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Jerry Arcidiacono

Location: Turin, Italy
Date of Birth: Sep 15th 1979
Been playing guitar since: 1990

I started with some classical training on guitar. I didn't like the teacher but at least I learned the basics about the fingerpicking technique, music reading and some theory. I was still a child and then I moved to the Jazz course. My mind and my ears were opened. Meeting the Italian guitarist Claudio Lodati as teacher I learnt the basics about improvisation. Those were really good days, because I could talk with my teacher and other students about really any music genre.

Beyond music, I studied Graphic Arts and Computer Science.

From 2005 I started to work as guitar teacher. Currently I teach at "Accademia Musicale Triade d'oro" and "CDM - Centro Didattica Musicale", two music schools around Turin.

Playing and Influences
I started to play some folk songs with simple chords like almost everyone. Then I listened to The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and my real first love, Queen. From here I started to play everything that was interesting to me, from Led Zeppelin to Dream Theater, from Miles Davis to Living Colour. Nuno Bettencourt was a great influence on me when I started to study more seriously.

Through the years I've played a lot of music with different bands. I'm happy right now because music is my living. Anyway, my next target is to record my own material and help my students to find their way.

I think GMC is a wonderful place to learn. It's also amazing how people from around the world are connected here. I try to produce lessons which sound musical, so students can have some fun while they are practising.

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