18:49:19 JVM: where are you from?
18:49:22 Tjchep: I'm fat on the inside.*
18:49:28 Tjchep: uh. CT* the states
18:49:38 JVM: im from north carolina
18:49:45 Tjchep: very nice.
18:49:51 Tjchep: you been here long?
18:50:03 peterorg54: doughnut doughnut
18:50:05 peterorg54: yumm yumm
18:50:07 JVM: maybe 6 months
18:50:08 Tjchep: whats up peter
18:50:11 JVM: chinese food chinese food
18:50:11 Tjchep: nice
18:50:12 JVM: mmm
18:50:12 peterorg54: yumm yumm
18:50:14 peterorg54: yumm yumm
18:50:14 peterorg54: yumm yumm
18:50:14 peterorg54: yumm yumm
18:50:14 peterorg54: yumm yumm
18:50:15 peterorg54: yumm yumm
18:50:17 JVM: mMMMMM!
18:50:22 peterorg54: lol
18:50:26 JVM: whats up pete
18:50:33 peterorg54: eating doughnut
18:50:38 JVM: I gathered that
18:50:49 JVM: lol
18:50:53 peterorg54: brb
18:51:08 Tjchep: Man.. my parents just shot me down..
18:51:12 JVM: ?
18:51:30 Tjchep: Go to em say.. look at this guitar.. couldnt you see me with this?
18:51:37 Tjchep: Then they say your not getting a new guitar..
18:51:42 JVM: ouch
18:51:50 peterorg54: yo
18:51:50 JVM: what kind of axe do you have now?
18:51:52 peterorg54: back
18:51:54 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
18:51:58 Tjchep: schecter c1-+
18:52:03 JVM: those are nice smile.gif
18:52:03 Tjchep: Its just.. ehh
18:52:07 Tjchep: nahh
18:52:08 JVM: maybe not your style?
18:52:10 Tjchep: yeah
18:52:18 JVM: what are you into, and how long have you been playing by the way
18:52:33 peterorg54: im useing $80 guitar
18:52:37 JVM: lol
18:52:38 peterorg54: its so cool
18:52:40 JVM: is it acoustic?
18:52:42 Tjchep: Uhh.. 8 month and, like vai, satch, timmons, yngwie, and moore.
18:52:43 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
18:52:44 peterorg54: no
18:52:51 JVM: dean vendetta or something? lol
18:52:59 JVM: ahh cool
18:53:00 peterorg54: well
18:53:03 peterorg54: i was beginner
18:53:04 peterorg54: and
18:53:05 peterorg54: now
18:53:09 peterorg54: im gonna buy new one
18:53:11 peterorg54: in this winter
18:53:14 JVM: cool
18:53:16 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
18:53:23 JVM: I have a nitefly like kris
18:53:30 Tjchep: as in..
18:53:31 Tjchep: u
18:53:34 Tjchep: nooooo!
18:53:39 Tjchep: lucky
18:53:50 JVM: yeah I found one for a good price off ebay smile.gif very nice guitar
18:53:55 Tjchep: Parkers are so nice.
18:54:00 Tjchep: look funny but.. different
18:54:07 JVM: i like how they look
18:54:17 Tjchep: Doesnt it have a graphite neck or somthing?
18:54:18 JVM: especially the headstock
18:54:23 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
18:54:26 Tjchep: lol
18:54:27 JVM: yeah graphite and glass coating over regular wood
18:54:32 Tjchep: thats sweet smile.gif
18:54:36 Tjchep: must be fast
18:54:37 JVM: or maybe carbon fiber, i forget
18:54:43 Tjchep: yeah somthing like that
18:54:52 JVM: it is fast. and bending is extremely smooth
18:54:55 peterorg54: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Ibanez-RGR421E...459-i1173392.gc
18:54:56 JVM: especially with elixer strings
18:54:59 peterorg54: what do u think
18:55:00 peterorg54: ?
18:55:17 JVM: [email protected]!
18:55:19 peterorg54: i know
18:55:21 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
18:55:22 JVM: I always wanted an ibanez
18:55:22 Tjchep: I played one.. it was ok wink.gif
18:55:26 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
18:55:29 peterorg54: not ok
18:55:29 JVM: but I got the parker instead
18:55:33 peterorg54: fantastic
18:55:38 JVM: ive heard so much great stuff about ibanez though
18:55:38 Tjchep: Look at the s series dude
18:55:41 Tjchep: they are so sweet.
18:55:51 peterorg54: ok
18:55:55 Tjchep: yeah Ibanezs are good.. they have just been cheaping out on their stuff
18:56:19 JVM: I like that everything on my parker is rock solid
18:56:24 JVM: nothing loose or anything like that to bother you
18:56:28 Tjchep: JVM how much was it if you dont mind me asking?
18:56:33 JVM: 700 used
18:56:38 Tjchep: thats sweet
18:56:45 JVM: yeah, they go for twice that new
18:56:52 JVM: i got it from a bass player who barely used it
18:56:57 Tjchep: yeah.
18:57:00 Tjchep: What color is it?
18:57:02 JVM: and it has a barely noticeable scratch so he dropped thep rice
18:57:10 JVM: same color as kris's except a white pickguard
18:57:15 JVM: aka sunburst
18:57:54 Tjchep: Thats nice.
18:58:06 JVM: never goes out of tune
18:58:10 Tjchep: yeah wink.gif
18:58:16 JVM: thats my favorite part tongue.gif
18:58:20 Tjchep: what did you have previously?
18:58:26 JVM: a telecaster
18:58:34 JVM: I still love them but I dont have it anymore
18:58:40 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
18:58:43 JVM: the necks are just perfect for me
18:59:13 Tjchep: gotcha
19:01:11 Tjchep: http://youtube.com/watch?v=CcZw7B7EqGM
19:01:25 Tjchep: parker done justice biggrin.gif
19:02:07 JVM: I love those two humbucker mahogany parkers
19:02:11 JVM: i think that will be my next guitar
19:02:13 JVM: in quite a while
19:02:15 JVM: but still
19:02:53 Tjchep: Yeah.
19:03:03 Tjchep: yours is made out of swamp ash right?
19:03:04 JVM: I like this guy. he kind of sounds like santana
19:03:16 JVM: actually im not entirely sure... theres so many variations on the nitefly
19:03:16 Tjchep: http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZMxrT0088as
19:03:22 Tjchep: check that out from him too.
19:03:23 JVM: and the booklet doesnt tell exactly what it is
19:03:36 JVM: me and kris, and david all bought ours used
19:03:46 JVM: david walliman that is
19:04:00 Tjchep: yeah
19:04:05 JVM: I was talking to him and he showed me this chart of all the different niteflys, it was hard to figure out which was mine
19:04:19 Tjchep: really
19:04:25 Tjchep: You kinda got me interested now.
