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Santiago Diaz Garces

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date of Birth: July 19th 1979
Been playing guitar since: 1993

His firsts meetings with the guitar were at the age of 12 but it wasn't until the age of 15, that he started to take it seriously.

In 1998, with only 18 years old and after a very demanding entrance exam, he started the career in the I.T.M.C institute (Argentinian branch of Musicians Institute of USA) from where, later, he graduates with the title of professor and instrumentist of american popular music, and with wide knowledge of different music styles like Jazz, Funk, Rock, Heavy, Blues, Latin, Fusion, Folklore and Tango.

In the meanwhile, he studies with professors such as Ernesto D'Mitruk, Martin Knye, Luis D'agostino, Guillermo Arrom, Juan Farias Gomez, Ernesto Jodos Posse, Marcelo Kitay, Manfred Schwarzkopf, etc.

He also assist to some clinics and masterclasses with recognized musicians in the range of Pino Marrone, Scott Henderson, Sid Jacobs, etc.

He has 3 albums edited. His debut was with Kristine in 2001 with the album Overture (Prog Metal). Then, in 2004, he recorded a Tango album with Duo La Portena. Then, he edited in 2008, the debut album of his actual band called Thabu. Finally, he edited an EP as a solo artist in 2008

Playing and Influences
His tastes for the music began from the very childhood, with the guitarists of the big bands of rock and heavy metal such as Deep Purple, Guns and Roses, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, etc.

When he began to play seriously, he discovered musicians in the height of Jason Becker, Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Greg Howe, Steve Vai, Tony Macalpine, etc. whom has revolutioned his way to play, and obviously, became a huge influences. The combination of all these influences made a mark in his style.

The most important thing at the practice time is to learn to be patient. Things get better with work, but you have to be patient to work them slow until you are able to incorporate the different techniques and figures to develop speed in a clean way and without losing the expressivity when play.

GMC gives me the opportunity of transmit all the things that I learned and still learning to thousands of student in all over the world, and that is awesome.

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