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Chowy Fernandez

Chowy Fernandez

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date of Birth: January 7th, 1983
Been Playing Guitar Since: 1993

My mother and father taught me everything about music. Since I was a small child, they made me listen to all the epic bands, from old-school classics to the most cutting-edge, contemporary groups and musicians. At 9, I already knew I wanted to play the guitar and at 10 I started to practice 8-10 hours a day, every day, learning by myself, listening to Jimi Hendrix, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jimmy Page, Robert Fripp, Greg Howe and many more on cassette. They were my real inspiration.

Playing and Influences
I started my career on stage at 12, playing in my parents' band; later I went on with different bands on my own, until I formed my first professional group, PRONOIA, in Buenos Aires city in 2004, adding up to 15 years of experience playing live. During this period, I devoted myself to almost every style, from music composed by myself to Argentine folk and covers of Luis Alberto Spinetta, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Living Colour , Metallica, Megadeth, Los Redondos, Pantera, Steve Vai, etc.

I studied in the Argentine branch of Berklee (Boston) for two years, complementing these classes with private training with Carina Alfie—also playing with her live in several gigs, one of them with Kiko Loureiro (ANGRA)—, Claudio “el Tano” Marciello (ALMAFUERTE), Walter Curri (ALACRAN) and Sebastian Bazan (Berklee guitar instructor). In 2006, I was contacted by the National Music Institute in Quito (Ecuador) to give electric guitar clinics, in which all the Institute students took part. I’ve taught guitar playing for 8 years now, and at present I’m working with several bands as a sessionist and I’m about to release my first professional CD with PRONOIA, after three indie recordings.

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