19:04:35 Tjchep: like.. if you had to compair the neck to another guitar
19:04:37 Tjchep: what would it be/
19:04:39 Tjchep: ?*
19:04:51 JVM: hmm
19:05:02 JVM: well really its unlike anything ive tried
19:05:08 JVM: i can try to describe it
19:05:16 JVM: its not entirely flat, but fairly so
19:05:33 Tjchep: I mean.. is it like thinner or thicker, faster, slower
19:05:36 Tjchep: easy to play
19:05:45 JVM: it widens a bit toward the body to allow for more bending up high on the fretboard, smaller near the head for easier chords
19:05:57 Tjchep: gotcha
19:06:04 JVM: its pretty fast
19:06:14 Tjchep: So your saying you'd definatly recommend it?
19:06:26 JVM: but I don't really pay attention to much besides comfort, when theres guys out there shredding on 335's and les pauls tongue.gif
19:06:34 peterorg54: i would recommend chicken
19:06:38 Tjchep: very true.
19:06:40 peterorg54: turkey sucks
19:06:41 Tjchep: lol
19:06:48 JVM: i would reccomend general tso's chicken specifically
19:06:53 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
19:07:02 JVM: yeah, I love my parker
19:07:07 Tjchep: Cause your eating it right?
19:07:11 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
19:07:16 JVM: more accurately
19:07:17 JVM: I ate it
19:07:20 JVM: cause its all gone now
19:07:21 Tjchep: oooooooo
19:07:25 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
19:07:28 JVM: ohmy.gif
19:07:30 Tjchep: I hate chinese food after I eat it..
19:07:31 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
19:07:34 JVM: me too biggrin.gif
19:07:36 peterorg54: why not
19:07:40 Tjchep: bathroom.
19:07:41 JVM: but its so good before
19:07:44 Tjchep: yeah..
19:07:45 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
19:07:55 peterorg54: its little nasty
19:07:57 peterorg54: when im done
19:09:04 Tjchep: :|
19:09:16 peterorg54: :|
19:09:50 peterorg54: mellow.gif
19:09:53 peterorg54: mellow.gif
19:09:55 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
19:09:59 peterorg54: it doesnt work
19:10:01 peterorg54: in here
19:10:20 JVM: awesome song
19:10:29 peterorg54: what
19:10:30 peterorg54: ?
19:11:17 Tjchep: It has peizo too!!?
19:11:49 JVM: yep smile.gif
19:12:05 JVM: I really like mixing the piezo and magentic pickups tones
19:12:06 JVM: sounds great
19:12:17 Tjchep: Now I'm really interested..
19:12:28 Tjchep: But I think dos humbuckers would fit me better.
19:13:11 JVM: yeah go for it smile.gif
19:13:12 JVM: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Par...itar?sku=511294
19:13:14 JVM: you could get that
19:13:17 JVM: but I havent tried it
19:13:22 JVM: so i cant say if its as good as mine
19:13:54 JVM: its a bit different
19:14:01 JVM: different neck, no piezo as far as i can tell
19:14:23 peterorg54: what sound does piezo make ?
19:14:47 peterorg54: sry
19:14:47 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
19:14:48 Tjchep: Well if i was gonna get it it would be an american made prolly.
19:14:57 JVM: piezo sounds like an acoustic
19:15:00 JVM: with the right settings
19:15:02 peterorg54: oh
19:15:09 Tjchep: Thats like the mexican made of parker.
19:15:12 JVM: yeah
19:15:21 JVM: I'd go for the american if you can, too
19:15:22 peterorg54: i dont know anything about those things
19:15:23 peterorg54: ..
19:15:37 JVM: yeah, i really want the dual humbucker one
19:15:50 JVM: cause of the coil tapping, that just makes it so much more versatile tongue.gif
19:15:59 JVM: I often find myself wanting a neck humbucker
19:16:04 JVM: or a bridge single coil
19:16:51 Tjchep: Yeah.
19:17:02 Tjchep: I have coil tapping on my guitar right now..
19:17:12 Tjchep: its just my guitars pickups arnt that good anyways.
19:17:22 Tjchep: but it can add unbelivible sparkel to the sound
19:17:34 JVM: another thing i love about the parker
19:17:39 JVM: is if you rest your hand on the bridge
19:17:50 JVM: the parker has a really really smooth comfortable bridge to rest on
19:18:16 Tjchep: What kind of amp are you playing through?
19:18:23 JVM: i have a fender hot rod delue
19:18:25 JVM: deluxe*
19:18:33 Tjchep: very nice.
19:18:39 JVM: which is great for clean and classic rock
19:18:43 JVM: then i use pedals for heavier stuff
19:18:45 Tjchep: And btw. Do you know if guitar center buys amps?
19:18:50 JVM: I'm not sure
19:19:07 Tjchep: Gotcha.
19:19:32 JVM: i hate the way the parker basses look though :|
19:20:41 Tjchep: They kinda look like aliens.
19:21:50 Tjchep: A little to artsy for my taste.
19:22:09 JVM: yeah
19:22:10 JVM: aliens is right
19:22:21 peterorg54: my guitar and amp is only $130
19:22:25 peterorg54: l.ol
19:22:38 peterorg54: it sounds so awesome
19:22:50 peterorg54: *slap*
19:23:02 JVM: a lot of the tone comes from you
19:23:04 Tjchep: Hey.. i've seen players rip up on squires
19:23:07 JVM: yeah
19:23:20 peterorg54: it saids johnson
19:23:26 peterorg54: on my guitar
19:23:27 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
19:24:42 Tjchep: johnson for what?
19:25:52 peterorg54: dunno
19:26:10 Tjchep: http://cgi.ebay.com/Parker-Nitefly-2003-an...1QQcmdZViewItem
19:26:13 Tjchep: good deal?
19:27:55 JVM: great deal
19:28:00 JVM: i think i saw that one when i was bidding on mine
19:28:08 JVM: but there were 11 other guys on it so i decided to not try it
19:28:13 JVM: since the one i bid on had no bids
19:28:27 Tjchep: Yeah..
19:28:30 JVM: especially since it comes with an extra neck O.o
19:28:45 Tjchep: Now I have to figure out some what for my parents to buy it for me for chrismas.
19:28:47 Tjchep: wink.gif
19:28:58 Tjchep: Chrismas + birthday present?!
19:29:11 Tjchep: Mabye i'm on to somthing.
19:29:18 JVM: wink.gif
19:30:16 Tjchep: Was the bid for a higher price?
