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Darius Wave

Location: Zdunska Wola, Poland
Date of Birth: April 15, 1984 

Been playing guitar since: 1994

Music lives in me since I was 9 years old. I started with piano lessons, but after a year enthusiasm passed, and I wanted to quit. Thanks to the conviction of my father (also a vocalist and a guitarist), I switched to guitar. Learning music in school gave me the theoretical and practical basis, which greatly helped me further develop. From the first years I learned to play other kinds of music, in addition the classical tought at the Music School.

Thanks to my father I had an opportunity to play with older, expirienced musicians when I was 13. From this point, I started working with several different bands in different styles of music. Some of them were rock, metal, pop or even poetry. Main bands were NIEBONIE (over 13 years in band and 3 albums recorded), Erato (1 album - "Nie czekam na cud" with Justyna Majkowska) and Druzyna Wawrzyna (1 album with Michal Wisniewski from Ich Troje) and various guest recordings. At the age of 16 I decided to leave the School of Music and began as a self-tought electric guitar player, focusing on modern playing. My father gave me very precious opportunity to perceive music from many different points of view, such as building melody like a singer would do. He also made me listen to great, non-guitar music.

After many years of playing in bands I started to work on my own, solo, instrumental music. In 2010 I've began to participate in some web guitar solo competitions to introduce myself to the world. Some of those competitions were very succesfull (winnings or within top entries). In 2011 I've published my first original composition for solo electric guitar - "Cabinet Mirros". That was the beginning of my solo album idea for which I have about 8 compositions by far.

Currently I'm still working with NIEBONIE and Druzyna Wawrzyna. A year ago me and my new friend Andrzej Rojek started a band called Jamming Cherry (mix of pop, blues and funky-rock genres). I have over 15 years of stage expirience. I also record and mix music since I was 15 (started on the first MD8 multitrack recorder available).

Playing and Influences
As the very first steps on guitar, I was going through some Metallica, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin songs, but the two awesome guitar players that had the biggest influence on my playing were Paul Gilbert and Nuno Bettencourt. Both of them used a lot of muted fast picking and some really cool rhythm concepts. Always loved their styles for very wide usage of articulation. I recommend to study them to get familiar with different techniques and some great 80's playing guitar concepts. These two guys started a new period in my life (that was somewhere between 1996-1998). Later I started searching for phrasing, tone and other more musical influences. It started from Brian May who had that incredible, singing and powefull punch using just a little distorted / crunchy sounds. Then the list of influences started to grow - Eric Clapton, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Andy Timmons, Ritchie Kotzen, John Scofield, Jeff Beck...and many others.

I'd like to share all my knowledge, experience and methods that have worked for me. There are many ways to achieve great results and I'm far from telling anybody "don't do it like that". I only recomend to try a few different concepts of doing the exactly same thing. I would like to offer you alternative learning methods. I also want to share some melodic ideas taken from vocalists. It can make your playing more interesting and more pleasant in reception for a "not-guitarist" listeners.

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