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Harris Sopovic

Harris Sopovic

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Date of Birth: November 5th 1987
Been playing guitar since: 1998

I started playing guitar at the age of 11 when I recieved my first album ever, which was "Kill em all" by Metallica. I used to sneak into my brothers room and play on his electric guitar when he wasn't home.

Since music lessons were too expensive, I only had a few tabs and my ear to help in learning to play all the tunes I wanted to.

Playing and Influences
My first influences were bands like Symphony X, Stratovarius, Blind Guardian, In Flames and later on Yngwie. The bands I listened to were all very technical, which inspired me to practice harder to be able to play their songs. I've allways liked to create songs more then to practice guitar, but sometime songs force you to practice techniques.

Being an instructor on the site has made me analyze my own playing far more then I've done before.

The community makes it alot more fun to teach and to learn. A lot of things that are considered "boring", become fun thanks to the creative instructors and students. Rock on!

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