19:30:33 JVM: i cant remember right now
19:30:46 JVM: that one looks good though
19:37:31 peterorg54: well
19:37:34 peterorg54: i gotta go
19:37:38 peterorg54: cya
19:37:39 Tjchep: bye
19:37:41 JVM: later
19:45:19 JVM: now I gotta go too
19:45:47 JVM: cya around smile.gif
21:52:18 ibanezkiller: hey
21:52:24 ibanezkiller: you live in the USA
21:52:26 ibanezkiller: ?
21:52:58 Slammer: LOL
21:53:01 Slammer: well
21:53:03 Slammer: cya
21:54:33 Slammer: LOL
21:54:35 peterorg54: hey
21:54:36 peterorg54: i saw ur
21:54:38 Slammer: I somehow knew you'd come
21:54:39 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:54:40 peterorg54: How aboult now !!!!!
21:54:44 Slammer: LOL
21:54:44 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
21:54:52 peterorg54: yo
21:54:52 Slammer: well it seemed to work
21:55:01 peterorg54: u saw how about now !! too ?
21:55:05 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
21:55:06 peterorg54: ya
21:55:07 peterorg54: it did
21:55:08 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
21:55:20 PacmanProductions: hey guys
21:55:32 PacmanProductions: whats crack-a-lakin?
21:55:44 PacmanProductions: does it happen to be green?
21:55:53 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
21:55:56 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:56:00 Slammer: LOL
21:56:01 Slammer: LOL
21:56:42 PacmanProductions: what yall doin?
21:56:45 peterorg54: good
21:56:53 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
21:56:58 peterorg54: peaceful sunday night
21:57:01 peterorg54: i hate it
21:57:01 Slammer: I'm chilling
21:57:02 peterorg54: sad.gif
21:57:02 Slammer: on
21:57:04 PacmanProductions: i said "what"
21:57:04 Slammer: a
21:57:12 Slammer: Lazy afternoon
21:57:14 PacmanProductions: "what yall doin?"
21:57:21 PacmanProductions: not "how yall doin"
21:57:30 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:57:33 PacmanProductions: so peter, ur doin good?
21:57:34 peterorg54: well
21:57:37 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
21:57:50 peterorg54: just getting ready for school
21:57:51 peterorg54: sad.gif
21:58:03 peterorg54: tongue.gif
21:58:10 PacmanProductions: i only have monday and tuesday
21:58:24 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:26 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:28 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:30 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:31 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:32 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:33 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:34 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:35 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:36 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:36 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:37 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:38 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:39 PacmanProductions: ohmy.gif
21:58:39 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:40 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:41 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:41 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:42 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:42 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:43 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:44 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:44 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:44 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:44 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:45 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:45 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:45 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:45 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:45 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:45 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:45 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:46 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:46 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:46 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:46 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:46 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:47 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:47 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:47 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:47 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:47 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:47 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:47 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:47 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:48 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:48 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:48 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:48 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:48 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:48 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:48 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:48 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:49 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:49 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:49 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:49 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:49 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:58:49 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:50 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:50 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:51 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:51 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:51 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:51 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:51 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:53 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:58:55 peterorg54: sad.gif
21:58:55 Slammer: why is that PP?
21:59:01 peterorg54: lol
21:59:02 PacmanProductions: lmao
21:59:08 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:59:16 PacmanProductions: thanksgiving is this week right?
21:59:16 Slammer: strong words for a little kid
21:59:22 Slammer: LOL
21:59:22 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:59:25 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
21:59:27 Slammer: Milk* LMAO
21:59:33 Slammer: did you see that
21:59:34 Slammer: LOL
21:59:44 PacmanProductions: ....
22:00:22 Slammer: http://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...amp;st=60&#
22:00:52 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
22:00:55 Slammer: LOL
22:00:59 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
22:01:14 Slammer: hey I want you to have strong bones
22:01:14 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:01:25 peterorg54: you too buddy
22:01:28 Slammer: besides all you can drink is Milk and Water at 12
22:01:30 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
22:01:31 Slammer: tongue.gif
22:01:58 peterorg54: cocaine
22:02:00 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
22:02:24 Slammer: have any of you guys seen Eric Johnson?
22:02:37 peterorg54: me
22:03:43 Slammer: cliffs of dover?
22:03:57 PacmanProductions: love that song
22:04:21 Slammer: LOL
22:04:36 JVM: yo yo yo gmc
22:04:42 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
22:04:47 peterorg54: he saw how about now too
22:05:06 Slammer: LOL
22:05:18 JVM: lol
22:05:20 JVM: actually i didnt
22:05:23 JVM: but i mean i just did
22:05:25 JVM: but not when i came here
22:05:30 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:05:34 PacmanProductions: hey JVM
22:05:47 JVM: im writing the gilmour collab solo
22:05:48 Slammer: LOL
22:05:54 Slammer: can I help tongue.gif
22:05:59 Slammer: NO slammer
22:06:01 Slammer: you can't
22:06:02 Slammer: sad.gif
22:06:08 JVM: lol
22:06:08 Slammer: MUAHAHAH
22:06:14 JVM: i could send you a take
22:06:16 JVM: and see what you think
22:06:20 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:06:21 Slammer: great
22:06:26 JVM: okay
22:06:30 JVM: check inbox in a minute
22:06:45 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:07:44 Slammer: btw
22:07:48 Slammer: have you ever heard
22:07:55 Slammer: summer breeze by seals and croft
22:08:12 peterorg54: no
22:08:26 peterorg54: : o
22:08:46 Slammer: it's a awesome song
22:08:47 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:09:24 peterorg54: have u ever heard of
22:09:30 peterorg54: outta my way ?
22:09:35 Slammer: no
22:09:42 PacmanProductions: i love summer breeze
22:09:43 peterorg54: you totally should check it out
22:09:44 peterorg54: dood
22:09:53 peterorg54: its an awesome song
22:10:04 peterorg54: : d
22:10:22 Slammer: ohmy.gif
22:10:26 Slammer: who is it by?
22:11:02 JVM: okay samuel I sent it
22:11:08 Slammer: LMAO
22:11:08 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
22:11:11 JVM: but the ending is a bit messy cause i dont know where to go with it tongue.gif
22:11:12 peterorg54: u dont know that song ?
22:11:14 Slammer: Josef
22:11:17 Slammer: right?
