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Marius Bob

Marius Bob

Location: Gherla, Romania
Date of Birth: 3rd October 1979
Been playing guitar since: 1995

In the year of 1995 I discovered classical guitar. Shortly after I started studying electric guitar in the style of Paul Gilbert and Yngwie Malmsteen and I had my first show with a band in 1997.
I played metal, soft rock, alternative, jazz, progressive, world music, classical, pop music with different bands.
My favorite equipement is Ibanez(guitars) and Boss(effects).
I graduated From the Music Academy at Cluj-Napoca(Romania) in 2004 - classical guitar.
I was also teacher at primary school for 10 years.

Now I'm using my pedagogical knowledge to teach guitar, theory and harmony at RockSchool (Bucharest - Romania)

Playing and Influences
Yes, Gentle Giant, Rush, Peter Gabriel, Asia, Toto influenced my playing.

I found the most useful place in this community and I'm very glad I became a GMC instructor and student in the same time - studying music never ends.

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