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Bear Rose

Bear Rose

Location:North Carolina, USA
Date of Birth: October 6, 1981
Been playing guitar since:1994

I started playing guitar at the age of 13 when I changed schools because all of my new friends were guitar players. I had very little formal training and discovered that the only way to improve on the guitar was to put time into it. I moved to a new city at the age of 25 and joined a church where I now play live in every church service. There is nothing I enjoy more than to travel and play live music.

Playing and Influences
IMy favorite guitarists have always been the ones who evoke emotion in me when I hear them play. Slash was my first favorite guitarist. His tone and his melodic phrasing are so pleasing to listen to. Mike McCready from Pearl Jam was a very big influence on me. His live solos are always different, and always amazing. John Mayer is a huge influence on me as well. He is a very reserved player in the studio, playing subtle passages that make you want to hear more, but playing wide open in a live concert. His tone, phrasing, and musicality are what I hope to achieve in my own playing.

I first joined GMC in 2007 as a student and it dramatically improved my playing. Kristofer's lessons were exactly what I needed at the time to help my break through the glass ceiling in my guitar playing, and I've learned more from Gabriel's lessons than I can even imagine. I still play his F# Riff and Solo lesson every so often when I pick up a guitar.


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