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Eugen Leonhardt

Eugen Leonhardt

Location: Ludwigshafen, Germany
Date of Birth: November 21, 1985
Been playing guitar since: 1996

The very first time I came in touch with the guitar at the age of 10 was seeing Gary Moore performing live on television „Parisienne Walkways“ and „Still got the blues“ which I definitely consider today as my Big Bang. I was totally blown away by this sound and the passion which Gary has put in this instrument. At the age of 11 I finally made it to the state public music school where I had classical guitar classes for one and a half years. Finally when I turned 16 I first picked up the electric guitar and my amazing guitar teacher these days, who I still consider as my biggest musical influence introduced me to the world of the guitar heroes. During the next few years I got totally involved in Steve Morse guitar playing and learned a lot from his tunes which made my technique and my passion for this kind of music develop and become solid.

Few years later after finished school I entered a german popular music college called Popacademy which gave me a great chance to work with a lot of bands and projects. It’s been an amazing time of gigging, recording and building up some projects on my own at the same time also getting in touch with music business. After graduating I got back to my genuine passion of making instrumental guitar music and also started teaching guitar to young students at music schools.

Playing and Influences
I can definitely say that it has always been the emotional playing of Gary Moore that made me pick up the guitar at all and I still love it today. However there have been many other guitar players which I consider as an important influence to my technical and musical development. I picked up so many things by learning Steve Morse’s tunes, further also I had my „Yngwie Malmsteen – Phase“ when I was 18 and founded my first Instrumental-Cover Band where we used to perform tunes also by Yngwie. Getting in touch with Yngwie’s approach might blow up your technique miles high and it did to me I believe, but even bigger challenge was ironically to get away from sounding like him and build up some own ideas on the guitar. So it’s kind of a boon and bane if I look back to it. Today I have a growing interest in Jazz and Fusion players like Scott Henderson, Allan Holdsworth or Jow Pass, just to name few giants. And of course I am a huge fan of the new wave of Fusion players like Guthrie Govan or Tom Quayle.

Being a part of this huge community of all the amazing guitarists and tutors here at GMC is a big honour at first but also gives me a huge opportunity to get more involved into the professional teaching online. I am highly curious to learn from other lessons myself as there so many great ones... and of course looking forward to all the „fame and fortune and everything that goes with it“ as Freddie says … :)

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