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Nick Kellie

Location: Wigan, Lancashire, Northern England
Date of Birth: July 2nd 1983
Been playing guitar since: 1994/5 but seriously since 1999

Music is a wonderful gift and without it we would probably all be very depressed! It can lift our mood and make us sad, and everything in-between. This powerful phenomenon is what first attracted me to music, the emotion of music was what moved me to play, not the guitar itself. I always try to be the best musician I can be, to me there is a big difference between guitarist and musician. To be a musician takes many more skills and that is what I constantly strive for - balance and musicality.

Playing and Influences
My influences (musical and otherwise) are: Peter Falk, Columbo, Frank Gambale, Pat Martino, Donald Fagen, Peter Cetera, Michael McDonald, Scott Henderson, George Benson, Steely Dan, Larry Carlton, Allan Holdsworth, Pat Metheney, Jonathan Kreisberg, Gino Vannelli, Brent Mason, Wayne Krantz, My mum and Dad, Life in general. I really cant think of all of them. Dave Weckl, Brecker Brothers, Brandon Fields, Chick Corea, Leslie Nielsen, Larry David, Frasier Craine, John Shuttleworth, Mel Brookes, Hank Marvin, The Shadows, Tony Robbins... and so much more

I try to impart as much knowledge as possible in each lesson without overloading the student. I also like to enjoy making the lessons, so I mainly stick to subjects that are close to my heart. I really look forward to conversing with you chaps and wish you all the best in music and life!

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