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Zsolt Galambos

Location: Budapest, Hungary
Date of Birth: May 25th 1976
Been playing guitar since: 1992

I started playing at the age of 16, but the serious practice started only around 2000. I am a completely self taught guitarist, although I learned a few things from my friends.

My first guitar was an acoustic, and I learnt almost all the solos from Metallica on this acoustic guitar by ear. My first electric guitar was a "Melodia" explorer, a Slovakian brand I think, but I literally
turned it to an ESP using a hammer and a chisel...

Now that's R'n'R!

Next to guitar playing I studied electronics. I'm also interested in self study, yoga and meditation.

Playing and Influences

I pretty much dig all the guitar music out there, but my favorite is hard rock and metal. I also love classical music and Flamenco.

My first inspiration was James Hetfield from Metallica. Kirk Hammet was my first guitar god - I didn't actually want to become a solo guitarist until I heard Joe Satriani, and later Dimebag Darrel.

My favorite guitarist are: Jason Becker, Paul Gilbert, Michael Romeo, Zakk Wylde, Dimebag Darrel, Joe Satriani, George Lynch.


GMC is the BEST place to teach or learn guitar playing on the whole internet. The way people treat each other is simply amazing. This is the comunity I've always wantet to belong to. It is really an honor to be a part of this site as a guitar teacher and a student as well.

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