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Vinod Saranga

Vinod Saranga

Location: Colombo, Srilanka
Date of Birth: November 20th 1986
Been playing guitar since: 2003

The guitar is my final instrument in my journey thorough the music world. I have played keyboard, piano, drums and violin since I was a kid, but eventually I took to the guitar and ever since then I have been exploring this very versatile and diverse instrument in depth.

Playing and Influences
I started my playing career with classical guitar as I have found that classical music is the foundation of all other musical styles. That doesn't mean that I don't play or I don't like other styles - I like anything that is musical.

GMC is a great place to share my knowledge with students who want to learn classical guitar and fingerpicking style. I am currently a medical student and have exams often. Despite this I hope to be with you for many more lessons future.

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