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Juan Cortes

Juan Cortes

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date of Birth: November 15 1979
Been Playing Guitar Since: 1991

I began playing guitar under the influence of my brother Manuel, and listening to Rush, Yes, Deep Purple and Van Halen. I soon began to practice seriously and relate myself to different music styles. My main influences at this time were all of the Shrapnel guitarists...

Playing and Influences
After listening to Howe and Kotzen I got much closer to fusion and began listening to Allan Holdsworth, the true master of fusion, as well as others such as Scott Henderson, Brett Garsed (hybrid picking master). I have played with numerous bands related to progressive rock and fusion and have recently recorded my first album of my own compositions.

I will share my techniques and show you how to use them as musical ideas. No guitarist should ever forget that music comes first. Technique should always be a vehicle for expression. I believe this will be a very exciting experience and hope to learn a lot from my fellow musicians.


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