Technique Builder

About the Technique Builder series

Instructor: Gabriel Leopardi

Difficulty: 4 (of 10)

Focus: In this must-learn course you will explore ALL basic solo techniques that have defined the electric guitar. It will provide you with the foundation needed to explore any style, or take your chops to extreme levels of shred. With a solid technical foundation - the sky will be the limit!

You will explore the ins & outs of legato, picking, bending, sweeping, tapping & hybrid picking. No stones will be left unturned, as you define and exemplify what makes up for an effective practice/ warm-up routine, clean muting technique - and how to build speed.

Gabriel Leopardi has extensive experience as a live and recording artist. He has opened for big names like Metallica & Yngwie Malmsteen with his band Cirse - and is one of the most frequent contributors to GMC recording collaborations.
  • Practice tips, warm-up & stretching

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Everything you need to know, and do, before starting a guitar practice session.

    Tags: massages, warming up, pre warm up, pre workout, legato, stamina, left hand, exercises, hammer on, pull off, guitar routine, workout
  • Left Hand Focus

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Includes left hand tips, legato basics, single string legato and a 5-minute workout.

    Tags: legato basics, single string legato, trills, left hand tips, left hand technique, guitar routine, training session, hammer-ons, hammer on, pull-offs, pull off, hammer ons from nowhere, A minor
  • Right Hand I

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Let's get into the right hand technique - Alternate Picking basics.

    Tags: alternate picking, picking triplets, right hand tips, picking, practice session, guitar routine, training, workout, down-picking, downstrokes, upstrokes
  • Right Hand II

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Whilst remaining within Alternate Picking, let's focus on hand sync.

    Tags: alternate picking, picking patterns, shred, chromatic exercises, hand sync, training, guitar practice, practice session, guitar routine
  • Bending & Vibrato

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Covers the must-know basics and bulletproof Bending & Vibrato practicing.

    Tags: bending basics, vibrato basics, how to practice, bending exercises, vibrato exercises, expression, feeling, emotion, phrasing
  • String Crossing

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Let's polish our alternate picking technique by deep diving into string crossing.

    Tags: string traverse, picking exercises, alternate picking, pentatonic exercises, 2 nps, playing fast, zakk wylde, paul gilbert, outside picking, inside picking, how to cross strings, training session, workout
  • Legato on Multiple Strings

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Effective string traverse is critical for a smooth & even flowing legato technique.

    Tags: string traverse, string crossing, hammer on, pull off, hammering on to a new string, trills, pentatonic legato, Ritchie Kotzen, Nick Johnston, left hand practice, training, session, workout, muting techniques, A minor
  • Palm Muting & Pinch Harmonics

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    How to practice Palm Muting and Pinch Harmonics.

    Tags: right hand technique, down picking, metal rhythm, palm mute, harmonics, artificial harmonics, zakk wylde, judas priest, technique basics, metal technique
  • Sweep Picking

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Play fast passages effortlessly using super effective string crossing.

    Tags: A minor, Economy Picking, Sweeping, Sweeps, Arpeggios, 2 string arpeggios, 3 string arpeggios, Yngwie Malmsteen, Neoclassical metal, shred, shredding, string crossing
  • Tapping

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    This technique allows for wide intervals at high speeds.

    Tags: two handed, two hands, extended technique, legato, exercises, hammer on, pull off, training, muting techniques, tapping tips, A minor
  • Hybrid Picking

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Essential exercises to get your hybrid picking chops up and running at a basic level.

    Tags: String crossing, repetitive patterns, pentatonic scale, A minor, technique practice, ritchie kotzen, zakk wylde, chicken picking, country rock
  • Speed Building

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Exercises & tips to play faster, based on this simple principle: Speed is a by-product of accuracy.

    Tags: Shred, Playing fast, guitar practice, shredding, alternate picking, exercises, picking, speed, how to practice, accuracy, practice tips, v