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Guido Bungenstock

Location: Hamburg, Germany 

Date of Birth: May 6th, 1966 

Been playing guitar since: 1978

I actually had a strange learning development because I started with piano at the age of 10 before I switched to guitar later on. My father was a classical piano player and church organ player. I remember how impressive it was for me sitting next to him on the organ chair and watching him play with his hands and feet while pressing/pulling all the time those huge number of stop knobs. Then, at age of 10 my father started to give me piano lessons from time to time but only really easy stuff. So classical music was around me all the time because he played the piano a lot at home. When I switched to electric guitar (around twelve or thirteen) thanks to my father I already had quite a good musical background.

In the period when I was 25 to 35 I played a lot of studio sessions, this way I learned to read fast and lay down the tracks in just a few minutes. I played on lots of live jam sessions and I still love to do it because I like the interaction on stage. I'm actually self-taught and I have learned almost 1.500 songs and transcribed maybe 500-800 solos, I don't know exactly, could be more... When I was 25 I studied Rock/Fusion Guitar in Munich but it was kind of boring for me sometimes because I already knew what I wanted to do and what I have to learn to get a better musician. I finally got my diploma and now this thing is hanging on my wall just to impress my students, haha. As a guitar tutor I’m working a lot, giving workshops and master classes around Germany.
Live & studio cooperations with: David Garfield, Marcus Deml, Jack Thammarat, Bobby Parrs, Uli Kusch, Fayeed Tan, Benny Greb, Sylvan, Mamma Mia Musical, Crossroads Hamburg, Terri B! Green, Rick Latham, Vinai Trinateepakdee, Frank Briggs, Raimund Burke, Catch The Rainbow Tribute, Modern Rock Guitar Workshop, Clinics & Presentation Music Fear Frankfurt and lots of studio sessions.

Playing and Influences
Like most guys I started to listen to EVH, AC/DC, Eric Clapton, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Yes. When I discovered Jimi Hendrix & Santana all changed for me. I loved Hendrix’ raw and wild guitar playing but also Santana’s sweet latin-influenced guitar, specially ballads like „Europa“ etc. I remember when I heard Steve Lukather’s great guitar Solo on “Rosanna“ (Toto). I was just blown away and from this point on I knew exactly which musical direction I wanted to go. Monster players like Jeff Beck & Larry Carlton influenced me a lot too. I would say I'm still inspired by every musician I hear if it catches me at some point.

I’m working as a private guitar teacher for almost 20 years now and I always loved to share my experience with other people. So GMC is a great place to do this and I can learn myself a lot from the other players or instructors around here.

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