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Ramiro Delforte

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date of Birth: May 27th 1985
Been playing guitar since: 1997

I entered into the music world when I was five years old, I took piano lessons in a conservatory until my eleventh birthday. After those years I took guitar lessons with Javier Mendizabal, Pablo Soler, Daniel Telis, Agustin Pinto and Ricardo Lew, I also taught myself with books and clinics. At the age of seventeen I entered the UNQ (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes) where I studied Composition with Electroacustic Media. In between the career I took harmony and analysis lessons with Gustavo Mirabile and music history-political background with Norberto Cambiasso.

I recorded the keyboards for various CDs of Carina Alfie, Pablo Soler, Akelot Tuk. Also I play keyboards for Christian Vidal's band and the piano for The Chicago Big Band.

Beside my experience as a guitar and piano player I have an experimental group named A.P.E and I teach as a substitute teacher in the ITMC (the equivalent of GIT in Buenos Aires).

Playing and Influences
When I started playing the guitar I loved metal bands like Metallica and Megadeth. Then I passed over Yngwie Malmsteen and all the guitar heros. After that stage I started listening to fusion and jazz, and as I joined a Big Band playing the piano so I merged in that world.

Also classical music was always around, even the composers of the XX century.

I try to share all my knowledge about the different topics I've been studying. I think GMC is a great place to interchange information and get various perspectives of the same theoretical background.

I hope you enjoy the lessons as much I enjoy making them!

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