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Full Version: Beginner Practice
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Hey pavel

Im a bit confused with all the lessons and activities. Idk anythin about playing guitar really and was wondering if you could give me a bit of advice.
I can play tabs and stuff, at beginner level, but thats not what i wanna be doing in the future anyway. This forum is about practicing, but im not really sure what i need to know so i can practice it... if u get what i mean?

Theres so many lessons and songs on this site that i want to be able to play, and all of them say that you should practice them. Some people mention scales and chords and alternate picking etc. but i want to know the fundamental things that every guitarist should know so i can devise a practice plan (i dont want to miss anything important out). I mean, what sort of things did you practice daily when you started up?

Im sorry if people ask this all the time. I hope i havent duplicated someone else's question, but ive read through alot of the queries posted and most people are not straight beginners like me.

Thanks very much x
Hey there! Don't worry i don't get asked this too often - and even if i were - thats why i am here wink.gif

Kris has developed a great guide for beginners and you can see it at this here link:
It should help you to start. However, if you have more questions after that feel free to come back here and ask whatever you need. I just think that every beginner should watch that guide first.

If you ask how i was practicing, well it was something like this: i was playing scales up and down till i was dead, i was playing songs by ear (Metallica, Steve Vai, Blind Guardian), after a year of scales up and down i moved onto sweeping, legato, tapping but i still kept practicing alternate picking (btw. you'll see what it is in Kris's beginner lessons). Later on i started working on Michael Angelo's "Speed Kills" guitar instructional and it really got me into shred guitar world.

As you can see - i didn't have a teacher to guide me and my practicing routines were developed all by myself. Thank God they did give results smile.gif

And one more thing: don't be afraid to say you're a beginner. We all once were beginners and all of us stay intermediate FOREVER because there is always more to learn smile.gif I really like beginners who practice and want to grow in skills and playing (as far as i can see - you're sure one of these).

So there it is, check out Kris's guide and be sure to come back once you need more help! I'm always here for that smile.gif

Good luck on your journey smile.gif
Like Pavel said, Kris has outlined a good beginner program that I'm following as well. I'm concentrating on scales and AP at this point. Use the lesson planner on the home page. Find some beginner lessons that you like and practice them as well. Don't put to much on yourself. If I can shred in 5 years from now I would be quite satsfied with that progress!

Thanks for your help biggrin.gif
hey pavel, i have kind of a problem here ,you see ,i'm a left-handed guy playing as a regular one ; that means that i have 0 trouble with my left hand ,but by th other side ,i have tons of problems with my right hand. Ok so ,when i play simple stuff everything is ok and sounds great but when it comes to play advanced stuff my right hand only sticks with me for a moment and after ,it starts to go numb. I REALLY need your help because i have tried many right hand excercises but i cant find the one thats solves my problem. Any suggestions? blink.gif
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