Lead Basics Level 2

About the Lead Basics Level 2 series

Instructor: Gabriel Leopardi

Difficulty: 2 (of 10)

Focus: Understand and master the basics of solo guitar - level II This follow-up course builds upon what you have learned in Lead Basics 1: Start exploring powerful scales & techniques to develop better understanding of lead guitar. With this foundation you will be able to play your own solos, or start jamming.

Gabriel will walk you through the Dorian & Minor scale, alternate picking to start building speed, as well our preferred method of practicing: through improvisation / phrasing.

Gabriel Leopardi has extensive experience as a live and recording artist. He has opened for big names like Metallica & Yngwie Malmsteen with his band Cirse - and is one of the most frequent contributors to GMC recording collaborations.
  • The Natural Minor Scale

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    How to play and use the natural minor scale, and the basics of Alternate Picking

    Tags: A minor scale, aeolian mode, alternate picking, D minor, single string picking, picking basics, minor licks, A minor licks
  • String crossing

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    The picking mechanics of string crossing

    Tags: outside picking, inside picking, cross strings, alternate picking, picking exercises, sequences, natural minor, A minor scale, A pentatonic minor
  • Phrasing & Improvisation

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    How to create phrases and the call & response concept.

    Tags: call & response, phrases, jamming, improvising, A minor, A pentatonic minor, play-along, motivic development, how to make phrases, how to make responses, melodic soloing, melody
  • The Dorian Scale

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Start diggin' the Dorian scale!

    Tags: A dorian, D dorian, characteristic note, modes, modal, funk, fusion, rock fusion, groove, john scofield, blues licks, dorian licks, dorian phrasing