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Trond Vold

Location: Stavanger, Norway
Date of Birth: May 2nd, 1979
Been playing guitar since: Hmm.. sometime around 1991

Music has, as far as I can remember, always been a fascination to me, and when I first heard Metallica, I just knew that I had to get a guitar. I've been playing guitar and making music pretty much constantly ever since.

I never took any real lessons though, I learned everything myself but I wish that I had had a resource like GMC at my disposal when I first started out!

Influences and Playing
As I already mentioned, I decided to pick up the guitar after hearing some Metallica songs, so I guess it's safe to say that Metallica has been a tremendous influence on me. There are of course tons of other players/bands that I've been inspired and influenced by, but there would be too many to list.

One I can mention though is John Petrucci and Dream Theater, who really opened up the world of progressive metal for me.

Metal was the first thing I learned to play, and it looks like it stuck. Today my style tends to lean more towards the progressive style.

I've learned so incredibly much ever since I got here, both from my fellow instructors and also the students! To be able to teach and show what I know to the students here at GMC is just a dream job - I dont see it as a job though, to me it's a pleasure.

My lessons are mostly based around Metal and Rock, and I always try to take a melodic approach to everything. To me it has always been easier to remember and learn something if there's a melody involved, so my goal is to teach with the same methods with which I learned to play.

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