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Gabriel Leopardi

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date of Birth: June 18th 1982
Been playing guitar since: 1993

At the age of 11 my father bought me my first electric guitar because I wanted to play like Slash. I borrowed some books from my friends with the songs of bands like GNR, Nirvana, Ramones, Metallica to learn the chords. I remember playing over the records at every hour every day.

Playing and Influences
Slash was my first influence when I started to play the guitar. His dramatic solos are still my favourites. Then I discovered players like Yngwie Malmsteen, John Petrucci & Zakk Wylde that influenced me a lot, as well as a lot of pop/rock/metal bands. I have been always more interested in the musical aspect than in the technique, but that doesn't mean that technique isn't important for me.

Most importantly, I have made a lot of friends around world. My idea is to inspire students to be open minded and creative players.

Making lessons in different styles made me explore many aspects of my own guitar playing. So I can say that I found my guitar style thanks to GMC. I also learnt and will learn a lot from GMC lessons.

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