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Javier Aviles

Location: Granada, Spain
Date of Birth: March 22, 1965
Been playing guitar since: 1975

I am a guitarist, composer, arranger and producer with more than 25 albums recorded - and many more as a session guitarist. I have been living and working in the music industry professionally in several cities in Spain like Malaga, Madrid, Sevilla, Alicante and Granada (the city of Alhambra), where I live now.

In addition to learning styles of my favorite bands and guitarists I also have an academic classical and modern education: classical piano and solfeggio in “Superior Conservatory of Music” in Granada and Málaga, Harmony and Electric Guitar in “Musicians Institute” in Madrid, “La Factoría” academy in Madrid, “Rockservatorio” academy in Madrid… I also have other Superior studies in the University.

Playing and Influences
The bands and guitarist who I enjoyed studying (Deep Purple, Toto, The Beatles, AC / DC, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Lukather, Gary Moore, Michael Schenker, Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, Stevie Ray Vaughan,...) influenced me to play in many styles as a guitarist. My studies in piano with my attraction to classical music and movie soundtracks helped me become an accomplished musician rather than a guitarist. From here comes my tendency to write, produce and arrange not only pop music but also classical music and OST (Original Soundtrack).

As a live guitarist I have been playing in bands of many different styles all over Spain: in Madrid with "Top Secret" , in Malaga with "Tamaño Natural" - with whom I recorded the LP "Música en la Calle ", in Malaga with "Richard Ray Farrell" (american bluesman) several albums in USA, in Alicante with "Cienfuegos" album "Besos”, in Granada with “Soul Station Band” album "Soul", in Granada with "the Blues band of Granada”, I recorded three albums "La Vida no es Fácil ", "Four" and "Llamando a tu Puerta ", in Granada with the band Rock Band “Humano", in Granada with the band Arab Ethnic "Suhail Serghini" (moroccan musician of Shakira, Hevia, Ketama, Crusader - very famous international bands) album "La Rueda de la Vida", in Malaga with "Proyecto Duende" -with whom I recorded the album "identity 4.0" published in 2012. and many more bands…

I have composed songs for several of these bands. I have also been given the opportunity for touring and playing in prestigious festivals all over Spain.

That’s all! I also have some Music Awards and I work as a Professor of Electric and Acoustic Guitar. With experience in several centers and a large numbers of students.

Professional Works: link

When I became interested in the guitar, a long time ago, there was no Internet or methods by other guitarists. This made it very difficult for me to progress as a musician. Imagine learning from a vinyl or attending live concerts of your favourite artists - this was the only way to do it. So, I have decided to teach everything I've learned to new generations of guitarists and I liked the idea of joining the school of the future that is GMC!

I will teach you how to play, if you follow my lessons, something from all these styles: blues, pop, rock, funk, country, folk... and the techniques such as: legato, bending, guitar slap, tapping, sweeping arpeggios, slide guitar, hybrid picking, finger picking.

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