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Full Version: Animation For Kids About Existentialism
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The show is called the Adventures Of Mark Twain. Very creepy and it really makes you think about what is existence. Are we just here or do we have a purpose? I myself think that were just merely living. Nothing special. We live, we die- go on to the next person born. Ehh I am rambling on. Discuss GMC.
Freaky stuff... If I had seen it when I was 4 it would've probably scared the s*it out of me.
haha yep. Still kinda freaks me out till now. Famous children writer thinks something about that in life. Oh yes, reminds me the book/movie called The Golden Compass. The story is about 2 kids supposedly killing god. Hows that for a metaphor for kids.
The Uncreator
Are you serious, that movie looked like a Chronicles of Narnia thing. Weird....

Anyway the video is pretty weird, wouldnt show that to my kid.
Really interesting, I've gotta find some time to watch the entire thing, kind of busy at the moment.

By the way BotoxFox, great sig pic! Even though that punk had me screaming for over an hour and a half in Metal Gear Solid 1, he's still one of the coolest characters ever.
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