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Full Version: Metal String Skipping
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yeah I had a question on metal playing.

I am trying to play Megadeth songs like Mechanix (Four Horsemen but faster) and Holy Wars. When A power chord is played in their fast riffs they often do fast notes on the e string as a fill. for example:


I have trouble hitting the power chord and skipping back up to the e-string. Is their a certain way I should pick to be able to? Or should I play the riff slowly until I can get up to tempo?

thanks for advice
Chris Evans
EDIT:sorry Jerry didnt see it was your board, many apologies, retracted my reply
Jerry Arcidiacono
sorry for delay but I've missed this topic. It was outside of the main sections.

Bm, your are right. The best "strategy", as usual, is to start slowly and then increase the tempo.
A few notes:
- usually these riffs are played with downstrokes only.
- sometimes the palm muting technique is used. As example, try to mute the E low string and let ring the power chords
- lower notes are called pedal notes, in these type of riffs. Check this out:

or my Hard Rock Rhythm lesson

Hope this helps! smile.gif

ps. Smells: don't worry smile.gif If you have other info or suggestions, feel free to post here.
Chris Evans
Thanks Jerry, I posted then realised it was your board so you should answer first wink.gif

My answer was pretty much same as Jerrys, Normally played with down strokes muting the low E string, personally I struggle with all downstrokes and would play it starting with a downstroke on the bottom E up stroke on second note finishing with a down stroke on the chord, as Jerry says to really get it to ring out, I gave it a quick try and that was the way it semed to come to me naturally anyways, but I agree that prob should be all downs smile.gif
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