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Full Version: Turn Off Effects In Reaper
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I was messing around with Reaper a month or so ago and was able (i think) to turn off the effects, in fact I thought I read in here on the forum how to do it. Now I am unable to do it or find where to do it at. Then again maybe I just thought it happened this way.

I am talking about the little grey (on mine) button on a track for fx's, when I mouse over it says "FX enabled". How to disable is what I am looking for here. The problem is I get a tone all lined out and when I fire up Reaper it (the tone) just sounds different. I guess that could be caused by something else?

Nevermind. I changed themes and now the button says off. I will look some where else for the problem.
Saoirse O'Shea
Hi Kahall,
in Reaper in the track lane just to the right of the box where you enter the name of the track are several icons. The FX icon looks like -[]- and lights up green when you have effects turned on. Next to that icon is the status 'on/off' - just click it so it says 'off' and all the effects will be bypassed.

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