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Location: Iwate prefecture, Japan
Date of Birth: January 31, 1986
Been playing guitar since: 2000

I was born in Iwate prefecture, Japan in 1986 and had my first contact with the guitar at the age of 14. At that time, I played acoustic guitar in the style of Japanese pop. At the age of 15, I got a cheap electric guitar and started playing punk music like Hi Standard, Green day etc. After that, I was shocked by Paul gilbert,TAK-Matsumoto(B'z). I began practicing shred playing techniques.

While I was a university student, I liked listening to hard rock and heavy metal guitarists. After that, I became interested in Jazz/Fusion music of Larry Carlton, Greg Howe, Brett Garsed, Yuya Komoguchi and others. At the same time, I was uploading guitar covers and original songs on Youtube since 2009.

I was chosen as one finalists of "The Mayones & Seymour Duncan Regius Competition" in January 2013. It was unbelievable to me and I was very happy.

I released my 1st album called "Eternal Bonds" online in May 2013. This is all guitar instrumental music.

Nowadays, I'm in the middle of putting my 2nd album together.

Playing and Influences
Throughout the years, a lot of musicians have influenced me. Punk and hard rock music have become the base in my guitar playing. In addition, I listened to a lot of pop music since I was very young. These influences are reflected in my music and guitar playing melody.

My favorite guitarists are: Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Richie Kotzen, Kiko Loureiro, Yuya Komoguchi, Greg Howe, Brett Garsed, Larry Carlton, Ran Thal, Guthrie Govan, Jeff Beck, Feodor Dosumov, Chris Standring, Paul Jackson Jr.

My favorite musicians are: The Band Apart, Yasutaka Nakata, Joe Hisaishi, Dimension, Hans Zimmer, Hi-Standard, JiLL Decoy association, Meja, Norah Jones, 4hero, Satoshi Bandoh etc...

This is my first experience teaching the guitar and I'm happy to be given this opportunity. Also, I want to learn as much as possible along the way. Let's go!

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