22:11:29 JVM: you have to remember the whole name or it doesnt count
22:11:37 Slammer: vincent Miller
22:11:38 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:11:40 JVM: lol
22:11:45 Slammer: btw
22:11:45 JVM: anyway
22:11:52 JVM: should be there in a sec
22:11:55 Slammer: josef is like German or something right
22:12:00 JVM: dutch
22:12:01 Slammer: Europeans
22:12:04 Slammer: LOL
22:12:06 Slammer: close
22:12:06 JVM: lol
22:12:33 peterorg54: im listening to outta my way
22:12:35 JVM: its like josef stalin
22:12:35 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
22:12:36 JVM: ohmy.gif
22:12:40 Slammer: LOL
22:12:42 Slammer: hey
22:12:42 JVM: outta my way is good tongue.gif
22:12:48 peterorg54: : D
22:12:49 Slammer: you can't steal my "I suck"
22:12:52 Slammer: line
22:12:54 JVM: lol
22:12:55 Slammer: LOL
22:12:57 Slammer: it
22:12:59 Slammer: is
22:13:00 Slammer: mine
22:13:01 Slammer: :{
22:13:11 Slammer: LOL
22:13:17 peterorg54: actually i think this is pretty good
22:13:17 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:13:36 Slammer: well thanks....
22:13:40 Slammer: I think 8)
22:13:41 peterorg54: i was kidding
22:13:45 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
22:13:46 Slammer: See
22:13:47 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:13:49 peterorg54: jk
22:14:20 Slammer: JVM
22:14:27 Slammer: did you improvise?
22:14:37 JVM: yeah
22:14:43 Slammer: kewl
22:14:49 Slammer: as robin would say
22:14:50 Slammer: LOL
22:14:54 JVM: lol
22:14:58 Slammer: it's nice
22:15:00 Slammer: but....
22:15:03 JVM: endings a bit weak compared to the rest
22:15:04 Slammer: I don't like the tone
22:15:07 Slammer: LOL
22:15:11 Slammer: I mean
22:15:14 JVM: i know i've been trying to get a good tone tongue.gif
22:15:14 Slammer: it's not bad
22:15:15 peterorg54: did u compose that song ? biggrin.gif
22:15:18 JVM: its a little nasal eh
22:15:20 Slammer: but it could be better
22:15:22 Slammer: yeah
22:15:24 Slammer: dude
22:15:25 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
22:15:29 Slammer: you need some Chours
22:15:32 Slammer: Chorus
22:15:37 JVM: i have a little on it
22:15:38 Slammer: just not to much
22:15:42 Slammer: and some Delay
22:15:46 Slammer: or
22:15:48 Slammer: Echo
22:16:09 Slammer: dwhat are you using?
22:16:10 JVM: i have a bit of delay too
22:16:14 JVM: gearbox
22:16:16 Slammer: well you need more
22:16:17 Slammer: tongue.gif
22:16:18 JVM: the line 6 software
22:16:25 Slammer: I mean more
22:16:28 Slammer: Delay
22:16:31 JVM: okay ill try some tweaking and send you a new version in a bit
22:16:34 Slammer: and Chorus
22:16:44 Slammer: like turn the Chorus way UP
22:16:47 Slammer: LOL
22:16:49 Slammer: well
22:16:51 Slammer: not too much
22:16:52 Slammer: but
22:16:59 Slammer: make it sound like
22:17:13 Slammer: GIlmour
22:17:25 JVM: trying to biggrin.gif
22:19:32 Slammer: http://line6.com/spideriii/sounds01.html
22:19:34 Slammer: JVM
22:19:35 Slammer: *slap*
22:19:42 Slammer: can you get sounds like that?
22:19:55 Slammer: like the Cumf. NUMB solo
22:20:26 JVM: kind of but not really
22:20:32 Slammer: LOL
22:20:35 JVM: the spider has more options than my toneport
22:20:37 JVM: a lot more
22:20:40 Slammer: well...
22:20:45 JVM: I'm going for something a bit more saturated
22:20:47 Slammer: I thought you had a gear box
22:21:01 Slammer: sad.gif
22:21:05 JVM: lol
22:21:18 Slammer: well... does your thing have Reverb, Chorus and Delay?
22:21:23 JVM: yes.
22:21:31 Slammer: thats all you need for that sound
22:21:37 Slammer: just gotta tweak it
22:21:41 JVM: right now im dry on verb cause i think i had too much stuff going on
22:21:43 Slammer: duh 8)
22:22:01 Slammer: I was talking about my last thing I said ^^^
22:22:04 Slammer: LOL
22:22:08 peterorg54: hahahaha
22:22:09 peterorg54: duh
22:22:10 peterorg54: means
22:22:12 peterorg54: more
22:22:13 peterorg54: in korean
22:22:18 Slammer: duh
22:22:22 peterorg54: did u know that ?
22:22:25 Slammer: duh
22:22:26 peterorg54: its so funny
22:22:27 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:22:29 Slammer: duh
22:22:34 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:23:18 Slammer: JVM which kind of Toneport do you have
22:23:32 Slammer: GX?
22:23:40 Slammer: UX1
22:23:47 Slammer: UX2?
22:24:05 Slammer: *meow*
22:24:18 JVM: gx
22:24:19 peterorg54: damnit
22:24:24 JVM: smallest version
22:24:25 JVM: lol
22:24:29 peterorg54: im too noob to understand what u guys are talking aoubt
22:24:30 peterorg54: sad.gif
22:25:13 Slammer: me too
22:25:17 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
22:25:37 JVM: okay i adjusted the sound a bit
22:25:41 JVM: lemme re record and send another
22:26:12 Slammer: sure
22:26:22 Slammer: basic gx1.1 stuff
22:26:32 Slammer: too much for peterorg to understand
22:27:02 Slammer: gx1.1 over a USB 2.0 into a
22:27:14 Slammer: 160GB
22:27:25 Slammer: 7200 RPM
22:27:37 Slammer: PC3200
22:27:53 Slammer: L2 cache, 533 MHz front side bus
22:28:02 Slammer: *meow* 8)
22:28:13 peterorg54: knock you out
22:28:18 Slammer: LOL
22:28:19 Slammer: JK JK
22:28:38 Slammer: I just read all that stuff off the front of my PC I'm a noob sad.gif
22:29:42 JVM: okay sending the second one
22:29:45 JVM: which is sloppier tongue.gif
22:29:47 Slammer: LOL
22:29:48 PacmanProductions: who has finished gabriel's "rock n blues" lesson?
22:29:49 JVM: but just to get an idea of the tone
22:29:49 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:29:52 Slammer: ok
22:30:06 Slammer: I won't judge the playing only the tone
22:30:06 JVM: i think its better
22:30:08 Slammer: LOL
22:33:12 Slammer: I haven't got it yet
22:33:13 Slammer: LOL
22:33:19 Slammer: I'll *whip* you for that
22:33:38 JVM: keep checking
22:33:52 Slammer: ahh
22:35:24 Slammer: better
22:35:27 Slammer: I like the feel
22:35:30 Slammer: although
22:35:33 Slammer: in some parts
22:35:42 Slammer: the Delay seams a little strong
22:35:49 Slammer: like in the begging
22:35:51 Slammer: tongue.gif
22:36:07 Slammer: typo you know what I mean
22:36:13 JVM: lol
22:36:17 JVM: so down slightly on the delay
22:36:18 JVM: ?
