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Ivan Milenkovic

Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Date of Birth: Oct 10 1983
Been playing guitar since: 1999

I started playing when around 16 years old, and first couple of years I practiced on an old acoustic guitar. During that time bands like Prodigy, Oasis, Nirvana, Offspring, Metallica and other were popular, so we tryed to play their songs the most. During my early playing days, I was also under a strong influence of classic rock, blues, and jazz and was constantly jamming with these albums too. Now I play guitar professionally and try to make a name for myself in the music business.
Other than guitar I like working with digital graphics (Photoshop). I studied business studies and have master's degree in the field of multimedia production and mobile networking.

Playing and Influences
Various guitar players have influenced my style, and every day I meet great musicians, great people that influence me. I always try to meet them many more.

Early > Clapton, Hendrix (South Saturn Delta), Robby Krieger, Martin Barre, BB King, Ritchie Blackmore (Purple BBC Sessions), Charlie Byrd, Freddy King, Santana...
Later > Hendrix, SRV, Eric Johnson, Clapton (cream), Satriani (engines of creation), Albert King, Robert Johnson, Miles Davis, Peter Green, Joe Pass, Skip James, Frank Gambale, Rafael Fayes, Vlatko Stefanovski, R.M.Tocak...
Now > Now I soak up everything I hear.

Great people, originality, tendency to grow and evolve are one of the strongest points of GMC in my honest opinion.

I meet awesome people on GMC, learned from them so much, became better musician, and created much firmer bond to music. I hope my lessons and activities here can help others too.

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