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Muris Varajic

Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Date of Birth: September 24th 1979
Been playing guitar since: 1993-1994

Having been a professional musician for almost a decade now I can say that music is all I do... I don't even have a hobby!! It somehow grabs you and you can't resist, that's the best part of music or art in my opinion - it takes you without asking and you still have no objections. In today's world it's really difficult to do what you love and like, and I'm very grateful for having that opportunity.

Playing and Influences
It would be really hard to name all the players that have influenced me, I hear new, awesome players each day, which is brilliant. All I seek is to express my musical thoughts to people without being distracted by technique, which is often a problem. Music as a goal, technique as a tool only- that will be my philosophy forever.

Where to start... GMC is a place where I'm trying to share my knowledge with players from all over the globe. The best thing is that I learn a lot at GMC as well - from my fellow instructors but from students also and I'm not talking about learning from mistakes. Each of us has his own way to play a certain lick and all you have to do is to listen. GMC is full of brilliant instructors and students, I just can't imagine a better place for learning.

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