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Hisham Al-Sanea

Hisham Al-Sanea

Location: Lebanon - Saida
Been playing guitar since: 1982

I work in the music field as a teacher, composer and I own a private musical instrument shop. I can say that I am living for instruments, and its my philosophy that music is a big field and has many doors. if you can open these doors you can reach out to your goals.

Playing and Influences
It would be hard to name the musicians that have influenced me, since I have been influenced by almost all professional musicians and built my own style. It is very important to have your own touch and create a unique style as a musician. I am very happy with my style and I am received well in my own country.

GMC is a place and a part of my daily music life. With musicians from all over the world at GMC, I can share my music with them and have contact with other fellow instructors and students. Every day we have some thing new here - I can say GMC is a musicians life style.

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