22:36:23 Slammer: yeah...
22:36:29 Slammer: but keep the feel of the solo
22:36:31 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:36:47 JVM: why cant i just have muris's tone biggrin.gif
22:37:05 Slammer: I made one very simular
22:37:13 Slammer: on my spider
22:37:19 Slammer: the preset was
22:37:25 Slammer: Bwian May
22:37:32 Slammer: but I turned off the delay
22:37:48 Slammer: and it is awesome creamy sound
22:37:58 Slammer: perfect for
22:38:02 Slammer: Pinch Harmonics
22:38:04 JVM: creamy is what I need
22:38:17 JVM: about the only thing i cant seem to get
22:38:21 JVM: brb i need a drink
22:38:27 Slammer: Milk!
22:38:46 JVM: nahh
22:38:51 JVM: apple cider or orange juice
22:38:59 Slammer: OJ
22:39:15 Slammer: I'm not a big fan of the Apple Juice sad.gif
22:40:02 peterorg54: AJ
22:40:04 peterorg54: ROCKS
22:40:56 JVM: apple cider
22:41:02 JVM: is way different than apple juice
22:41:20 JVM: think ill stick with this tone
22:41:31 JVM: and not push my luck
22:41:45 Slammer: which tone?
22:42:01 JVM: the one i sent you
22:42:04 JVM: minus a little delay
22:42:09 Slammer: ok cool
22:42:11 Slammer: LOL
22:42:17 Slammer: it's pretty good
22:42:23 Slammer: btw
22:42:25 Slammer: man
22:42:28 Slammer: lets Collab
22:42:35 Slammer: like Kris and Marcus
22:42:38 Slammer: LOL
22:42:53 Slammer: we can call it Bowl to the Earth
22:43:11 Slammer: LOL tongue.gif
22:44:16 Slammer: *slap*
22:44:18 Slammer: LOL
22:44:22 Slammer: cya
22:44:25 Slammer: Ibanez
22:44:50 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
22:45:48 Slammer: *meow* *slap* *whip*
22:45:51 Slammer: hello ppl
22:45:54 Slammer: where did you go?
22:45:56 peterorg54: WHAT
22:46:00 JVM: recording tongue.gif
22:46:10 Slammer: what do you think about my Idea
22:46:22 Slammer: JVM
22:46:26 peterorg54: practicing tongue.gif
22:46:30 Slammer: *meow* *slap* *whip*
22:46:32 Slammer: ohmy.gif
22:46:37 Slammer: oops
22:47:16 JVM: bowl to the earth?
22:47:21 Slammer: LOL
22:47:22 Slammer: NVM
22:47:25 JVM: lol
22:47:49 Slammer: you should send me a BT
22:54:41 Slammer: *slap*
22:54:46 Slammer: like you said you would
22:55:05 JVM: you left
22:55:10 Slammer: ohmy.gif
22:55:13 Slammer: What??
22:55:26 JVM: last night
22:55:31 Slammer: LOL
22:55:32 Slammer: oh yeah
22:55:49 Slammer: I to go out with my cousin who is visiting from out of town
22:55:55 Slammer: actually
22:55:58 Slammer: out of country
22:56:00 Slammer: LOL
22:56:02 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
22:56:04 Slammer: and show him around
22:56:09 Slammer: to the Mall
22:56:12 Slammer: and stuff
22:56:14 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
22:56:22 peterorg54: where is he from ?
22:56:28 Slammer: Costa Rica
22:57:13 Slammer: but anyways
22:57:19 Slammer: I couldn't stay last night
22:57:24 Slammer: but if you send one
22:57:26 Slammer: tonight
22:57:31 Slammer: I can record tommorw
22:57:32 Slammer: LOL
22:57:43 JVM: well i cant do drums
22:57:56 peterorg54: u guys making a song ?
22:58:00 Slammer: thats no good
22:58:01 Slammer: sad.gif
22:58:12 peterorg54: u guys making a song ?
22:58:12 peterorg54: u guys making a song ?
22:58:13 peterorg54: u guys making a song ?
22:58:13 peterorg54: u guys making a song ?
22:58:19 Slammer: no
22:58:25 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
22:58:29 Slammer: because he can't do drujms
22:58:31 peterorg54: then what is this all about ?
22:58:32 Slammer: drums*
22:58:38 Slammer: JVM
22:58:51 Slammer: we should make a Satch style song or something
22:58:56 peterorg54: why
22:59:05 Slammer: although I don't listen to Satch so I wouldn't know
22:59:28 peterorg54: WHY
22:59:35 Slammer: duh
22:59:38 peterorg54: DUH
22:59:39 peterorg54: more
22:59:41 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
23:00:44 peterorg54: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s32emy4vkxQ
23:00:48 peterorg54: this is so funny
23:00:48 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
23:01:15 peterorg54: yo
23:01:17 peterorg54: *slap*
23:01:40 Slammer: LOL
23:01:57 peterorg54: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9-0zb6w6is
23:02:00 peterorg54: oh man
23:02:04 peterorg54: i cant stop laughing
23:02:45 Slammer: JVM
23:02:47 Slammer: JVM
23:02:48 Slammer: JVM
23:02:48 Slammer: JVM
23:02:49 Slammer: JVM
23:02:50 Slammer: JVM
23:02:52 Slammer: JVM
23:02:53 Slammer: JVM
23:02:53 Slammer: JVM
23:02:53 Slammer: JVM
23:02:53 Slammer: JVM
23:02:53 Slammer: JVM
23:02:54 Slammer: JVM
23:02:54 Slammer: JVM
23:02:54 Slammer: JVM
23:02:54 Slammer: JVM
23:02:55 Slammer: JVM
23:02:55 Slammer: JVM
23:02:55 Slammer: JVM
23:02:55 Slammer: JVM
23:02:55 Slammer: JVM
23:02:55 Slammer: JVM
23:02:55 Slammer: JVM
23:02:56 Slammer: JVM
23:02:56 Slammer: JVM
23:02:56 Slammer: JVM
23:02:57 Slammer: JVM
23:02:57 Slammer: JVM
23:02:57 Slammer: JVM
23:02:57 Slammer: JVM
23:02:57 Slammer: JVM
23:02:58 Slammer: JVM
23:02:59 peterorg54: whip him
23:03:02 Slammer: *whip*
23:03:03 peterorg54: hi
23:03:05 peterorg54: leedbreak
23:03:07 peterorg54: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9-0zb6w6is
23:03:09 peterorg54: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9-0zb6w6is
23:03:09 peterorg54: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9-0zb6w6is
23:03:11 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
23:03:12 Slammer: *whip*
23:03:15 peterorg54: this is damn funny
23:03:29 peterorg54: duh means more in korean
23:03:31 peterorg54: lol
23:03:48 leedbreak: hello and *whip* back atcha
23:03:56 JVM: what tongue.gif
23:04:05 Slammer: dud
23:04:07 Slammer: dude
23:04:12 Slammer: I just got a great IDEA
23:04:13 Slammer: JVM
23:04:16 Slammer: I just got a great IDEA
23:04:20 Slammer: JVM
23:04:23 peterorg54: they are so serious when they say duh duh duhduhduh duhduhduh duh
23:04:24 JVM: what slammer
23:04:38 leedbreak: do you say everything twice
23:04:47 Slammer: you can record it clean and then add effects when you mix down
23:05:07 Slammer: it works and you can control
23:05:12 JVM: nahhh
23:05:13 Slammer: the Effects
23:05:15 JVM: ill do that some other time
23:05:17 peterorg54: how do u remix the song
23:05:21 JVM: i feel pretty good about this overall
23:05:29 peterorg54: i dont know anything aoubt computer music stuff
23:05:36 leedbreak: whoops gotta run
23:05:41 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
23:05:43 peterorg54: no
23:05:45 peterorg54: you just
23:05:47 peterorg54: cam
23:05:48 peterorg54: e
23:05:48 peterorg54: in
23:05:49 peterorg54: ..
