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Attila Voros

Attila Voros

Location: Budapest – Hungary
Date of Birth: Jan 16th 1986
Been playing guitar since: 2001

I grabed the guitar when I turned 15 but I’ve been addicted to music since I first heard the Official Live from Pantera. Even though I grew up on really heavy music like Slayer, Sepultura (etc) - I am a huge fan of every kind of classical, jazz and folk music. For me there’s only good or bad music!

I wouldn’t consider myself as an „ordinary shredder” (of course I love to shred), but I’m more into the emotional part of the music (bendings/vibratos etc.). For me one beautifully bended note could kick 1.5 billion notes/sec arpeggios on a 4 neck guitar backwards. I’ve been playing in bands since the very first „garage” days! I did many studio and tour session jobs in Hungary. I always try to be not just a better guitarist but a songwriter. You can check out some of my stuffs at my site:

In 2010 I got the gig of the 2nd guitarist's spot in Nevermore, which I've been being a huge fan for years. This is a dream that has come true for me! I hope it will influence some people to belive and follow their dreams.

As Jeff Loomis once told me: Shred the world (with emotion)!

Playing and Influences
Dimebag Darrell, Jeff Loomis, Justin Derrico, Zakk Wylde, Marco Sfogli, classic guitar heroes like Satriani/Vai/Gilbert/Malmsteen, Andy Timmons, Guthrie Govan… and many more!

It is a really cool and big community of good musicians! Definitely one of the best place to learn/teach any kind of guitar playing! I also really like the way the instructors build up their lessons! Music brings people together!!!

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