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Full Version: Schecter C-1 Hellraiser
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Just wanted to post up my guitar and see if theres anyone else out there who loves schecter=) tell me what you think of this guitar.

Construction/scale: Set-neck with Ultra Access /25.5 in.

Body: Mahogany with Quilted Maple Top

Neck/fingerboard: 3-pc. Mahogany/Rosewood

Frets: 24 X-Jumbo

Inlays: Abalone "Gothic Cross"

Pickups: EMG Active 81 / 85

Electronics: Volume/Volume/Tone/3-Way

Bridge: Original Floyd Rose Tremolo System

Binding: Abalone

Tuners: Grover

Hardware: Black

and also I was thinking about getting this amp. once I get some money:
Very nice Guitar i was gonna buy one on ebay missed out though abd bought a jackson
pfft, that guitar is nothing special wink.gif

Its not like I have one or anything.
I tried one at a store once and it felt absolutely HORRIBLE, but I'm 99% sure that was because it hadn't been cleaned, badly needed new strings and was set up badly. I'd like to try one without those problems, cause I've heard lots of good stuff about them smile.gif
Schecters are awsome smile.gif.. 1 day i hope to have a large collection of them.. not only do they sound great each 1 is a work of art. smile.gif
Rated Htr
it's nice to show a guitar but you should do a review about it, see some in this forum and try to do the same... wink.gif
Toni Suominen
Nice guitar mate, I have thought about buying a Schecter someday, I really like their look and feel smile.gif
Yeah I have this guitar! biggrin.gif Its really a weapon of mass destruction in its own way. However the more I play it the more I feel like I dont even really need the Floyd Rose dry.gif Their a pain in the butt ! tongue.gif
Ivan Milenkovic
The guitar is great man, but I think you should write some of your impressions about it so we can get more info on the guitar. But I do like the looks of it smile.gif

As far as the amp - go for it. It is a great and powerfull machine wink.gif
nice review mate, ive been thinkin about buyin a schecter for a while!
Well i've had it for about 3-4 months, and I have to say... The body=A+, it just fits around you very well and easy to get to high frets. The floyd rose=B+, I love them but it does get in the way when you want to change fastly between drop d and reg tuning. The Pick-ups= A+++++++++, These are insane pickups emg 81/85 actives are just a delicious pair and will deal great amounts of insanity!=) i've played at a few shows with this guitar and I'd have to say it worked out well for each one. Its great for the price also, 800$ for i'd say the best pick ups, floyd rose, 24 fret guitar, beautiful inlays, with mother of pearl lining, thats just a steal basicly. Buy it now! There are only 2 guitars i'd consider to have over this one. Pavel's guitar(the Ibanez gem steve vai signature) and one that i've custom built myself. Well thats my 2 cents, hope you like.

QUOTE (Spiderusalem @ Dec 17 2007, 01:06 PM) *
pfft, that guitar is nothing special wink.gif

Its not like I have one or anything.

=P this guitar is more than special!
I owned one of these for about two weeks. It was purchased brand new, and the guitar was nearly flawless, and it was quite simply gorgeous.

It played well, but in my hands, not as well as my Ibanez guitars. Furthermore, it would go out of tune a bit, something that I'm not used to with my other guitars. The angle that the neck is set into the body at results in higher/sloped strings over the pickups up to the bridge. It is a bit hard to explain, but it felt a bit like playing on an angle, vs the very flat feeling with my RGs.

Finally, though I knew the neck would be much thicker than my Ibanez guitars, I still could not quite get used to it. I ultimately sent the instrument back.
This review that doesn't fulfill the minimum of what's expected - see the template! Jeffrey, PM me when you're ready to work on it. I've sent two PM's since december which of none were replied to.
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