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Nemanja Filipovic

Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Date of Birth: January 18th 1985
Been singing since: 2001

My mother is an opera singer and for no particular reason one day she wanted to hear my vocal range. That was the start for me and my singing. At that time I was already in music school learning and finishing my study of the flute. In 2003/04 I started my first and only band - that is how I became interested in rock music and singing in that way in general.

Playing and Influences
It took me a while to find out that my basic voice and color had not been influenced by any rock singers. I went to a music school for singing, so my professor found and forced my voice to be as it is. Later, over the years, Chris Cornell and Ville Valo did their share of influencing my voice and the structure of my melodies in my songs.

For me this is a place where good people are brought together by art, music, and things that make us want to learn every day of our lives. I will try to do my best to give my knowledge to every one who would like to learn how to sing or make their singing better while playing their favorite songs or their own music on their guitars.

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