23:05:56 peterorg54: sad.gif
23:06:18 PacmanProductions: cya peoples
23:07:14 JVM: we're all alone sad.gif
23:07:33 Slammer: BTW
23:07:34 Slammer: JVM
23:07:35 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
23:07:42 Slammer: you never told me what you thought about
23:07:46 Slammer: the Slammer Sucks
23:07:49 Slammer: with the Lead
23:08:49 Slammer: *slap*
23:08:53 Slammer: LOL
23:08:57 Slammer: I was still waiting
23:09:03 Slammer: for you to say it sucked
23:09:05 Slammer: LOL
23:09:45 Slammer: *meow* *slap* *whip*
23:10:05 JVM: sucked too much for me to tell you how much it sucked
23:10:10 Slammer: sad.gif
23:10:14 Slammer: fine then
23:11:15 Slammer: *slap* *whip* *meow* *slap* *meow*
23:11:17 Slammer: Peter
23:11:32 Slammer: Peter!!!!!
23:11:53 Slammer: sad.gif
23:12:28 Slammer: YO
23:12:29 Slammer: YO
23:12:30 Slammer: YO
23:12:30 Slammer: YO
23:12:31 Slammer: YO
23:12:31 Slammer: YOY
23:12:31 Slammer: YO
23:12:32 Slammer: YO
23:12:32 Slammer: YYO
23:12:32 peterorg54: DUH
23:12:33 peterorg54: DUH
23:12:34 Slammer: YO
23:12:34 peterorg54: DUH
23:12:34 peterorg54: DUH
23:12:34 peterorg54: DUH
23:12:34 Slammer: YO
23:12:41 peterorg54: so
23:12:42 peterorg54: sup
23:12:44 Slammer: do you think Slammer sucks"
23:12:47 Slammer: Sucks?
23:12:51 Slammer: the song I mean
23:12:56 Slammer: the song
23:13:02 Slammer: "SLammer Sucks"
23:13:07 peterorg54: . ?
23:13:08 peterorg54: what
23:13:09 peterorg54: ?
23:13:14 Slammer: do you think it sucks?
23:13:30 peterorg54: sucked too much for me to tell you how much it sucked
23:13:39 Slammer: sad.gif sad.gif
23:13:40 Slammer: sad.gif sad.gif
23:13:41 Slammer: sad.gif sad.gif
23:13:41 Slammer: sad.gif sad.gif
23:13:41 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
23:13:41 Slammer: sad.gif sad.gif
23:13:41 Slammer: sad.gif sad.gif
23:13:41 Slammer: sad.gif sad.gif
23:13:42 Slammer: sad.gif sad.gif
23:13:57 Slammer: I whip you *slap* *whip* *slap* *meow* *slap* *whip*
23:14:05 peterorg54: wait
23:14:05 peterorg54: so
23:14:10 peterorg54: what are you dtalking about
23:14:15 peterorg54: slammer sucks
23:14:16 peterorg54: is the
23:14:16 Slammer: my song SLammer Shucks
23:14:22 Slammer: SUCKS*
23:14:29 peterorg54: song name .. :|
23:14:31 Slammer: yeah
23:14:33 peterorg54: is that .. ?
23:14:34 peterorg54: oh
23:14:38 peterorg54: well then
23:14:39 Slammer: you wanna hear?
23:14:42 peterorg54: sucked too much for me to tell you how much it sucked
23:14:43 peterorg54: oh
23:14:44 peterorg54: sure
23:14:53 Slammer: NO you said it sucked too much
23:14:54 Slammer: sad.gif
23:14:57 peterorg54: no
23:15:02 peterorg54: i didnt even hear
23:15:03 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
23:15:05 Slammer: you just did
23:15:07 Slammer: ^^^
23:15:11 peterorg54: sad.gif
23:15:17 peterorg54: [email protected]
23:15:20 peterorg54: send it
23:15:21 peterorg54: NOW
23:15:23 peterorg54: or
23:15:23 peterorg54: post
23:15:24 peterorg54: it
23:15:27 Slammer: LOL
23:15:29 peterorg54: on topic
23:15:30 Slammer: damn
23:15:32 peterorg54: on gmc
23:15:35 Slammer: you're such a nerds
23:15:38 Slammer: you have
23:15:45 Slammer: the same email as User name
23:15:47 Slammer: LOL
23:16:02 peterorg54: cuz im cool
23:16:05 Slammer: biggrin.gif
23:16:07 Slammer: http://www.soundclick.com/player/single_pl...799264&q=hi
23:16:09 Slammer: :?
23:16:31 Slammer: Wait wrong link
23:16:35 Slammer: Wait wrong link
23:16:35 Slammer: Wait wrong link
23:16:35 Slammer: Wait wrong link
23:16:35 Slammer: Wait wrong link
23:16:36 Slammer: Wait wrong link
23:16:36 Slammer: Wait wrong link
23:16:36 Slammer: Wait wrong link
23:16:36 Slammer: Wait wrong link
23:16:36 Slammer: Wait wrong link
23:16:37 Slammer: Wait wrong link
23:16:45 peterorg54: what was that man
23:16:52 Slammer: ^^^^^^^
23:17:02 Slammer: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cf...;songID=5799264
23:17:04 Slammer: sad.gif
23:17:06 Slammer: :?
23:17:52 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
23:17:53 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
23:17:53 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
23:17:53 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
23:17:54 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
23:17:59 Slammer: sad.gif
23:18:22 peterorg54: u composed this ?
