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Diego Budicin

Location: Torino, Italy
Date of birth: August 26, 1990
Been playing guitar since: 1998

I started to play the guitar at the age of 8, influenced by a lullaby that my father was playing for me and my brother, on a classical guitar. After a couple of years, I just fell in love with the sound of this amazing instrument and I started to play harder and longer day by day.

I remember a lot of sorrow for my little fingers! I haven't studied theory until the age of 16, after winning an important national contest for electric guitar players. At that point I figured it was important to learn something more about my instrument instead of just play it. So, I started to study hard. The technical abilities and the theory knowledge that I improved in that period allowed me to figure out more and more about how to play the guitar, but the main theme of my passion was the passion for the music itself!

- In 2010 I played in U.S. for a month (specifically in Florida) playing in over 25 different venues.
- In 2011 I won the Chickenfoot contest organized by Rock TV. It was great to receive the prize of the contest: a beautiful Ibanez signature guitar signed by Joe Satriani by hand with a marker!
- In November 2011 I've been on tour supporting the Stoney Curtis band from California. I played in U.K., Germany and Holland for 15 amazing gigs! I had the opportunity to open each of our concerts playing some of my original songs.
- The following year, in 2012, I won the prestigious Steve Vai contest and I had the opportunity to play on stage with Steve during one of his italian gigs! After that I'm proudly endorsing Ibanez Guitars and Laney Amplifiers and I'm working on my first solo album.

Playing and Influences
I grew up listening to a lot of musicians, starting from Chopin, Beethoven, Giuseppe Verdi, Jimi Hendrix, Mark Knopfler, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Yngwie Malmsteen, Scott Henderson, Guthrie Govan, Steve Lukather, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Andy Timmons, Larry Carlton, Greg Howe, Nile Rodgers and many many others.

It’s just amazing how much talent is contained in the GMC lessons. There are lots of stunning musicians! I’m just so proud to have the opportunity to share my personal music experience with everyone who will follow my lessons and I'm sure I will learn a lot from the other instructors!

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Diego Budicin's lessons (207,705 views)

Name Level Type Technique Category
Extended Arpeggios 6 of 10 Exercise Alternate Picking Rock - Other
25 Modern Guitar Players 10 of 10 Full Song Picking (more than one type) Rock Fusion
Sixteenths Groove - Funk Patterns 6 of 10 Rhythm/Riffs Rhythm Funk
Blues Grooves 7 of 10 Solo Phrasing Blues
3 Chords Metal Practice 8 of 10 Solo Phrasing Metal - Modern
II-V-I Phrasing - Modern Rock Examples 5 of 10 Solo Picking (more than one type) Rock Fusion
Country Blues Shred 8 of 10 Solo Picking (more than one type) Country
Mark Knopfler Style Soloing 5 of 10 Solo Fingerpicking Rock Ballad
Modern Altered Phrasing 8 of 10 Solo Phrasing Rock Fusion
Odd Funk Fusion 7 of 10 Rhythm/Riffs Rhythm Funk
Alternative Chord Shapes Visualization 4 of 10 Chords Chords Jazz
Dynamics Control 6 of 10 Solo Phrasing Rock Ballad
Picking Control Workout - Metal Soloing 8 of 10 Solo Picking (more than one type) Metal - Other
Chord Melody Technique 3 of 10 Chords Chords Rock Ballad
Little Finger Workout 6 of 10 Exercise Legato (both hammer-ons and pull-offs) Rock - Other
Hard Rock Style Riffs 4 of 10 Chords Rock Rhythm Hard Rock
Pop Funk Rhythms 5 of 10 Rhythm/Riffs Rhythm Funk
Fast Progressive Metal Riffing 5 of 10 Rhythm/Riffs Rhythm Metal - Progressive
Fingerpicking Swing 4 of 10 Acoustic Fingerpicking Jazz
Jimi Hendrix Rhythm Style 4 of 10 Rhythm/Riffs Chords Rock - Vintage
String Skipping Arpeggios 4 of 10 Exercise String skipping Rock - Other
Tapping Practice 8 of 10 Exercise Tapping Metal - Classic
Jazzy Fingerstyle Practice 5 of 10 Exercise Fingerpicking Jazz
Funk Rhythms Workout 6 of 10 Rhythm/Riffs Rhythm Funk
Slapping Grooves (8-string) 7 of 10 Rhythm/Riffs Slapping Funk
Progressive Metal Grooves (8-string) 4 of 10 Rhythm/Riffs Alternate Picking Metal - Progressive
Soloing Over A Rock Ballad 4 of 10 Solo Phrasing Rock Ballad
Acoustic Percussive Ballad 5 of 10 Acoustic Fingerpicking Pop Rock
Jumping Harmonies 5 of 10 Solo Phrasing Rock Fusion
Soloing Over A Melodic Ballad 4 of 10 Solo Phrasing Rock Ballad
Melodic Shred Arpeggios 7 of 10 Solo Sweep Picking Metal - Progressive
Drunk Blues Soloing 5 of 10 Solo Phrasing Blues
Acoustic Slap & Rhythm 5 of 10 Acoustic Slapping Other
Soloing Over A Fusion Ballad 7 of 10 Solo Phrasing Rock Ballad
It's Gone - Rhythm Section 4 of 10 Rhythm/Riffs Picking (more than one type) Rock Ballad
Groove Changes 9 of 10 Solo Alternate Picking Funk