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Full Version: Ibanez Demon Wah Wah
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Hey Andrew
I just saw that you have the Ibanez Sweeping Demon Wah pedal biggrin.gif .I had looked at it online and it seemed like it would be a very nice wah,do you like it?The only wah i have ever owned was the Crybaby gcb which was really just the original cybaby.It had very weak sweep range and was just about boring to use for anything but classic rock.

I heard this thing has some nice settings like an adjustable sweep range and some sort of spring.Could you let me know alittle more about the pedal and how well you like it.A review would be awesome smile.gif ,but even just some details about it would be great,as i am thinking about buying one in afew months when i get caugh back up.
Andrew Cockburn
Hi Dan,

I'll give you some impressions now and maybe do a review when I have a little more time ...

First, its built like a tank, really solid. I never run it on batteries but MickeM says it eats them quickly so I always use an adapter.

It really is versatile with an adjustable sweep range and other stuff as you say - I find it is fine with all the controls set to centre, but yo uhave the options if you need it.

It has 2 modes of operation - in the first it is switch operated with no spring - just like the vox except the switch is to the side, nit actually under the pedal. The second is my favourite though - spring loaded so it always returns to the fully up position, and is activated by motion of the pedal itself - that is sooooo much easier than messing with a switch.

All in all I really like it and would recommend it to anyone!
Yep the spring is what made me really start thinking about buying one along with all the other features
I was also thinking of getting one of these a while ago. Maybe I will still get one.
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