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Ivan Zecic

Ivan Zecic

Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Date of Birth: 2nd May 1991
Been playing guitar since: 2004/2005

I'm an 18 year old guitarist from Zagreb, Croatia. I've been playing guitar for approximately 4 years and I'm completely self taught.

I like to play everything, from the slowest blues to the fastest shred, but unlike a huge number of players these days, I don't concentrate on just showing off my technique, but I rather pay attention to each and every note I play. It's more like HOW I play, than WHAT I play. It has to sound solid and meaningful.

I think that vibrato and bending are the fundamental techniques of electric guitar.

Recently I started to write my own music in order to make my first album. So far I have only two songs (demo versions), which can be seen on youtube:

Playing and Influences
My main influences are Joe Satriani, Richie Kotzen, Andy Timmons, Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Lukather, Vinnie Moore, Doug Aldrich, Gary Moore and many more!

GMC is probably the best place for young guitarist I've seen. It really is a huge database of knowledge, with so many useful lessons, even for advanced guitar players! And another great thing on GMC is the community, which is so friendly and helpful. I wish I was a GMC member when I first started playing guitar!

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