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Sergio Dorado

Sergio Dorado

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date of Birth: 6 April 1974
Been playing music since: 1990

I started to play guitar when I was 15. At that time I combined a career in the Conservatory with learning to play electric guitar- then I tried to imitate the guitar heroes who I admired. Later I learned to play flamenco, when I realized the multiple possibilities of the guitar as an instrument.

Moreover, I studied Hispanic Philology at the University, though I immediately saw that my career was oriented to the world of music.

Playing and influences
My first influences were guitarists such as Van Halen, Paul Gilbert, Nuno Bettencourt and Joe Satriani. I tried to learn from their spirit of experimentation and virtuosity. On the other hand, what I like about classical guitar is its relation with Art History, and the discipline in the study of it. I especially like David Russell and Alvaro Pierri. Flamenco music is a miracle, a unique and surprising style, that was born from the fusion of the occidental and oriental world. People like Paco de Luca, Tomatio, Chicuelo and Vicente Amigo put flamenco guitar in the place of honor in which it belongs.

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