23:18:48 Slammer: well JVM asked me to try to compose something, but then he said it sucked :|
23:18:52 Slammer: LOL
23:18:56 peterorg54: shucker
23:18:59 JVM: lol
23:19:02 Slammer: it was late at night in my defence
23:19:06 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
23:19:10 Slammer: with no Equitment
23:19:16 Slammer: except
23:19:19 Slammer: a guitar
23:19:19 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
23:19:25 Slammer: and Keyboard
23:19:29 peterorg54: oih
23:19:42 peterorg54: u played keyboard by urself ?
23:19:48 peterorg54: in that song ?
23:19:54 Slammer: no
23:19:56 Slammer: I used
23:20:02 peterorg54: shucker
23:20:03 Slammer: a Beat
23:20:07 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
23:20:09 Slammer: and looped it
23:20:19 Slammer: and I played a Fake Bass
23:20:23 Slammer: Aka my guitar
23:20:28 Slammer: tuned to drop C
23:20:31 Slammer: LOL
23:20:40 peterorg54: hm
23:20:42 peterorg54: soundclick
23:20:49 Slammer: and then I went to show JVM...
23:20:53 peterorg54: i never heard of this site
23:20:54 peterorg54: sad.gif
23:21:01 Slammer: and since then... I haven't recorded anything sad.gif
23:21:11 Slammer: thanks alot jvm :|
23:21:54 Slammer: actually I did make something called "The SLammer SHow"
23:22:04 Slammer: I made 4 episodes
23:22:11 Slammer: that I only showed a few ppl
23:22:13 Slammer: like
23:22:21 JVM: okay im putting it up now
23:22:29 Slammer: Gen, Robin, Hemlok, botoxfox, and Chast
23:22:39 Slammer: but I canceled it 2 weeks ago
23:22:42 JVM: hopefully everyone wont hate it sad.gif
23:22:47 Slammer: then I made Slammer live
23:22:52 Slammer: which was just me
23:23:00 Slammer: talking to GEN via Yahoo messanger
23:23:03 Slammer: LOL
23:23:09 Slammer: but that only lasted 5 days
23:23:23 Slammer: yeah
23:23:34 Slammer: but I haven;t recorded a song in a long time
23:25:06 peterorg54: so
23:25:07 JVM: hmm weird
23:25:16 peterorg54: ur calling urself a blueser ?
23:25:16 Slammer: ?
23:25:17 JVM: the backing track version doesnt have the solo with it
23:25:21 Slammer: I know
23:25:30 Slammer: I was cliffhanging the whole time
23:25:38 Slammer: LOL
23:25:41 Slammer: damn
23:25:44 Slammer: dude
23:25:51 Slammer: I almost had a heart attack
23:25:56 Slammer: waiting for you to come in
23:26:04 Slammer: and you never did
23:26:59 Slammer: dude
23:27:03 Slammer: LOL
23:27:08 Slammer: you didn't mix it did you?
23:27:38 Slammer: I mean the files together
23:29:33 JVM: no i did
23:29:37 JVM: fixing it now
23:29:39 JVM: its just being weird
23:29:54 Slammer: dude
23:30:07 Slammer: I downloaded the files
23:30:20 Slammer: do you mind If I mix them just for fun- and Practise?
23:30:26 JVM: whatever
23:30:28 Slammer: LOL
23:30:46 JVM: what the hell ><
23:30:46 Slammer: thanks
23:30:53 JVM: i just re mixed it and theres still no sound
23:33:07 JVM: there got it working
23:33:17 Slammer: LOL
23:33:18 Slammer: good
23:37:58 Slammer: LOL
23:38:13 Slammer: I messing around with your playing
23:38:20 Slammer: it sounds Trippy
23:38:24 JVM: lol
23:39:39 peterorg54: mm
23:39:42 peterorg54: this tangerine is good
23:40:01 JVM: i want a tangerine sad.gif
23:40:15 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
23:41:01 peterorg54: do u guys have winco in florida ?
23:41:29 Slammer: JVM doesn't live in Florida
23:41:33 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
23:41:34 peterorg54: what
23:41:41 peterorg54: i thought u guys were friends
23:41:42 peterorg54: real
23:41:43 JVM: lol
23:41:44 peterorg54: friends
23:41:48 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
23:41:51 JVM: we're fake friends
23:42:01 Slammer: LOL
23:42:03 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
23:42:09 Slammer: oh yeah we're in a band
23:42:11 Slammer: remember JVM
23:42:14 peterorg54: wait..
23:42:17 JVM: yeah
23:42:18 peterorg54: that was a lie ?
23:42:21 Slammer: Corn
23:42:29 JVM: well, north carolina isnt that far from florida
23:42:54 peterorg54: so have u guys ever senn each other in person ?
23:43:03 JVM: of course
23:43:04 JVM: we've jammed
23:43:05 peterorg54: oh
23:43:08 peterorg54: oh
23:43:09 peterorg54: cool
23:43:23 peterorg54: oh
23:43:23 peterorg54: so
23:43:29 peterorg54: u guys are in band ?..
23:43:33 peterorg54: ?
23:43:51 JVM: yep
23:43:54 peterorg54: oh
23:44:00 JVM: slammer is the rhythm guitarist and im the lead
23:44:04 JVM: but he sing
23:44:04 JVM: s
23:44:08 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
23:44:10 peterorg54: wahahaha
23:44:13 peterorg54: let me hear
23:44:14 JVM: have you ever heard him sing
23:44:14 peterorg54: NOW
23:44:17 Slammer: I do NOt
23:44:19 peterorg54: no
23:44:22 JVM: he has some recordings
23:44:22 peterorg54: sad.gif
23:44:23 JVM: of singing
23:44:26 JVM: let him hear it
23:44:30 peterorg54: WAHAHAHA
23:44:32 JVM: all along the watchtower
23:44:36 peterorg54: NOW
23:44:39 peterorg54: link me
23:44:41 peterorg54: NOW
23:44:52 JVM: if i remembered what site it was on i would
23:44:55 Slammer: Never
23:44:58 JVM: you'll have to get it out of him
23:45:02 peterorg54: :
23:45:03 peterorg54: o
23:45:06 JVM: lol
23:45:10 peterorg54: yo sam
23:45:14 peterorg54: *whip*
23:45:26 peterorg54: sam
23:45:30 peterorg54: Yoooooooooooooooo
23:45:38 peterorg54: *slap*
23:45:40 peterorg54: *slap*
23:45:40 Slammer: sam?
23:45:40 peterorg54: *slap*
23:45:40 peterorg54: *slap*
23:45:41 peterorg54: *slap*
23:45:42 Slammer: who is that>?
