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Vasilije Vukmirovic

Vasilije Vukmirovic

Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Date of Birth: July 29th 1981
Been playing guitar since: 2000

My name is Vasilije Vukmirovic, I am 27, and I live in Belgrade. I am computer engineer by vocation, though I prefer playing guitar instead.

My musical journey began 8 years ago, when I borrowed acoustical guitar from a friend.

Playing and Influences
My first musical influences were Santana, Gary Moore, Eric Clapton, Dream Theater. Later, I discovered jazz, and players like Al di Meola, Django Reinhardt, Pat Matheny. Other players that I admire are Zoran Starcevic, Luiz Bonfa, Bireli Lagrene. My musical taste vary from latin jazz, gipsy swing, fusion, nu-jazz to ethnic, such as Brazilian, Balcan, Indian and Romanian. I am very interested in making guitar arrangements, transcribing whole compositions, as well as composing my own songs.

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