23:45:47 peterorg54: come on
23:45:48 peterorg54: link me
23:45:49 peterorg54: NOW
23:45:55 Slammer: I don't have it
23:46:01 peterorg54: ..
23:46:10 peterorg54: was a lie or
23:46:12 peterorg54: true ?
23:46:13 Slammer: LOL
23:46:16 Slammer: ask JVM
23:46:20 peterorg54: yo
23:46:22 Slammer: JVM name is Joe btw
23:46:26 peterorg54: *slap*
23:46:28 peterorg54: oh
23:46:28 peterorg54: k
23:46:32 peterorg54: hoe
23:46:35 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
23:46:36 peterorg54: joe
23:46:40 peterorg54: yo
23:46:43 JVM: lol
23:46:50 peterorg54: was a lie ?
23:46:56 JVM: what
23:47:01 peterorg54: sam's singing
23:47:05 JVM: no he has it somewhere
23:47:10 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
23:47:10 JVM: he just deosnt want you to hear it
23:47:13 JVM: doesnt*
23:47:19 peterorg54: sam
23:47:23 peterorg54: *slap*
23:47:32 Slammer: no I don't
23:47:33 Slammer: :{
23:47:38 Slammer: stop lieing
23:47:44 peterorg54: stop lieing sam
23:47:50 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
23:47:50 Slammer: LOL
23:47:52 JVM: just show him
23:47:53 Slammer: lying*
23:47:57 JVM: i wanna hear it again anyway
23:48:05 Slammer: LOL
23:48:12 peterorg54: k
23:48:12 Slammer: so you can critisze it some more
23:48:15 peterorg54: link me
23:48:32 JVM: http://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...ost&id=2597
23:48:37 JVM: listen to my gilmour solo and tell me what you think tongue.gif
23:48:53 peterorg54: oh
23:48:56 peterorg54: is itby you ?
23:48:59 Slammer: I did
23:49:03 JVM: not you sam
23:49:04 peterorg54: :|
23:49:05 JVM: yeah its by me
23:49:31 peterorg54: definitely
23:49:32 peterorg54: better
23:49:33 peterorg54: than
23:49:34 peterorg54: sam
23:49:46 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
23:50:10 Slammer: LOL
23:50:12 peterorg54: ok
23:50:13 peterorg54: so
23:50:14 peterorg54: sam
23:50:15 peterorg54: link me
23:50:16 peterorg54: NOW
23:50:20 Slammer: sry
23:50:26 Slammer: I am Remixing JVM's song
23:50:30 peterorg54: no
23:50:31 peterorg54: no
23:50:32 Slammer: without him knowing
23:50:34 peterorg54: link me
23:50:36 Slammer: biggrin.gif
23:50:37 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
23:50:45 JVM: slammer, fix the timing problems if you possibly can tongue.gif
23:50:48 JVM: theres only one or two spots
23:50:54 Slammer: I didn't notice
23:50:54 JVM: where i was slightly off beat
23:50:55 Slammer: LOL
23:50:58 Slammer: so dude
23:51:05 Slammer: that makes it sound trippy
23:51:10 JVM: fine
23:51:12 Slammer: thats what I 'm going for
23:51:17 peterorg54: ur voice is trippy
23:51:20 JVM: well what are you doing to it? sad.gif
23:51:21 peterorg54: link me
23:51:23 peterorg54: NOOOOOOW
23:51:28 Slammer: LOL
23:51:40 Slammer: not much really
23:51:45 Slammer: just added some chours
23:51:48 Slammer: Chorus
23:51:49 Slammer: LOL
23:51:52 Slammer: 60's
23:51:54 Slammer: style
23:52:01 Slammer: sounds about the same
23:52:02 Slammer: LOL
23:52:15 JVM: i think the tone came out decent
23:52:24 JVM: the high notes are not too piercing
23:52:29 peterorg54: do u really have a link of ur singing ?
23:52:32 JVM: the low is not too muddy
23:52:33 peterorg54: no lies
23:52:49 peterorg54: *slap*
23:53:00 peterorg54: yo
23:53:23 peterorg54: dammit
23:53:24 peterorg54: am
23:53:26 peterorg54: sam
23:54:21 Slammer: LOL
23:54:27 Slammer: slammer can't sing
23:54:30 Slammer: neither can you
23:54:34 JVM: HAHA
23:54:37 JVM: thats a really good one
23:54:40 JVM: i can find it
23:54:41 Slammer: so we're all on GMC so we can learn to sing the blues
23:55:05 peterorg54: dammit
23:55:11 JVM: http://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...?showtopic=6849
23:55:12 JVM: peter
23:55:15 JVM: listen to slammers singing
23:55:17 JVM: at the bottom
23:55:19 JVM: near the bottom anyway
23:55:27 Slammer: LOL
23:55:32 Slammer: that was a joke
23:55:38 JVM: so tongue.gif
23:55:46 JVM: now you have to have to show him all along the watch tower
23:55:49 JVM: you have a good voice anyway
23:56:01 Slammer: that was a joke too
23:56:05 Slammer: remember
23:56:08 Slammer: I said
23:56:11 peterorg54: OMG
23:56:14 peterorg54: OMG
23:56:18 peterorg54: thats not ur voice
23:56:18 Slammer: "JVM I'm gonna go record me singing"
23:56:19 peterorg54: right
23:56:19 JVM: lol
23:56:25 Slammer: remember?
23:56:28 Slammer: back inJune
23:56:30 Slammer: or July
23:56:31 Slammer: LOL
23:56:41 JVM: it is his voice
23:57:06 peterorg54: wahhhhhhhhhhhahahahaha
23:57:27 Slammer: LOL
23:57:37 JVM: lol
23:57:43 peterorg54: OMG
23:57:46 Slammer: see thats why I don;'t show you stuff :?
23:58:18 Slammer: JVM you're really gonna hate what I've done to it
23:58:21 Slammer: LOL
23:58:22 Slammer: LMAO
23:58:36 JVM: lol
23:58:37 JVM: if you say so
23:58:47 Slammer: should I email?
23:59:01 peterorg54: wahahaha
23:59:03 peterorg54: its so funny
23:59:23 peterorg54: i cant imagine this http://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...;hl=what+do+gmc
23:59:25 peterorg54: face is
23:59:28 peterorg54: singing
23:59:33 peterorg54: in that beasty voice
23:59:35 peterorg54: lol
23:59:41 Slammer: I'm a Beast sad.gif
23:59:42 JVM: hahaha
23:59:46 JVM: i love kris's take
23:59:48 Slammer: JVM should I send?
23:59:51 JVM: i forgot how funny it is
23:59:52 Slammer: LOL
23:59:52 JVM: yeah send it to me
23:59:56 Slammer: nah